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Bagels / Bakeries / Delis
    • 3.5

I visited here eleven forty am for lunch. But there was already long line to buy bagel. There are various kinds of bagel, so pick the bagel you want, and choose the cream and foods inside the bagel.  I chose cinnamon bagel and cream cheese inside. It was really good and good combination.

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    • 3.5

love very thin crispy pizza which is not so volumy and healthy.surprisingly, in spite of excellent service no tip is accepted. i do want to come again!

Cha Cha MatchaCha Cha Matcha
Cafes / Coffee & Tea
    • 3.5
I ordered hot matcha latte. It's creamy and unsweeted. So you can enjoy something sweet with matcha latte.
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Beyond SushiBeyond Sushi
Japanese / Sushi / Vegetarian
    • 3.0

You  can enjoy various kinds of green roll.  You can also enjoy the carrot sause not soy sause with the green roll. I recommend here to vegetarian.

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    • 3.5

I went there at lunch time. The restaurant was so busy at that time.  The atmosphere was nice and the seats were comfortable. The waiter came to us and did great presentation about the menu. We ordered tuna TACOS and Mango  chicken salad which was gluten free. Both were very tasty, and not too much. Before them we were served amuse which was also delicious. After we finnished eating we were served key lime cake for free! In addition to the surprising service, the waiter refilled coffee for free. We were sutisfied excellent service and delicious foods very much. I want to go again soon.

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