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Whiskey JaxWhiskey Jax
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I recently attended a blogger event at a really cool new gastropub spot off of Baymeadows called Whiskey Jax. There we got to meet Chef "Red" Goens who had a long resume of wonderful restaurants he's worked in. With that being said, I knew we'd be in for a treat! With a name like Whiskey Jax, I knew there had to be something special about whiskey at this restaurant and we found out that they carry 120 different ones!!! We got to try two of their specialty drinks (whose names I can't recall) including the Raspberry concoction which reminded me of a margarita, and this Bourbon concoction which was good but WAY too strong for my tastebuds. Now on to the food! My favorite part! Course #1 Bold City Beer Cheese Soup- What I loved most about this soup was that it was topped with puff corn! I learned that this is something that's common in the upper mid-west. It definitely had the malt flavor that accompanied the cheese nicely. Course # 2 Avacado Fries: This was my FAV dish of the evening! I never would've thought that this would be something I'd enjoy but I was pleasantly surprised. The avacado is breaded in a seasoned cornflake panko and finished with a cilantro creme fraiche, citrus chili sauce, and fresh lime. Make sure you ask for the "Nasty Sauce", the chef's special hot sauce. It complimented the fries perfectly and is OH SO GOOD! Course # 3 Seared Tuna: So this was my first time trying seared tuna, believe it or not. I've just never been excited about food that isn't "well-done". It wasn't bad. It was made with Togarashi, a Japanese 7 spice and paired with a delicious cucumber slaw and wakame salad that was marinated in a whiskey brine! Mmmmm! Course # 4 Truffled Ribeye: There is nothing like a good ole, tender piece of beef! It's even better when it's a Grass fed 14oz Ribeye grilled and topped with house made truffle butter. I enjoyed the steak with some of the "Nasty Sauce" I had left over from my avacado fries. It was a nice mix! To go with the steak was a delicious parmesan cheese risotto made with spinach and sun-dried tomato. I really enjoyed this course. Course #5 Fireball Apple Cobbler: This was a nice twist on the classic Apple Pie a la mode! The ball you see here was infused apple cobbler topped with cinnamon toast crunch fried ice cream!!! I know right! Chef says it's their best selling dessert. I've never had fried ice cream before so it was nice to finally try it! We enjoyed our visit to Whiskey Jax! the service was great and they had live music which is always a plus! One more thing you may like is that they are open until 2am daily! So if you're having one of those late nights and want something wholesome to eat, make your way to Whiskey Jax! I am also looking forward to the bottling of the "Nasty Sauce"! I'll be first in line for that stuff!!!
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When you're in the mood for some good ole' fashion biscuits and gravy, I've got the perfect recommendation for you! Maple Street Biscuit Company! I did a review here for the location in San Marco but since that one opened, there have been two more openings including this one that I recently visited, in Murray Hill. This location is definitely more spacious than the one in San Marco but equally as crowded. You can't deny that they've got some of the best chicken biscuits around. As always, the staff is super friendly and instead of an order number, they ask you a question and whatever your answer is will be what's called when your order is up. This particular Saturday morning, the question was "What's your favorite part about fall?" There so much I love about fall from the weather to Thanksgiving with family so that was a hard one for me but my friend told them the color of leaves. What's your favorite part about fall??? Maple Street has a coffee called Maple Tap and it is seriously some of the best coffee I've ever had! It's a must have! My friend Viv, wasn't really hungry for a biscuit so she got the macaroni and cheese with a side of bacon. I'm not a huge macaroni and cheese fan but I did get a little sampling of hers and the cheez-its on top really set the dish apart! It was definitely a nice touch to regular mac and cheese. I ordered the sticky maple biscuit, like I always do! It comes with a delicious southern fried chicken breast, bacon, and maple syrup! It's the best! One of these days I'll have to get one of their biscuits and homemade gravy. I hear it is phenomenal!
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For dinner we dined at Mitchells Fish Market located at the St. Johns Town Center. They have a very nice ambiance inside but since it was such a lovely day out so we chose to dine outside. There was a lot to choose from on the menu, however we were all intrigued with the Prix Fixe Menu Picks of the Day. It included your choice of one of each for only $19.99: SALAD: a house or ceasar salad MAIN COURSE: Lobster & Shrimp stuffed Cod, Macadamia Nut crusted Tilapia, or Pesto Grilled Chicken DESSERT:Creme Brulee or Strawberry Shortcake. We all choose to dine from this menu! Lobster and Shrimp stuffed Cod w/ Asparagus Macadamia Nut crusted Tilapia with Corn Salsa and Broccoli Pesto Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Creme Brulee Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Everything was pretty good but I wasn't overly impressed. It did however add a nice touch to this wonderful day with great friends!!!
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Last weekend I had the dutiful honor of being the hostess for a friend's wedding. The rehearsal dinner was held at the Potter's House Soul Food Bistro. I have been wanting to try them since they moved to their new location on Atlantic Blvd. so I was happy to find out the dinner would be held there. There aren't very many soul food restaurants I've gone to here in Jacksonville that have impressed me but I have to admit that Potter's House Soul Food Bistro may be number one to date!!! The food was delicious, very well seasoned, and reasonably priced. They serve your quintessential fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, smothered pork chops, and greens. They also had ribs on the menu and I may have seen fish as well but don't quote me on that. I ordered the oxtails with gravy and yellow rice and they were amazing!!! The meat was so tender and seasoned to perfection! They had a great variety of veggies as well. The greens and cabbage were some of the best I've had from a restaurant and the sweet potatoes were great too! On top of the food being delicious, the service was awesome as well. There was definitely southern hospitality being offered the moment we walked in. If you're ever in Jacksonville and are looking for some good ole' southern home cooking, I recommend you go to Soul Food Bistro.
Maple Street Biscuit CompanyMaple Street Biscuit Company
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This past Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Jax! Although it took me until 12pm to get my tail out of bed, I finally decided to throw on some clothes and venture out to San Marco for a little inner city trekking. While there, I passed by this restaurant that had a line almost out of the door and that instantly grabbed my attention. When I saw that the name was Maple Street Biscuit Company, I was SOLD!!! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE biscuits so this couldn't be a bad thing! I saw this sign but didn't think much of it until I got inside and placed my order. Instead of calling your order number, they ask you whatever question is on the board for the day and then call out your answer when your order is ready. Cool huh? My answer was "Florence, Italy"! The space was pretty cool. I like how some of the tables were so large that more than one family could fit. I don't know about you but, I've never heard of Maple Mustard....well they have it here for $9! The menu was filled with yummy biscuit treats ranging from "The Garden Bird" a biscuit with fried chicken, collard greens, and hot sauce, to the "The Chicken Club" a biscuit with fried chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. I love Chick Fil A, buttttter ummmm....these chicken biscuits right here........WOW! I went with The Sticky Maple: A delicious fluffy biscuit with tasty fried chicken, pecan wood smoked bacon, drizzled in maple syrup.....I know..........I know....oh the calories. It was so worth it though because it was soooooo good!!! They also have desserts like pecan pie and these yummy cinnamon pecan biscuits. I got a cinnamon pecan biscuit to go. It was very tasty. I wish I had a cup of joe to enjoy with it. Next time, I'll try it that way. Though I enjoyed every morsel of my sticky maple biscuit,(yes, I ate the whole thing) I will eat at The Maple Street Biscuit Company sparingly to conserve my waistline. LOL! They were a treat nevertheless and I shall return.
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