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Hungry? On a budget? Do you have a big appetite? Look no further, Koronet is the place for you. This joint serves up gargantuan pizza slices for affordable prices. The pizza is standard and nothing to write home about, but the value is what separates this place from one and two star places.

Each slice is roughly equal to two normal sized NYC slices. If you come here you won't have to worry about not getting enough portions. If your motto is "Go big or go home," then this is the perfect pizza place for you.

Tanner Smith'sTanner Smith's
American (New) / Pubs

This is a top tier cocktail bar in Midtown. Even though it's in the heart of corporate and tourist Midtown, Tanner Smiths maintains a distinctly local neighborhood vibe. The front desk is not pretentious at all and the bartenders are really friendly.

The main reason to visit Tanner Smiths is for their expertly crafted cocktails. Their cocktails are creative, visually appealing and delicious. I've enjoyed "Every Man Has His Dew" and "Brown Eyed Girl." I'm sure you can find a cocktail of your liking based on your spirit of choice.

The other thing great about Tanner Smiths is the set-up. It's a reasonably large space with two bars and everything is spaced out a bit so that you don't feel cramped. In a city where space is a premium, having some breathing room is at a bar is notable.

Harold's Meat + ThreeHarold's Meat + Three
American / Southern / Chicken Wings

Came here for brunch on a Saturday. First off, the space is really beautiful, open and airy. It's especially nice during the day and during the meal I felt like I was outside of the city somewhere - it was a nice escape.

The premise of this place is that you order a protein and then choose three sides to accompany it. It's a pretty straightforward menu in that sense, but there are so many great choices for sides! I'd recommend getting different sides than your friends and sharing them. Between my wife and I we tried six sides: mac n' cheese, crushed cauliflower, grilled broccolini, green beans almondine, japanese sweet potatoes and sliced avocado.

All of the sides were delicious. My favorite were the sweet potatoes and green beans almondine. The japanese sweet potatoes are not something you see on many menus so I had to get it. Japanese sweet potatoes are less sweet and more savory than traditional sweet potatoes. The green beans almondine is green beans sauteed in almonds, garlic and butter. That's a winning combination to sautee any vegetables in.

For protein I had the fried chicken - it is top notch! The batter is flaky, thin and flavorful. The chicken was not overcooked and remained super juicy. They served it with two sauces: gravy and spicy honey. The spicy honey was so great that I wanted to take a shot of it.

Harold's Meat + Three is a great brunch spot that pairs a laid back lounging atmosphere with excellent food.


Dim Sum in Hell's Kitchen? I gave it a go since I live nearby and it looked pretty legit. We arrived on Saturday at 11:30am when they had just opened and were seated promptly. The patrons looked to be mostly first gen or second gen Chinese which is a great sign! Unfortunately the place is too small to allow carts to be wheeled around, so they give you a menu to check off your desired items.

We ordered about ten dishes to share between four people. There was some good ones like the shrimp rolled in thin rice noodles, but there were some bad ones as well like the dried up xiao long bao that didn't have much soup filling. Overall service was decent and about what you would expect from a bustling dim sum place. The restaurant filled up quickly and by the time we left there was a line out the door. I'd advise coming early if you don't want to wait for a seat on the weekend.

This place is worth checking out if you live in the area and don't feel like journeying down to Chinatown. However, be warned that the food is average and the prices are a bit higher (due to the location). Enjoy!


I came here with a large party (9) and they were able to host us. We had three kids in our party so dinner was quite hectic, but the waiters were able to accommodate us well. With regards to food - the pasta here is delicious. I recommend the Carbonara and Tagliatelle Bolognese. The Carbonara is made traditionally with egg and cheese to create the sauce. The pasta seems to be homemade (I can't confirm this) and it was so tasty that I wish I could've had a double-serving.

They have a very appealing outdoor space, but unfortunately we were there when it was too cold to utilize it. I'd love to come back and visit in the warmer months. This is a solid Italian place in the West Village that has some room to host larger groups.

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