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  • Tue - Sat: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
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The best sushi bar in New York.

The Entrance

I finally had the opportunity to dine at Brushstroke, which is the best sushi bar in New York, as far as I'm concerned!

The place only has a counter with 6 seats. There's no menu; you're encouraged to ask the sushi chef there and see which fish are the best in season.

Ichimura at BrushstrokeIchimura at BrushstrokeMaguro SashimiChawan-MushiIchimura at BrushstrokeIchimura at BrushstrokeIchimura at BrushstrokeIchimura at BrushstrokeIchimura at BrushstrokeIkuraUni (Sea Urchin)Ichimura at BrushstrokeOh-ToroChu-ToroIchimura at BrushstrokeIchimura at Brushstroke

There are many sushi restaurants here in New York, but most of them seem to be Americanized in some way. However, Brushstroke keeps it authentic. The sushi chef prepared several kinds of sashimi and sushi for us. The chef gives you descriptions about each of them. Sea urchin and extra fatty-tuna tasted great, of course. Some of the fish that were caught fresh near New York were delicious as well.


I was very happy to eat such delicious sushi with fantastic sake in New York. No wonder it's so hard to make a reservation here.

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