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Asahi GrillAsahi Grill
Hawaiian / Chinese / Japanese
    • 4.0

We tried there popular Ox Tail soup. It was so good and the prices were low.
The orders were taken quickly, even though it was very busy and the food came out remarkably quick.

    • 4.0

The Executive Chef Jose Acevedo and there are many great dishes to share.


Their guacamole is amazing and try the refreshing cucumber jalapeno that has a great kick to it!

    • 4.3

This battered oasis is focused on one thing: Making the best -- fish, shrimp, lobster, whatever your choice of seafood -- tacos they possibly can.

Enjoy it fresh, under the canopies they set up in a parking lot.

    • 4.5

Their Carne Asada and cheese enchiladas along with the tostada is what keeps me coming back for more.

You must try this place. I love it.

    • 4.5

At Guisados you get all the meats in taco form, which allows you to eat many different types for a cheaper price.


They have a large list of options, and each and every one of them are done incredibly well.

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Area: Pacific Heights
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