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Num PangNum Pang
Cambodian / Sandwiches
    • 5.0
if you don't know about these Cambodian inspired sandwiches, then you've been living under a rock.  every single sandwich is tangy, crunchy, savory, drool inducing and decently priced. their brewed teas and juices are also quite stellar.  if needing a quick bite or something to eat at the park or on the street, Num Pang is a great place to pick things up from. 
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Naruto RamenNaruto Ramen
Japanese / Ramen
    • 5.0
  • Meal price: $10 - $19
I mean it Ramen. It's prepared well, it's served well, it's priced well.  you can't really go wrong with Naruto. I always order the spicy miso Ramen and every single time the broth tastes slightly different. i guess that's OK, but i like consistency.  i do like that they sell japanese sodas and other beverages that i enjoy like Calpico and Ito En tea!
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    • 5.0
you can find every ice cream flavor that sounds good together all at this ice cream shop. even flavors that don't sound good together and up tasting great in your mouth. this is totally a date spot or somewhere to take your friend when celebrating their birthday or a special occasion or you wanna be fatties and get ice cream in the middle of a tundra in nyc. 
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    • 4.0
  • Meal price: $10 - $19
simply delicious. the Cold Kimchi Nengmyun during the summer and the hot/spicy korean ramen in the cold winter months.  i love that the chef/owner is a master of pickling kimchi. i'm alllll for that!  the Hoedduk is very interesting and quite good!
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Mission Chinese FoodMission Chinese Food
Chinese / Desserts / Cocktail Bars
    • 5.0
  • Food: 5.0
  • Decor: 5.0
  • Service: 5.0
  • Meal price: $10 - $19
let me just say my experience at Mission Chinese was one of the best dining adventures i've had. my friends that I made reservations for a group of 10. We lined up at the door with several other groups of diners awaited with us. from the moment we were seated to the end of the meal, the service and presentation of each dish was phenomenal. bravo to the chef! this is truly a great addition to nyc dining. Chinese food with a funky ass twist!
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