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Even when your on a beautiful island like Maui sometimes you just want to sit at the bar with your wife, drink fruity drinks and eat well made burger. Yes I know I can get a burger anywhere and I should have all the seafood I can while I’m out here. Well I wanted a burger and I had one and it was good so sue me.

This is one of the hundreds of Pina Colada’s I had in a short period of time and its a good one.

I don’t know when bar menus decided to add fried Brussels sprouts but god bless that addition.

Now here is a good angus burger cooked to a perfect medium rare and seasoned simply with salt and pepper. That’s all I can ask for in life and truffle fries I can also ask for more often.



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Asura Asian Bistro & BarAsura Asian Bistro & Bar
Asian / Chinese / Asian Fusion / Bistro / Bars

In the pursuit of drinking and drinking cheaply in Midtown Manhattan I stumbled upon Asura Asian Bistro right on 35th st between 7th and 8th ave. Its located in the same building as the Wingate by Wyndham hotel. I walked in with one of my buddies and checked out the menu and they offer some 5 dollar mixed drinks and 4 dollar beers. I grabbed a Sapparo.



Looked over the menu and grabbed some appetizers. First off is edamame topped with sea salt which is good.


Next I saw that they had some wings. They were ok but I really wasn’t a fan of them.


Lastly I grabbed some Shrimp Spring rolls and these are your normally small overpriced spring rolls. You get two big spring rolls and these surprising might be some of the best spring rolls I’ve had in the city. Those I will most definitely come back for!


Next time I go back for some cheap booze I’ll try some of the rolls.


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Au Bon PainAu Bon Pain
Cafes / Breakfast & Brunch / Fast Food

Here at Untrained Eats we are equal opportunist and there’s a lot of things in New York that I have found that I like and there’s sometimes I’ve found in New York that I don’t like. This one most definitely goes into the don’t like list. I should of known better because I’m not a fan of large chains but I want to know how Au Bon Pain managed to mess up a grilled cheese or what it really is, a toasted cheese. I haven’t been feeling my best lately and finally my stomach allowed me to eat something more then dry bread and plain chicken so I thought I’d get a classic dish like Grilled Cheese with tomato soup. The “grilled” cheese had bacon and tomato and this maybe the first where bacon didn’t help a dish or save a dish(You know bacon makes everything better type thinking) and came with a Tomato Basil Bisque. This Bisque was bland and had the flavor profile of the finest straight out of the Campbell’s soup can.


Looks at those Toast marks, that’s what I want to see when I order a grilled cheese. It was just overall bland and I just love over paying for bad food. I can’t win em all but I can sure try.

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I’ve been to Dinosaur BBQ many times and its one of my favorite BBQ places in the city. It’s in a weird place(under the overpass on 125th st.) but it kind of adds to the coolness of it. You walk into this space and its feels like a spot you could find down south with great bluesy type music. Now lets get down to the food. The wings, deviled eggs and shrimp remoulade are must when you go there. For the main course I ordered Ribs and chicken. It comes with cornbread and 2 sides and I choose mac and cheese and pork fried rice. Definitely not healthy but your at a BBQ spot so who really cares.


Wash it down with some moonshine and fall into a food coma.

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Jacob's PicklesJacob's Pickles
American (New) / Southern / Bars / Comfort Food

Ahh the upper west side, my old stomping grounds(well for a few years) and I even worked at the Circuit City in that area(remember when Best Buy had competition) but I never really found food that blew me away in that area until now. I went to Jacobs Pickles a few days ago and I love good southern style food(It’s so easy to mess up but when its good its freaking good)and I love biscuits! This place has great craft beers and have a revolving beer menu which I appreciate. As I’ve gotten older I don’t want to drink bud light and coors light when I go out to drink, I want a nice IPA or a really strong stout that will get my tipsy after two of them but I’m getting off topic. Lets start off with the appetizer which is 4 biscuits with various sauces for it.


Sweet baby jesus that maple butter that comes with an order of biscuits is good that it makes you want to abandon all other butter as an option. With my biscuits I decide to order a sandwich on a biscuit. Just really sticking with the theme I was going for which was glutton. The biscuit came with fried chicken, bacon, egg and cheese.


It was ridiculous with the side of grits it came with. The food is so rich that you will catch the itis(You know that feeling when your overjoyed and falling into a food coma at the same time) and wish you had a pillow and blanket with you to sleep it off.

Also they have a ridiculous amount of pickles here. I’m not really a fan of pickles but my wife loves them so I’ll take her word for it. But we can all agree that those biscuits are ridiculous!

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