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Your Hands are for Eating


My friend and I held an event called "Food Adventure" and wanted to try an authentic place in a remote location. Today, we went to Staten Island and tried authentic Sri Lankan food! They provided a delicious Sunday Buffet at a cheap cost. We took the ferry from the South Ferry port of Manhattan and rode 30 minutes, then took a train to the nearest station to the restaurant.


There were several restaurants around there, and nothing else. When we got in around 6 PM, there were already some people eating even in this remote location.


The decor was nothing but awesome. There were many Sri Lankan decorations all over the restaurant. I felt as if I had been in a fine dining restaurant in Sri Lanka. I heard the owner of this restaurant had imported all of the interior decorations from Sri Lanka. 


 I found a message from the restaurant on a mirror on my way to the buffet. It said "Sri Lankan food would be more tastier if you use your fingers than the forks." We didn't decide to do it at that time, but kept it in mind.


There were many clay pots at the buffet: Egg curry, chicken curry, pork curry, pineapple curry, eggplant paste and so on. All of them looked delicious! I took some of them and planned what to eat for my second plate.

My First PlateLakruwana

Here is my first plate and a Mango Lassi which I had ordered before taking the plate. The curries were not too spicy and had different tastes respectively. Although all the curries were amazing, the eggplant paste was the best and the pineapple curry was the second best. We didn't use our fingers to eat this time, though.

My Second PlateMy Third Plate

Since it was so delicious, we, of course, went to get my second helping. I took the eggplant paste mainly but also some of the others. I remembered the message from the restaurant, so I did as they instructed and tried eating with my fingers for the first time. I had seen people using their fingers as spoons but not like chopsticks in Nepal, so I got after it. It was a little difficult to use my fingers as a spoon, but it tasted a little better or at least that's what I tell myself. I went back up to the buffet for a third time and took more food and some of the desserts although I was almost full and my friend just took desserts.


There were 4 desserts, mango mousse, pudding, sri lankan yogurt and tapioka pudding. All of them were sooooo delicious! I especially liked the mango mousse. I could eat them although my stomack was about to explode with my third plate.

It was so delicious that I ate more than my capacity. I was almost dying on the way to the ferry port. There were not so many trains running in Staten Island, especially at night, so we waited for the train for more than 30 minutes. We also waited for the ferry for one hour because some ferries didn't come for some reason. Although it took a long time to get there and get home, we were satisfied with this food adventure. It was worth going as a short trip. I wish the restaurant were in Manhattan... However, it would lose its charm and the food would become expensive if it were in Manhattan.

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