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    • 4.0
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal price: $30 - $49
My friend has never been to this restaurant so I went with her tonight.
This is an upbeat cool place to eat with drinks that craftily and uniquely concocted.
The type of food is Filipino but finely tuned it some fusion.
For starters, they served us big pieces of crispy chicken skin that you dip in either the spicy vinegar or plain.
My favorite is the crispy Pata. It's a pig's hock with skin well prepared with crisp skin and ligaments around the knuckle in between he bone.  It's a very oooular dish people order.
Tonight, they had a special in the menu.  Soft shell crab crisply fried on yellow rice with salmon roe or salmon caviar in squid ink sauce made with coconut milk.  It was good and subtly flavored.
For vegetables, we irdeeed the pea shoot.
We shared everything including the flan for dessert.
This restaurant has special events from time to time.  If you are knntheir maiking list, you could informed..  the events are guest chefs who prepare a special dinner for the evening.
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    • 3.7
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 3.2
  • Service: 3.0
  • Meal price: $20 - $29
I had 3 types of dumplings to try: Xiao Long Bao - combination of crabmeat and minced pork, steamed spinach dumpling, steamed shrimp and crabmeat dumpling.
The Xiao Long Bao was very good except I don't know why I could taste the pastry part of the thin wrapper when I biteboff the top to open the dumpling to add the dumpling sauce in it.  But as soon as I add the sauce in, the inside taste good.  I had had a beefed broth from another place. 
I preferred the flavors of the spinach and the shrimp with crab steamed dumplings.
My tea did not arrive with my meal.  I think they forgot it. So I had to ask for tea again towards my last couple of bites.  The tea was not very hot.  Maybe he got it and forgot it??

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    • 4.4
  • Food: 4.7
  • Decor: 4.5
  • Service: 4.6
I love this place.  Real good French food that's. It the usual.  But you can tell. Ecause of the sauces and the presentation and the way food is prepared.
My favorites in this place is the squab stuffed with foie gras encroute.  And I also love the dessert - Ille Flotant which is Floating Island.  But the way they make their cream sauce is just fabulous.  It is thick and smooth and so delicious.  The cream and yolk was just perfectly combined and cooked till it was very thick and light.  The egg white is a perfect sphere with what seems to have dusting of sugar then  caramelized??  It is so good! To die for!
At my last dining I ordered the leek.  At first I was hesitant.  But when it came, I can see why they charged high for this dish.  It was compact and beautifully presented; not to mention delish!
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Scandinavian / Bars
    • 5.0
  • Food: 5.0
  • Decor: 5.0
  • Service: 5.0
  • Meal price: $100 - $199

The first I peeked at the restaurant I was not so impressed.

But tonight I walked in and got a spot on the counter.  They have vegetarian variety of food type full fixed price menu for the evening; or ala carte.  All their prices include service charge already, except tax.
I chose the the Tasting Menu price since it had my favorite venison.  The. Emi son is not available as an ala carte dish.
I tell you, eating here reminds me of my European upscale Michelin restaurants I've been to in Europe.  I admire the labor and the planning and creativeness used into the cooking by the chef.  Absolutely worth it!  I cook and therefore I can attest, this is fairly priced.  Many times you spend over $100 and you just a had steak.  I can always buy premium imported Wagyu and cook it at home to serve 2-3 people for the price charged outside.
This is not a steak house.  This is a tickling of the senses experience.
I started with small samples of of interesting amuse Bouche.  The oyster had some sauce and pickled cranberry, cranberry and cranberry sauce / but were all not red at all except thenoickled one.  I liked the celeriac with thin slices of what seems to be radish and bread with somethingnin top.  I remember the Arctic char as part of the appetizer too.  The photos speak a thousand words.  
To cleanse the pallet, they served warm broth in some glass pitcher that reminded me of beaker glass during my lab classes with phytoplankton (green as algae and rich nutrients) plus another green liquid from another vegetable which they poured into the beaker-like pitcher..  That was a palate cleanser and it was so delicious! It tasted like a delightful soup!
Every dish that came was a creation.
I loved the cod with black caviar on top and little balls of potatoes served with cream type sauce and fennel type oil purée.  That was so good!
Oh! Did I tell you they make their own bread and churn their own butter?  The bread is served warm.  It is light even though it appears thick and crunchy from the outside and yet so soft and still moist in the inside.  The room temperature mush of butter on a rock accompanied the bread.
Finally the venison dish came.  It was wrapped in pounded mushroom and very thin brioche.  The venison was cooked rare.  Just the way it should be.  Venison is very lean and tends to get tough if cooked well done.   So don't order it if you like well done meat.  The venison is served with a a slice of mushroom processed to make it dry outside and soft indie.  It also came with a smooth mushroom purée with ground spice on top (I can't remember the name), a slice of the mushroom which looked like it was baked but nice and dry outside.  (Must be some special method)
Dessert was a tiny scoop of buttermilk ice cream with crispy flake of some vegetable that they dehydrated and laid over the ice cream to look like petals.
Another small dessert was served with I believe she said dried ice cream?  But I did see the crispy fruits on top. (Hard to tell because I could not hear her well.  The other server was more eloquent) .
The candies at the end was served on a nest in a bowl.  I loved the vegetable flavored marshmallow and the chocolate was very unusual. They were all made at the restaurant..
These are just some of the dishes I could remember from what I had.  They were so small that indeed that is why it is called THE TASTING MENU.  The food is not only creative and tasty, but healthy!

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Jongro BBQJongro BBQ
Korean / Barbeque
    • 4.0
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 3.9
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal price: $200 - $299
We came here for a family Sunday dinner.  We ordered the big BBQ platter for 4, the pancake, and 1 order of pork BBQ.
We cooked it ourselves. It they helped put it on the iron grill pot for the beef.  For the pork, we grilled it directly in the fire.
They have a vent from the top that they pull up and down to extract the smoke while cooking so we don't smell like BBQ when we get out.
We wiped out all the food!  And had seconds of the condiments and accompaniments of pickled onions, bean sprouts, and jukiened scallions.  They also served an egg and a Korean style tofu soup.  Rice is separate.
This place is hidden.  The restaurant is upstairs and you have to enter what seems like an apartment to take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  Also line. Whims to form past 6:30PM on a Sunday.  It's that popular.
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