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Central ProvisionsCentral Provisions
American / American (New)
    • 4.5
  • Food: 4.5
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 4.5
  • Meal price: $30 - $49

I recently went on a food tour to Portland, Maine and was expecting to eat a lot of seafood (which I did), but was not expecting to by floored by an American restaurant I had heard little about.

 Burrata w Straberry and BaconGreen Beans w XO Sauce

We got a great seat right up at the bar with an awesome view of the chefs in action.  We started with the burrata served with straberries, bacon and greens.. delish and unexpected.  We also got pan fried green beans in a spot on XO sauce.  

 Shishito w Lardo and Cashews

Next I about died from the shishito pepper special... the lardo sauce with a cognac like carmel flavor was so addictive and with the cashews on top, I couldn't stop.

 Bone Marrow on Toast

The bone marrow toast with orange marmalade and gruyere was like an extra special grilled cheese.  

 Suckling Pig w Apple Brown Butter Mash and Marcona Almonds

The crispy suckling pig with apple brown butter mash was right on with some marcona almonds for texture. 


Each dish was delicious.  Each dish was balanced.  Each dish had a mix of textures.  I really wanted to try the whole menu and we didn't even get any of the executive chef's favorite dishes!!

 Lavender BavarianKey Lime Tart

We were so impressed we even got two desserts, which I never do.  The lavender bavarian and key lime tart were both quite good.  


Please get your butt over to Central Provisions.. You will not be disappointed!!



  • Burrata w Straberry and Bacon 738560
  • Shishito w Lardo and Cashews 738561
  • Green Beans w XO Sauce 738562
  • Bone Marrow on Toast 738563
  • Suckling Pig w Apple Brown Butter Mash and Marcona Almonds 738564
  • Lavender Bavarian 738565
  • Key Lime Tart 738566
American (New) / Vegetarian
    • 4.2
  • Food: 4.2
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.5
  • Meal price: $50 - $99

I had been wanting to try Semilla forever since Bon Appetit highlighted it last year, and I was wonderfully impressed.  Walking in, I was happy to only see a pristine bar where we were all in on the action and able to chat with the friendly servers.  

 SemillaCorn Broth with Cuttlefish and Okra FlowersRicotta Stuffed Squash Blossom

Summer Lettuce Wrap w Fermented Ramp DressingCharred Beans w Whey and Green GarlicNettle Stuffed Morels w English Peas

Chanterelles in Cocotte w Potatoes Pineapple Juice and ScallopsCarolina Cold Rice Grits Sourdough w Cowbella ButterGreen Tomato Granita w Olive Oil Ice Cream and Basil

Savory Tomato Clafoutis w BottargaRhubarb and Wild Rose Tart

We were served ten courses of beautifully plated vegetable-centric dishes.  Each was so special and highly anticipated.  Some of my favorites were the ricotta stuffed squash blossom and the nettle stuffed morels, but the desserts were to die for as well.  


I would definitely recommend Semilla for a special occasion with someone you care about, and it won't put you back too much either (tasting menu is $75).  Of course, don't take anyone that would be bothered by minimal protein.  

  •  738567
  • Corn Broth with Cuttlefish and Okra Flowers 738568
  • Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossom 738569
  • Summer Lettuce Wrap w Fermented Ramp Dressing 738570
  • Charred Beans w Whey and Green Garlic 738571
  • Nettle Stuffed Morels w English Peas 738572
  • Chanterelles in Cocotte w Potatoes Pineapple Juice and Scallops 738573
  • Carolina Cold Rice Grits Sourdough w Cowbella Butter 738574
  • Savory Tomato Clafoutis w Bottarga 738575
  • Green Tomato Granita w Olive Oil Ice Cream and Basil 738576
  • Rhubarb and Wild Rose Tart 738577
    • 3.0
  • Food: 3.0
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 3.5

I had the pleasure of attending a Tabelog event at DBGB and couldn't believe I'd never been after having lived in the area for so long.  


We had a salad and some vegetable bruschetta to start.. which were simple and well executed.  

 Suckling PigSuckling Pig

We had reserved the suckling pig dinner which was quite a fun production.  They showed us our pig right out of the roaster and then carved it for us.  

 Pig Brain

The pig didn't really do it for me; it was not too flavorful and the skin was not crispy.  I did like that they brought out the offal though and I got to try the pig brain.  The chicharones were also very tasty and completely devoured.  


Sides were green beans and roasted potatoes, also very simple.  

 Baked Alaska

They also put on quite a show with the baked alaska!  Toasting the marshmallow cream right in front of us. I somehow got the largest piece but it was a lot tastier than I had expected (as I'm not really a cake and ice cream person).



  • Flatbread 738578
  • Suckling Pig 738579
  • Suckling Pig 738580
  • Pig Brain 738581
  • Baked Alaska 738582
    • 3.5
  • Food: 3.5
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal price: $30 - $49

After falling in love with Emily in Clinton Hill, I had to get over to Emmy Squared.  Its a cute little spot close to the Marcy stop.  We could easily get in for Saturday brunch (although it was Labor Day weekend!!).  The staff was great as well.  

 Margarita and MeatballVeggie Pizza

Overall we were definitely satisfied with our meal, but when you have Emily to compare it, too, it's just not quite there.  We ordered the Margarita and a veggie pizza with and egg.  This was deeper dish, square pizza, with a tasty crispy crust.  The flavors (especially the vegetarian options) were not too interesting for me, but the pizza was good.

 Le Big MattSpicy Chicken Sand

The burger was quite tasty.  While the Emily burger is more savory, this one capitalizes on refreshing pickles and a tangy thousand island.  


The spicy chicken sandwich was really beautiful and oh so crispy with a nice, messy ranch sauce.  


I would recommend Emmy Squared for a fun, messy lunch with friends or family.  

  • Le Big Matt 738583
  • Margarita and Meatball 738584
  • Spicy Chicken Sand 738585
  • Veggie Pizza 738586
Mr. Donahue'sMr. Donahue's
American (Traditional) / Coffee & Tea
    • 3.4
  • Food: 3.4
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 3.5

I came here on a whim and it is such a cute little neighborhood spot.  We sat at the bar which was surprisingly empty on a Saturday afternoon.  

Mr. Donahue's

Mr. Donahue'sMr. Donahue's

They have a fun menu where you pick a protein, sauce and two sides.  We went with the chicken fried pork cheeks (how could we not!) and the recommended roast beef.  Both were quite tasty if not a bit salty.  All of the sides were soo interesting!  It was fun choosing.  The artichoke, crab salad and fried onions were some of the favorites.  


Mr Donahue's is very cute, friendly and an easy place to have a quick lunch or dinner.  

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  •  730516
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