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Great Sushi Dining - Kanoyama Sake Bar

Ishigaki Tofu
Omakase,  Feb 2, 2013Selection of Appetizer
Omakase,  Feb 2, 2013Marinated Scallop with Basil Sauce
Omakase,  Feb 2, 2013Omakase,  Feb 2, 2013Chef's Selection of Sashimi Omakase,  Feb 2, 2013Chef's Selection of Sashimi 
Omakase,  Feb 2, 2013Kanoyama Sake BarKanoyama Sake BarKanoyama Sake BarTunaOsechi style appetizer (Zouni)Osechi style appetizerMid-fatty tunaFlukeFatty tunaSea breamKanoyama Sake BarYellow jackSalmon roeHorse mackerelSardinesHandroll with cucumberSea urchin

I visited Kanoyama for the first time and reserved a spot at their sushi bar for 9:00pm. Right after sitting down at the sushi bar, one of the waitstaff recommended sitting at the Sake Bar for Omakase and I took the offer. I was wondering why they served sushi at the "Sake" Bar. I ordered Omakase with a budget of $100 for sushi. Before the sushi, the executive chef served Osechi, Japanese traditional New Years' dishes, as an appetizer. I loved all of the dishes and they raised my expectations for the sushi. And of course, the sushi was excellent. It was unique that the chef served sushi from his hand to my hand. It is an expensive place but it's worth a try for sure!

Best. My favorite place to have authentic yet modern Japanese dishes in NYC. All the food was excellent. The chef is still in his 40s so I look forward to having his dishes for a long time.

Excellent. The waitstaff was attentive and professional. In addition, the chef himself was very attentive and managed the Sake Bar from one end to the other. I was very comfortable from beginning to end. The Sake Bar was occupied with regulars so it may be difficult to make a reservation right before your visit.

Excellent. Very simple and modern, but truly Japanese style. The Sake Bar was more sophisticated than ordinary sushi bars around NYC. Good for a date or with friends (party less than 4). 


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  • I've been to Kanoyama Sake Bar once and I probably won't go back. The food was great but it was too expensive for me. I understand they are serving fresh sushi and using top quality ingredients, but over $100 for 2 meals is rough. Great place if you have the money for it. Awesome spot for a date. Read More