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Spanish / Tapas/Small Plates
    • 4.2

An excellent Spanish cuisine just mins away from W4 station. This moody and classy restaurant is a place that will always capture your attention as you pass by. We first decided to try out at this place for a welcoming dinner for our dear friend and co-worker who came to visit NYC for a business trip after a brief google search online for best paella place in NY. Although in the top 20s just for the paella's, this place is definitely one of the best restaurant NYC. Everything here was balanced and delicious! Still the most surprising thing about this restaurant was the price of the drinks! The bottles here range from $36-46. You really cannot beat this price here in NYC. We opened bottle after bottle, just 6 bucks per person! Awesome!

We tried all sorts of tapas...cured meats, salads, garlic shrimps, and of course the paellas. Dish by dish we were blown away.

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    • 4.5

Chefs Club by Food & Wine is almost everything you'd expect from a fine dine restaurant. The atmosphere, the waiters, the chefs, the food, the huge seasalt rock hanging on the ceiling... all of it was beyond extraordinary.


I was first invited to dine at this fine venue as part of their apology after not being able to plan an event at this restaurant due to some glitch in their website which I never received a reply back from them until the apology letter. After my dining experience here, I was convinced that they absolutely know how to correct their failures and that is what a true fine dine restaurant should be.

Now off to the food! We ordered the cocktails to start us off, the Howard Huges and the Hathaway. Both were amazing drinks but we preferred the Hathaway better. The Howard Huges had a bit more punch to the alcohol since it was closer to the taste of the sparkling wine. The Hathaway on the other hand, had a smooth honey flavor taste to it as if it a non-alcoholic cocktail.


As a starter we got the JAMÓN IBERICO DE BELLOTA, CHEF LINTON HOPKINS which came with the Iberico cured meats and biscuits with some sweet butter. I must say this was quite astonishing! Everything on the plate complimented each other! The sweetness of the biscuit and the saltiness of the cured meat just blew our minds away!


We also got the CRISPY KING CRAB & ASPARAGUS, it was definitely a good dish but abit too overpowering on heavy side due to it being fried food and the portion size was huge. The crab was fresh and the asparagus had a nice twist with the basil.

For our entrees we got the Halibut and the Wagyu beef. Let me first say the halibut was good but probably will not order it again...HOWEVER!! The Wagyu beef was absolutely to die-for!

The meat was tender, juicy, and seasoned perfectly! All the sauces elevated the already perfect steak. We could not believe how good this dish was. Every bite we had just brought tears to our eyes. I never had Wagyu beed prepared this good before. I still remember today how good it was still after a few days.


Finally after enjoying the beginning and middle of the meal, we arrived at the desserts. No disappointments. We had the CHOCOLATE PRETZEL WHOOPIE PIE and the assorted ice creams. Wow they really hit the spot! The whoopie pie was not too sweet and it had balance to it. They had whip cream but just enough so it didnt over power the dessert itself. Amazing!


The assorted ice creams were the greatest surprise! It came with horchata, dolce, and rum raisin. I never had ice cream before that tasted this elegant and delicious! We were plowing through this like animals!


At the end of the meal, we were greeted by the restaurant manager with an apology to their delayed response to the corporate email reservation system and asked how our dining experience was.... I said to him.. Perfection...


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    • 4.0

Excellent Brazilian Steakhouse in San Antonio. Visiting my sister in San Antonio TX, I really wanted to eat some meats so we decided to try out the Brazilian steakhouse for the first time. Heard many good things about it. Gotta say... it was worth every last penny!

We arrived there with high expectations since it had high reviews but abit worried due to the pricing being much cheaper than most Brazilian Steakhouses around the area. However after we tried the endless mounts of caramelized juicy goodness, I was at pure bliss! From sirloin to ribeye, every single piece of meat was seasoned and cooked to perfection!!

Just the price that we paid for dinner, I was absolutely satisfied. Honestly don't know how they make profit from feeding us that much meat!!

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