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Harold's Meat + ThreeHarold's Meat + Three
American / Southern / Chicken Wings

Harold’s Meat and Three – This is where I stop and realize that I eat more meat in one week than most mountain lions do in a month. But I digress. Located in the Arlo Hotel in Hudson Square, chef Harold Moore (formerly of Commerce) brings the heat and the meat with this Southern-inspired gem. The prime rib is burned into my memory: carved and served tableside with a selection of salt for you to choose from (for sprinkling – we went with black lava sea salt), was amazing. Don’t sleep on that mac n cheese either – perfectly cheesy and creamy.

Harold's Meat + Three

Harold's Meat + Three

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Black Iron Burger – If you are a burger fan, I suggest you make this place a priority visit in 2017. The mushroom truffle was so damn good, cooked perfectly and loaded with gooey, melty cheese. The namesake Black Iron Burger was also a hit (pictured), with horseradish cheddar and stout caramelized onions on top of a meaty, double patty situation. There was really nothing we had that we didn’t like. They are also going to head south for the winter at the SOBEWFF, so hopefully will see them at Burger Bash!

Black Iron Burger

Black Iron Burger

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American (New) / Breakfast & Brunch / Coffee & Tea

Coffeemania – this Russian import (and it’s a chain) is hands down one of the best spots I’ve been to recently. The name threw me off hardcore, but it’s actually pumping out some amazing food. The bone marrow was to die for, the brussels sprouts with sausage were salty and sweet, and the cauliflower soup with a perfect egg yolk was a delightful play of flavors and textures. And on top of all of that, it DOES have coffee. Great coffee. Did I mention it’s in Midtown? Now there’s a decent place to eat over there. You’re welcome. Coffeemania Coffeemania

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Olio e Piu

Olio e Piu – you’d be hard pressed to find a pizza and pasta place in the West Village that I don’t like, but I’ve been coming here since my college days (I went to FIT), so it not only is STILL solid (10 years later – yikes), but it holds a certain level of nostalgia for me. The carbonara was literally one of the most gorgeous and satisfying versions I’ve had, and the pizza is the brick oven-fired kind, with charred bubbles on top, prime for the popping.

Olio e PiuOlio e Piu

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American (New) / Diners / Bars

Rider – occasionally a restaurant pops up in Williamsburg that has both good food and available seating. I know, it’s shocking to me too. Rider can get busy, but if you go on an early weeknight, it’s usually pretty tame. The razor clams with garlic and breadcrumbs made me change the way I feel about razor clams. The chicken thigh is a MUST order as well – I don’t even typically like chicken thigh but this one had super crisp skin – almost like cracklins – and cashew hummus underneath it or some vegetarian/vegan business – either way it was INCREDIBLE (pictured). Did I mention they have a KILLER breakfast as well? Whatever happened to breakfast? People only remember brunch because it’s served with booze. Oh, the irony. #checktherider



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