The 12 Best 24 hour Restaurants in America!

There are many reasons to frequent a 24 restaurant... the bars just closed, they have breakfast all day, or you just flew in on the red eye. 24 hour restaurants are just so darn convenient! But whatever brings you out to dine at all hours of the day and night, here are our top 12 picks for the places to go any of the 24 hours.

500 Passaic Ave, East Newark, NJ 07029 (New Jersey)

When thinking of 24 hour restaurants, nothing beats a good Jersey diner. So of course, we had to find the best to make our list. Tops Diner in Newark, NJ was ranked the best diner in New Jersey for one reason ….the food. Like all diners, Tops has the requirements – a huge menu featuring virtually every type of cuisine for every meal, and over large portions that you can’t possibly hope to finish. But Tops is tops because their food quality is top-notch. Fresh products are brought in daily to create over 200 menu items. Be sure to check out their menu in detail, you might find a few surprises!

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