Plan to visit Paris

There's a certain mystique to Paris--everyone wants to visit it and have the maximum amount of fun here. However, that can be expensive, but wait, if you plan sensibly, you can see as much of Paris as possible on a budget and make it memorable too.

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  • Tips to visit Paris on a budget

  • Plan to visit in the lean season: To cut costs, plan your holiday to Paris between November and March when the tariff at hotels is low. When you do that, ensure that all that you want to take in of Paris is available to you even at this time of year. Also, decide if you want to stay in a hotel or in a residential quarter; and whether in the city which is expensive or in the suburbs as these will make a difference to your budget. Use your Barcelo Deals Code ( to get good deals on your hotel room costs.
  • Where to stay in Paris: 

  • Hotels: If a hotel is what you want, there are several websites that will point you to budget hotels.
  • Hostels: If you're open to living in a fun atmosphere and any inconveniences that might go with it, you can choose from any of Paris' hostels. There are also luxury hostels that you might like to check out. Also, check out the official Paris website where you can find links to accommodation available.
  • Getting around the city: Even as a budget traveller, the city offers you many options, such as:
  • Use the Metro. Get a Paris Visite pass, depending on where you stay.
  • Hop-on Hop-off. Seeing the city on a hop-on, hop-off bus is great as it gives you not just an overview of the city but the chance to see what you want specifically. For a further saving, book online.
  • Walk all you want. Whether you like to walk or not, Paris's streets are wonderful walking ground. Plus, you can see much more while walking around, and shop better too.
  • Download Google Maps. The tiny streets of Paris can be very confusing, so if you're looking for something, it's good to go prepared with a map, so how about Google Maps?
  • How to see the city:

  • Paris greeter. Engage the services of a Paris greeter who will take you through their neighborhoods on a walking tour.
  • Paris City Pass. Use this pass to see many of Paris' historical attractions absolutely free.
  • Self-guided walking tour. When you take a self-guided walking tour, you can experience several important sites which would never be on a general walking tour.
  • See the Eiffel by day or night. If you want to get to the top of the Tower for free, well you can climb up and save €10.50. Or, you can wait for nightfall and look up at it completely lit up. Take your pick.
  • Night biking or roller blading. On Friday nights, you can choose a tour by night bike or by roller blading.
  • Enjoying the city's offerings:

  • Visit a festival. You'll be happy to know that no matter when you visit this city, there are bound to be interesting festivals you can attend, most of them being free.
  • You can also go to plays, cabarets, comedy shows and fashion shows, and much more.
  • Conclusion

  • There's a lot to do in Paris that can't be written about, only experienced.

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