The Top 9 Korean BBQ Restaurants in America!

Korean BBQ is one of the biggest thrills in dining. There’s something about grilling your own meal that just appeals to, well.. everyone. Fresh grilled meats and vegetables are a healthy dining out option but Korean BBQ is more than just the food. The companionable and entertaining atmosphere found around the grill is unmatched in any other dining setting. Korean BBQ is just a fun way to spend a night out.

4991 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351 ()
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Ah.. Korean BBQ is some of our favorite food! One of the big debates among Korean BBQ lovers about the merits of a gas grill versus the charcoal BBQ. Well at our first restaurant you have the option of both. At Gabose Korean BBQ in Lauderhill, FL you pick your preference for grilling their collection of meats. There’s even regular tables for those out there who prefer a professional do the work. But save room for dessert. Gabose boasts and extensive menu for sweet treats including huge Korean donuts and an over the top red bean shaved ice sundae.

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