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Happy birthday marinamimosa!     samivy410

Happy birthday marinamimosa! samivy410

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El Mezcal

It is hot out so go grab some spicy Mexican food at El Mezcal. I know it is an older chain of somewhat local Mexican food but that isn'

t a bad thing.


Tried and true, you know what to expect and it always delivers.


The inside is old school Mexican not a bit of the new trendy decor. It is comfy, and I really like the cactus lights.


El Mezcal


I like to go because it is the only place my Mom lets me pick her food. I usually pick something new each time but the spicy Chipotle chicken is my favorite dish there. The cream sauce is layered in spicy flavor and the hint of smoke makes it my favorite.  I like the thin chicken and the rice is always pretty tasty. We don't usually get the gauc but I imagine it is pretty good too. Dad usually gets a ranchero steak and he likes it.


El Mezcal


El Mezcal will give you a good salsa crispy chips and a pretty big plate of food. Good even for 2 meals. The prices are ok and I just  am happy to go. If you have not tried it and are tired of the small hipster plates out there then go!


Love the cabbage Leaf,



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On a warm July afternoon what is better than Tasting the Love??? Nothing.. Alcenia's is tucked into the north end in a small little building. My Mom thought she had a Groupon for them but she got it wrong so there we were at lunch time. I have to say I was skeptical- I mean the place looked festive with all kinds of colors and chairs but it was a bit empty and I felt almost like I was in someones home. 



We ordered the food and it really took awhile to come out of the kitchen but when it did- Wow was it good. Everything was served on picnicware but the portions were pretty generous and after the first bite I was not complaining. The fried chicken was fresh fried for me and tender. It has some nice spices, The yams were sliced fresh and cooked with some karo syrup cinnamon in and butter. The black eyed peas, one of my favorites were spicy, fresh, flavorful and perfectly cooked. They had some little something in them I have not had before perhaps hominy or ... I just don't know. 




The chicken wings had


a karo syrup hot sauce with some nice herbs and hot peppers mixed in. They were not too hot or too vinegar. The lovely lady there said she hoped I tasted the Love and I did! So if you need a bit of love in your day go fill the place up. 




 Love the Cabbage Leaf, Logan

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Tamp & TapTamp & Tap
American (New)

Tamp & Tap

There has been a ton of buzz about Tap and  Tamp and how good their coffee is. Since I really love coffee I wanted to go. Now you also know that my Dad is not a Foodie, he does not even know why people sun dry tomatoes! Much less why you would eat them.


The building is kind of woodsy. Lots of wood and orange paint. It looked nice and had a fun vibe. They had an awesome cool cold brew coffee system. I loved it!
Tamp & Tap
However that was the only thing I loved. My salmon sandwich was pretty but the salmon was sliced too thick and it had no smokey taste at all. I love smoked salmon so it was pretty disappointing. The fish was just too slimy. I ended up eating my Mom's Italian style sandwich. It was fresh but I am not sure they put the olive spread on it like they were supposed to. It had the same orange creamy spread as my salmon.
Tamp & TapTamp & Tap
Now Dad got a sandwich with a funny long name something ground beef, sausage and a cheese sauce on Brioche bread. It was supposed to have peepers and onions but it has SALAD instead. To be honest the cheese sauce had a raw flour taste and a pretty wonky texture. It was gross. Dad was NOT HAPPY!
He also got some beets with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. I liked those but Dad.....is not a foodie!
Tamp & Tap
What really upset me was the way they treated us, like we did not belong in the restaurant and that kinda upset me cause I love new food places. Did I mention that they had an old Nintendo system and when I could not get it work the girl just ignored me.

I guess the place is catering to Hipsters and I must be too short to qualify, or maybe they sensed Dad's nonfoodie vibe, either way I won't go back.

PS. It was pretty expensive too- I mean we could have had a feast at Elwood's! And they are always very nice!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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The Majestic GrilleThe Majestic Grille
American (New) / American (Traditional) / Barbeque / Bars / Breakfast & Brunch / Pubs

Majestic Grille is my Grandmother's favorite place.


It was an old movie theater that got turned into a restaurant.


They always have a black and white movie on a projector playing with no sound, but it is still cool.


Now onto the food.


I shared a salmon pizza with my Mama.


The Majestic GrilleThe crust was thin and generously sprinkled with salmon. It had spinach on it which I did not know about.


The Majestic GrilleIt could have used a light cream sauce. Overall it was ok. I would not order it again.


Dad ordered a hanger steak with mashed potatoes.


He thought that it was tasty but there were too many potatoes. It could maybe use a few green beans.


The Majestic Grille


My Grandmother ordered the pork tenderloin with carrots, curly onion fries and mashed potatoes.


She liked it, it is what she usually orders.


If you want a majestic dinning experience go to Majestic Grille https://www.facebook.com/MajesticGrille .


Love the cabbage leaf,



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