French Charm Comes to the Big City: 10 Places to Find Macarons in New York City

There’s a sweet temptation all the way from France that’s making its way into cafes, bakeries, and restaurants all over New York City: French macarons. This delicate and sophisticated French version of a cookie is a far cry from homely chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. Every macaron is a layer of smooth, rich ganache filling sandwiched between two crunchy, yet soft, French style cookies baked to perfection. They are popping up all over the city in a colorful array, from bright hues and fabulous décor to soft, classic varieties with traditional touches. The flavors are just as diverse, with classic French ingredients like vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, and champagne, but also wildly adventurous spins on the dessert like candied bacon and pink lemonade. Americans are doing macarons their own way, including flavors that change with the seasons or reflect trends in the culinary world. For example, pumpkin spice is up and coming with the increased popularity of the drink, and gluten-free macarons are also becoming common all over the city. The French may have invented this beautiful, timeless dessert, but these 10 New York City eateries are reinventing the macaron and wooing dessert lovers from all over the world.

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