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  • Service: 4.0
I've been seeing this place on my Instagram feed lately and just had to give it a try. I was impressed, it was fresh and made to order. The rice rolls were light and silky and very smooth. Went during the evening so only got to try one order. Got the BBQ pork with cilantro and scallion, wanted to keep it simple. The cook though, said his fave was the beef and egg, so I will be trying that next time.
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Funny as it may sound but i have never been to the original grimaldi's in the DUMBO area. I was scared off by the long lines, but the truth is ive never really had a bad pizza, as long as it hot and fresh out of the oven, you really cant mess pizza up right? the ingredients arent that complicated but what do i know?


when i heard they opened one in Douglaston, which is close to flushing, i had to give it a try and it also helps that they are located right across from fairway market. you can shop then eat or eat then shop. 


I didnt want to fall into the hype and have high expectations for this place. I told myself, no expectations and boy was i impressed. Can I say its the best? I dont know, im not expert nor have i been to many well known pizzerias to be able to compare or judge.


You customize your toppings to your preference. I think all the toppings are good. maybe not the salty ones like the capers and anchovies. but thats me. im very plain, and not a risk taker, i stick to the usual sausage, pepperoni, and eggplant.


I believe they only take case and do not serve slices.


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Cositas RicasCositas Ricas
Latin American / Bakeries
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  • Food: 3.0
  • Decor: 3.0
  • Service: 3.0

overall, it was OK. Didnt find anything spectacular about it. the portions were decent, but pricey at the same time. You should definitely come here on an empty stomach though. 


Get the chicharrón (fried pork belly), it was surprisingly really good. skin was crispy and meat was just the right about of saltiness.

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Station HouseStation House
American (New) / Gastropubs / Cocktail Bars / Pubs
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  • Service: 5.0

First off, i do not drink so this says a lot when i come to a bar to eat their food. ive eaten prob everything on their regular menu. and when i say regular, it means they have some trademark items which are there all year round, like their burgers and sandwiches. They have seasonal salads and appetizers and daily specials. 


Every day is a different, sometimes it is a twist from an original item on their menu and sometimes it is totally outside of the box. Always creative and always delicious. They also have daily cocktails, but what would i know since i do not drink.


They serve beer on tap so its always different, so if you never know what you are going to get (although you can go to their website which is updated on real time with what is currently on tap, how much is left and what is next to get tapped) and if you enjoy all kinds of beer, this is the place to go.


Its not just the food and beer options that they have makes this place great, it also the ambiance and the amazing people that work there. I always feel welcomed when I come here.



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