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    • 4.5
  • Food: 4.8
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 4.0

You pretty much get the most bang for your buck for tacos as this place. a year ago, it was $2.50, and recently, it has been increased to $3.00, which is still a great deal in my opinion. they also take credit cards now, which is a major plus.


They have about 12 different tacos to choose from, but my go-to ones are the al pastor, tripa and carne asada. I dont think you can go wrong with either of options. They stuff it with guac on top. Ive been to fancier taco places where the taco is literally half the size and they do not come with the guac, and in some cases, more than $3 per taco. 


You taste the authenticity here, though im not expert but its just so good. They open late night and they give you free chips & salsa, in which the chips are made fresh. you can always ask for more =).



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  • Free Chips & Salsa (not shown) 760862
La CabanaLa Cabana
Latin American / Dominican
    • 4.0
  • Food: 4.2
  • Decor: 3.2
  • Service: 3.3

I cant say Ive ever had mofongo in the past. I've seen the word in a lot of Spanish restaurants but never really knew what it was.


Came here on a Thursday night with my friends from the gym. One of the highly recommended this place. I trust his taste. This place isnt fancy and i wasnt even sure if there was table service had i come without someone who has been there before. The counter is in the front and seats in the back. i thought was it was cafeteria/food court style but there is actually table service.


There were 7 of us, and 6 of us ordered the mofongo de Chicharrónes (fried pork belly). I had no idea what to expect but im sure anything with fried pork belly should be awesome and it was. Mofongo is basically mashed green plaintains with garlic, onion, spices, seasonings and whichever meat/seafood/veggies you prefer.


It was really good, they were generous on the portions and even the Chicharrónes was delicious. the skin was so crispy, yet the meat wasnt dry at all. I think the next time i go, i would order the platter, and the mofongo as an app/side to share, but with 3-4 persons at the very least. 


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Naked CrabNaked Crab
Cajun/Creole / Seafood / Live/Raw Food
    • 3.6
  • Food: 3.5
  • Decor: 3.6
  • Service: 3.5

Booked this place via Yelp on the same day for a party of 3 for 8:30pm. This was for a Friday evening dinner. I have never been to this place or any other seafood boil places to begin with. I didnt have any expectations or whatsoever. 


We drove up to the restaurant and to our surprise, there is actually parking. there is about 5-6 (or less actually) spots on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Friday night dinners in flushing is no joke when trying to find a parking spot. We attempted street parking and if there wasnt a parking lot/space, we would have went to sky view. Its only 2 blocks away.


We walk in, and it was practically empty. The place was bigger than I expected and I certainly thought it would have been packed being Friday night and prime time dinner time. But thats not to say the place isnt good that people are not returning.


We get to a table and check the menu. Staff was pretty friendly. You choose your seafood or choice and the sauce you want. Its self explanatory.


There was 3 of us so we ordered 3 different kinds of seafood and sauce.


Snow Crab legs in garlic butter - this was probably my favorite of the three sauce. Garlic and butter combo is good on anything actaully, its a sauce/combo that cannot go wrong.


Red Crab in Shabang sauce - this is their spicy sauce, which is mainly made of sriracha. It was ok. The meat on the red crab was a tab mushy. I wasnt a fan of the texture. I also am not a fan of spicy so this was my least favorite of the 3.


Dungeness Crab in Naked Sauce, this is their house/special sauce which is a combo of all the sauces mixed together. To me, it was a tad on the lemon/salty side. The crab though was very tender and meaty, my favorite of the seafood.


All in all, it was pretty good but it can become rather salty towards the end. I would go again. 

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  • Red Crab in Shabang Sauce 760856
  • Dungeness Crab in Naked Sauce 760857
El Fogon Costeno CorpEl Fogon Costeno Corp
Latin American / Colombian
    • 3.8
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 3.3
  • Service: 3.6
  • Bandeja Paisa 760854
    • 4.0
  • Food: 4.1
  • Decor: 3.0
  • Service: 4.0
I've been wanting to try this place out. It never got a chance to in the east village. Tried a couple of times just passing by and it was always packed a with long lines. So glad they opened on in flushing. It still packed but given the size, it doesn't seat too many. Overall, the desserts and drinks are good. They are on the pricy side, $10 an entree, which they call tapas, but it's pretty good. Can't say I would go often and even if I did, I would go on a day when it's less crowded. The lines do go by so it's about 15-20 min wait. Spot dessert is different from the typical dessert places like kulu, mango mango and snowdays. All in all, I would go again. 
They have a stamp card, get 10 stamps and get a free tapa. $10 equals 1 stamp
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