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American (New) / Greek / Burgers



Zorbas Gyros, Burgers & More is a new fast food casual restaurant that opened recently in the Lafayette, LA area. Zorbas menu offers Greek and American food and some of their specialty items include gyros, burgers and Philly cheesesteaks.




As we approached the restaurant, we could smell an amazing aroma. The aroma was incredible, filled with unbelievable spices. Yum.




My husband and I arrived at about 11:00 am at the restaurant. I am glad that we arrived early because we beat the lunch rush.  We were greeted with a warm greeting as we entered the restaurant. The menus were visible at the counter and available to take and peruse.


We quickly decided exactly what we wanted and found a booth to sit.  The restaurant was very clean, a wide-opened casual setting.




Our first item was the Zorbas Hummus. The hummus is topped with sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta crumbles, olive oil, paprika and fresh tomatoes.  The hummus was nicely presented and served with pita bread.  The pita was soft and went perfectly with the hummus.  Some of the best hummus that I have eaten in a long time.




We tried the Philly super steak, a cheesesteak sandwich topped with grilled onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms and cheese. The cheesesteak was superb!  The steak was seasoned perfectly with the right amount of toppings. SO good!




The chicken gyro comes with the seasoned chicken, Tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Superb. The gyro was delicious.




We also tried a Greek Burger. The greek burger had a Feisty feta spread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a touch of Tzatziki sauce. Wow!




A very interesting burger. I love the greek twist of the burger. Really good.




One of the things I loved about Zorba’s was the variety menu.  The menu offered both greek and american items. Gyros with a twist, BBQ gyros and Veggie gyros.  Salads, combination plates, greek nachos and so much more.


The menu has something for everyone. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry there are a few food options for you as well.




The service was wonderful.  From the time we arrived, to the time we left, the staff was wonderful.




Before leaving we tried a Greek dessert Baklava. Which is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts, sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. Delicious!  A sweet finish!




Zorba’s is a great place for a sit down lunch, dinner or for pick up. A great alternative to fast food dining. The food was made to order, served hot and made with fresh ingredients.




Zorba’s is located at 1812 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA. The hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.




Be sure to go and check out Zorbas, you won’t be disappointed.




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Magpie CafeMagpie Cafe
Middle Eastern / Bakeries / Cafes / Juice Bars & Smoothies


Magpie Cafe


Magpie Cafe Downtown


Magpie Cafe


This morning I checked out Magpie Cafe Downtown. Magpie is located in the historic downtown area of Baton Rouge. An easy going cafe offering espresso drinks, tea, pastries, sandwiches and salads.


Magpie Cafe


Conveniently located downtown, the cafe had windows throughout, giving the cafe a very wide open feel. The weather was gorgeous which made the stay so comfortable and bright.


Magpie Cafe


When I walked in, I immediately noticed the different seating options that were available. There was an area off in the corner near the windows with a bar area with elevated chairs. In addition, tables for larger parties which were also near the window. There were also normal height tables and chairs as well as tables with semi booth seating.  A very comfortable area.


Magpie Cafe


Outdoor seating is also available for nice days.  The spot compliments the downtown area very nicely. I walked through and took a look at the cafe before ordering.  I placed my order and had a seat.


Magpie Cafe


A gentlemen immediately came and placed water and a glass of ice on the table along with silverware.


Magpie Cafe


I decided to order a honey macchiato espresso to drink.  The espresso was very smooth with a hint of the honey. A nice espresso.


Magpie Cafe


 Magpie’s coffee is an Italian espresso tradition with a combination of “slow bar”, a single cup brewing method. This method is popular in the Portland and Seattle area.


Magpie Cafe


To eat, I chose a Classic Breakfast Board which included cheese, fresh strawberries, bread, jam and an egg.  A nice choice for a late breakfast.  Everything was fresh and delicious.


Magpie Cafe


One of the things that I loved about Magpie is the menu offered seasonal ingredients that are from local farmers, local dairies and bread artisans.  I love when restaurants and businesses offer local support.  A big plus in my eyes.


Any items that can’t be found locally will be all-natural.

 Magpie Cafe


The style of the cafe was modern mixed with contemporary.  Magpie had an upscale feel with a relaxed environment.


Magpie Cafe


When I travel, I always love visiting coffee shops to see what their city or state has to offer. Magpie Cafe will definitely be on my must go to list of places if you are in the Baton Rouge area.


Magpie Cafe


Magpie Cafe Downtown is located at 333 Laurel Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Wednesday 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Thursday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. & Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


Magpie Cafe



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Antlers Seafood & SteakhouseAntlers Seafood & Steakhouse
Cajun/Creole / Steak / Seafood


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse



Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Antlers Restaurant and Bar is one of the oldest bars in Lafayette, LA. It has existed in the beautiful historic district of downtown Lafayette since 1921. The old Antler’s Billard Pallor was bought in 1940 by Joe Walters and he moved Antlers directly across the street into its current location which was then known as the La Acadianne Lounge.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Antlers has been serving the best authentic Cajun Cuisine for over 6 decades.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Now third generation owner Johnny Walters continues what his grandfather started years ago and recently added a new restaurant concept in Broussard, LA, Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Antler’s Seafood & Steakhouse is a Cajun-Style Restaurant that fuses the mouth-watering taste of the 3rd generation Cajun family recipes with the highest quality cuts of beef and Louisiana seafood dishes. Specialties include their famous authentic Cajun lunches, exciting new appetizers, fried and grilled seafood dishes and steaks with a Cajun flair prepared like no one else.


From the delicious crisp salads to the fried seafood platters.  Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse uses the freshest ingredients to create the most memorable dining experience.


A week ago, we had the distinct pleasure of dining at Antler’s Seafood & Steakhouse for lunch.  Boy did we not know what a treat we were in for.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Upon driving up to the restaurant, I loved the brick, stucco and wooden exterior. A very classy, upscale look.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The interior was no different. You could see that each piece of the puzzle was chosen with great thought and going for a distinct look. The decor was beautiful, high class, high quality designs without being too flashy.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The restaurant also had some paintings with significance, one being that many of the paintings were hand painted by Johnny’s sister.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


We decided to sit in the Lounge area, which gave us some privacy as well as extreme comfort. The chairs were plush and comfortable.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The bartender immediately arrived at our table to take our drink orders.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Once our drink orders were taken, we began looking over the menu. I love my mocktails, so I chose the mocktail version of the Cucumber Collins. The drink had a very interesting flavor combination with the lime juice and the cucumbers as well as the other ingredients but the flavors worked well together. A very refreshing and light drink.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


I also tried the Blackberry Cosmo which was fruity with a touch of tanginess and sweetness. Very good.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


We started with the Fried Frog Legs. This dish included eight frog legs tossed in the Antler’s New Orleans style oyster breading then fried and served with a drizzle of their sweet chili mint glaze.


A classic, Louisiana dish that had the right balance of spice and flavor. The spice was on point. The frog legs were fried golden brown and beautifully presented. A tasty start to a meal that only got better as it went on.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The Antler’s Fresh Caught Tuna was next on the menu. OMG!!!, this appetizer was so good. From the presentation to the taste, spot on!  The dish included a hand cut sesame encrusted 4 oz tuna seared rare and sliced thin.


Topped with fried tabasco onions and serve with a side of ponzo sauce (citrus based sauce) and wasabi on a bed of greens. Superb dish.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


My hubby ordered the Lunch special for Thursday, which was the Smothered chicken with corn mouque cheaux and sweet peas over rice and gravy.  This dish was like the home cooking you go home to mama for.  Well seasoned and a large portion.


Antler’s Daily Plate lunch is offered Monday – Friday and the prices range from $10.95 – $13.95.  Very inexpensive for a home cooked meal.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


I ordered the Blackened Mahi Mahi.  The  Mahi Mahi was dusted in Antler’s house blackening seasoning and topped with a lump crab with white wine butter sauce and served with the Antler’s grit cakes and creamed spinach. My goodness!


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


I have eaten at many restaurants and there are lots of dishes that have become one of my favorites.  This is my new favorite. This dish was wonderful. The creaminess of the spinach with the blackened Mahi Mahi with a bite of the grit cake made for the perfect bite of food!  I have to say it again a gorgeous plate of food!


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


We had room for a little dessert, so we had the Creme Brûlée.  The dessert was beautiful with bright red cursive writing and with fruit. The Creme Brûlée was a mild vanilla custard served chilled with seasonal berries.


A beautiful dessert. The Creme Brûlée was delicious. The dessert was too pretty to eat. But we tore into it! Superb.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Overall, our experience at Antler’s was top notch!  Everything was spot on, the food was delicious.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The Executive Chef Brad Berwick did a fantastic job preparing and delivering each dish with exceptional success.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The atmosphere felt very welcoming, from the time we walked in until we were done with our last bite. They treated us like family and that’s what it felt like.  The service was impeccable.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse   Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


The dishes were prepared with high quality.  The staff is so attentive that when you become a repeat customer, they become familiar with what your ordering preferences are.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Antler’s has a nice outdoor space with a television. Perfect for the upcoming spring weather.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


In addition to Lunch or Dinner, Antler’s also has a Banquet room for Banquets, Birthday Parties or Special Dinners. So if you are hosting a special event or conference, don’t fret. Let the Antler’s staff help you with your event.


Call 337-451-5944 and ask for Ed Gaspard, he is waiting and willing to help you!


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse

Photo Credit Antler’s Seafood & Steakhouse

Every Tuesday night, Antler’s offers 15% off all Steaks. This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, why not make plans to dine at Antler’s Seafood & Steakhouse for your romantic night?


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse


Whether you are looking for a fancy night out with your significant other, a girl’s night out or a nice lunch,  Antlers is the place to be.


Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse is located at 200 Heritage Parkway in Broussard, LA.  If you would like to dine in Lafayette, Antlers Restaurant and Bar is located at 555 Jefferson Street, Lafayette, LA. 70501


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Half Shell Oyster House


My husband and I recently had a day date at this new restaurant, Half Shell Oyster House. Half Shell Oyster House is a Seafood restaurant with New Orleans Flare serving up Gulf Oysters and a variety of Gulf Coast Seafood. The New Orleans influence is evident in the decor, the menu and the overall feel of the restaurant.


Half Shell Oyster House


Half Shell Oyster House is a restaurant that offers Southern Hospitality and a unique atmosphere that compliments the food.


Half Shell Oyster House


As we entered into the restaurant, I loved the overall feel of the restaurant. The look of the restaurant reminded me of the French quarter. The mural on the wall near the bar area was beautifully done. A colorful, clean look that added a nice addition to the decor of the restaurant.


Half Shell Oyster House


The restaurant had a French Quarter feel with the wrought iron railings, exposed walls and architecture. A very unique setting for your dining experience. There was also a wall with shells and wood. I absolutely loved that look.


Half Shell Oyster House


Below is a gorgeous wall with wrought iron and antique fixtures and antique wooden doors. A clean and classy look.


Half Shell Oyster House


A great spot to take a photo with your party.


Half Shell Oyster House


We started with an appetizer, the Oyster Sampler. The Oyster Sampler included 4 different styles of oysters. The Oyster Bienville, the Charbroiled Oysters, the Oyster Rockefeller and the Oyster Orleans. OMG!!


Half Shell Oyster House


The oysters were beautifully presented. The Oyster Orleans was my favorite of all 4. The others were really good as well.


Half Shell Oyster House


The oysters are hand selected gulf oysters that are of the finest quality and are continuously shuck throughout the day.


Half Shell Oyster House


The Bienville was topped with an herb, mushroom, crab, gulf shrimp, bacon and Italian bread crumb mixture that was baked and finished with parmesan cheese. So good.


I loved the herb, seafood mixture that was on top.


Half Shell Oyster House


The charbroiled oyster was the Half Shell’s signature oyster that was charbroiled on an open flame with a wine, butter and garlic herb sauce.


Half Shell Oyster House


The Rockefeller oyster was topped with fresh spinach, cream cheese, herbs, baked and finished with fresh parmesan cheese. Yummy and cheesy.


Half Shell Oyster House


My fave was the Orleans, which was charbroiled over an open flame and basted with their New Orleans style smoked Cajun sauce. A smoky flavor and Cajun spices. Superb.


The Orleans is Half Shell’s Award winning Oyster.


Half Shell Oyster House


For our entrees, the hubby ordered the Seafood Pasta. This entree included shrimp and crawfish that was sautéed with portabella mushrooms, shallots, garlic and seasonings tossed in a linguine and creole alfredo. Topped with lump crabmeat. A filling dish that was packed with flavor. A great dish. The lunch portion was the perfect size.


Half Shell Oyster House


I ordered the Blackened Redfish with the lemon aioli and for my side the cheddar cheese grits. The fish was well seasoned and blackened perfectly. I loved the aioli for the fish. The cheese grits were a great choice with the fish. A light choice for lunch. Really good.


Half Shell Oyster House


We had a little room left for dessert, so we ordered the Key Lime Pie.  Key Lime Pie is my husband’s favorite dessert.  He loved this dessert at Half Shell Oyster House.  A creamy, smooth pie, superb dessert.  Nice presentation as well.


Half Shell Oyster House


Overall the food was superb, the service was first class. The waitress was very knowledgeable and informative. The atmosphere was similar to NOLA which is a place that I love.  A perfect place to dine if you want to unwind from a long day, enjoy a nice sit down lunch or enjoy a fun evening with your spouse or friends.


I am already looking forward to the next time we will go back.


The menu offers something for everyone’s palate.  So no worries if you don’t like seafood there are other options to meet your needs.  Items like Burgers, Poboys, Seafood, Soup and Salads.


Half Shell Oyster House


Half Shell Oyster House is located at 109 Old Camp Rd, Suite 114, Lafayette, LA 70508. The Hours of Operation are Sunday – Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm., Friday – Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. And Sunday Brunch 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Go and check out the newest hot spot. Be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.



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Ruffino's On The RiverRuffino's On The River
Italian / Steak / Seafood


Ruffino's On The River


Ruffino’s On the River


February is often referred to as the love month, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is one of the days that many restaurants are booked to capacity. Valentine’s is a special day that the men work hard to plan the perfect night for their spouse or girlfriend.


Ruffino's On The River


This month, I wanted to showcase one of our favorite Date Night restaurants, which would make the perfect Valentine’s Night out, Ruffino’s on the River. Ruffino’s is an Italian Creole Fusion restaurant serving up some of the best food in Lafayette.  Not only is the food delicious, but the service is impeccable.  Offering high quality service and great food.


Ruffino's On The River


I am a big fan of mocktails, which is a drink that is usually fruity, colorful but without alcohol.  Pictured is the Sunrise Mocktail.  I order the same drink every time I dine at Ruffino’s.  The drink is gorgeous and delicious.  Made exactly the same each time.  So good.


Ruffino's On The River


When my husband & I dined at Ruffino’s on the River; the items we ordered were just too good not to share with my readers.  One of the appetizers that we ordered was the Braised Pork Cheeks, the pork cheeks were braised for 48-hours with Benton bacon jam, pork jus and butternut squash.  The dish was so good!  The pork cheeks were tender and well seasoned.


Ruffino's On The River


We also ordered The Seared Tuna; the Yellowfin Tuna was served on a Himalayan salt rock with soy caviar and garnished with micro cilantro. A beautifully presented dish, the Yellowfin Tuna was lightly seared with a good balance of flavors. Each ingredient, complimented each other perfectly.


Ruffino's On The River


Our entrée choices were the Fish Katie; the redfish was topped with lump crab, Creole Muniere, hollandaise sauce and mashed potatoes. This dish was incredible. A well seasoned, Creole, Cajun dish.


Ruffino's On The River


The Veal Parmesan was one of the favorites of the night. This dish was prepared with Veal medallions that were battered with italian breadcrumbs and fried, topped with marinara, provolone cheese and capellini. So good!  An Italian dish with incredible flavor, cheesy goodness and perfectly prepared.


Ruffino's On The RiverPhoto credit Ruffino’s on the River

Overall the food was amazing. The service was top notch. As I stated early, Ruffino’s is a place we absolutely love to dine. Schedule your Valentine’s Day Dinner at Ruffino’s this year. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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Chicken Salad ChickChicken Salad Chick
Sandwiches / Delis / Salad


Chicken Salad Chick

 A few weeks ago, I was invited for a Taste testing at Chicken Salad Chick. Chicken Salad Chick is a casual dining restaurant that recently opened a 2nd location.  A healthier option to fast food dining.


I won’t go into the backstory of Chicken Salad Chick. Visit my blog post on the opening of the first location for more on information on the backstory Chicken Salad Chick.


Chicken Salad Chick


The new location is in the Whole Foods Shopping Center.  A great location. One of the things that I loved and noticed immediately when I drove up was the outdoor space. The patio area was a big plus in my eyes.


Chicken Salad Chick


The restaurant is bright with the classic look of a Chicken Salad Chick.  Vibrant colors with very intricate details.  The new location was a little smaller than the Oil Center location.


Chicken Salad Chick


One of the managers greeted me and began talking to me about some of the new menu items.  He suggested a few things for the taste testing.


I seated myself and setup for the taste testing.  The food began coming to the table one by one.


Chicken Salad Chick


The first plate to arrive was the Gourmet Chick.  The Gourmet Chick included a scoop of chicken salad and two sides.


Chicken Salad Chick


The chicken salad was called the Kicking Kay Lynne, which was a combination of buffalo sauce, ranch, bacon shredded cheddar cheese and jalapeno. The chicken salad had a powerful flavor and was spicy.  By far my favorite chicken salad at Chicken Salad Chick.


Chicken Salad Chick


My sides were the broccoli salad and grape salad. The broccoli salad included fresh broccoli florets tossed in a sweet vinegar dressing with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese, topped with bacon. Very good.


Chicken Salad Chick


The grape salad was red and white seedless grapes covered in a sweet cream cheese mixture, topped with brown sugar and pecans.  A yummy side or a better option for dessert.  Always one of my favorites.  The pecans and brown sugar add a nice touch to the grape salad. I love this side.


Chicken Salad Chick


Next I tried the Chicken tortilla soup. The soup was flavorful with your typical ingredients. Chicken, corn, black beans, crunchy tortilla strips and cheese. The soup was served with a slice of toast bread. A nice twist instead of your crackers.


Chicken Salad Chick


Chicken Salad Chick also serves seasonal salads. I tried the Seasonal salad, which included baby spinach, dried cranberries, fuji apples, bacon, feta cheese and pecans with a homemade poppyseed dressing. Superb!! The vinaigrette was really good. Similar to an Italian dressing but with a tangy, sweet balance. So good.


Chicken Salad Chick


Next was the trio which included your choice of three chicken salads or side items, served on a bed of lettuce. With pickle spears and wheat crackers.


Chicken Salad Chick


My choices were the Pimento cheese, Cranberry Kelli and Jazzy Julie. The pimento cheese was a blend of freshly grated sharp and pepper jack cheeses combined with a little of their creamy house dressing.


The pimento cheese was good but a little thick for a cracker. I preferred the Pimento cheese on the toasted bread.


The Cranberry Kelli was a mixture of dried, sweetened cranberries and slivered almonds.  A nice choice for the seasonal chicken salad.


Jazzy Julie is one of my other favorites. A spicy mixture of cayenne pepper, bacon and cheddar cheese.  I love the spice level!  A fantastic choice.


Chicken Salad Chick


For dessert, I tried the pumpkin cheesecake. OH MY! The cheesecake was so good. I ate the whole slice. It was that good, I couldn’t stop!


Chicken Salad Chick


A new addition, were the fresh buttercream frosted cookies.  A cute flower cookie, similar to a sugar cookie.


Chicken Salad Chick


Overall, everything I tried was really good. I love that Chicken Salad Chick offers a healthier option to the typical fast food choices.  The service was impeccable.  My experience at the new location was stellar.  Thad Hoffpauir and his staff took really good care of me.


Chicken Salad Chick


The new location looks similar to the Oil Center location.  But a few things that I like at the new location was the nice, wide open outdoor space and also the drive thru window.


Chicken Salad Chick


Chicken Salad Chick is also available on Waitr.  So you can order your favorite Chicken Salad Chick right from your home and have your food delivered right to you.


Chicken Salad Chick


In addition, there is a Quick Chick section that is available if you are in a hurry. The food is already packaged and ready to go. Pick up, pay and go.


Chicken Salad Chick also offers a Catering Menu. Items including Chicken Salad, Croissants, Deli Sandwiches, Side Salads, Desserts Soups, Fruit Trays, and much more. Please allow at least 24 hours for Catering items. 

Chicken Salad Chick


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Fezzo’s of Broussard


Fezzo’s is a Cajun and Creole Restaurant that is very popular in our area. With 2 other locations, Crowley & Scott that are already established, Fezzo’s recently opened a 3rd location in Broussard.  Fezzo’s is one of my favorite places to eat Oysters and Boiled Crawfish.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


When I saw the sign go up about a new Fezzo’s coming, I was beyond excited. We live in the Youngsville area and the other locations are a bit of a drive for us for dinner. The anticipation began to grow after the ground breaking ceremony. I pass near Fezzo’s everyday to bring our son to school, so I saw the progress daily.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


Fezzo’s officially opened about a month ago, but we were so busy that we didn’t make it. Yesterday the family and I enjoyed a little morning fun outside with the kiddos and after washing up, we decided to head to Fezzo’s for a late lunch.


When we arrived there was not much of a crowd which was fine with us. The exterior of the building had a nice mix of brick and wood. The color pallet was nice and clean looking. When we walked in, I immediately noticed that there was not a designated space or seating area for times when there might be a wait.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


The Bar area is separate from the Dining area, which I like especially if you are with your children. A spacious area with Televisions throughout.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


The Oyster Bar is in that area as well with a nice big glass window so you can see your Oysters being prepared.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


We were seated immediately, I loved the wide opened restaurant but with divided areas as well.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


There was also a party area that has doors that can be closed if you are hosting a party, a shower or an event. The room also has flat screen televisions as well. A really nice space. The Super Bowl is coming up, this would be a nice space to host a Super Bowl Party.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


One of my favorite things about the restaurant besides the party room is the outdoor space. The outdoor space is large and had mounted televisions as well. A really nice outdoor space for when the weather is nice.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


Now on to the delicious lunch.  We placed our drink orders and quickly decided on an appetizer that we could share.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


We chose the Sampler which included Boudin Balls, Broccoli Bites, Fried Mushrooms and Fried Catfish served with Tartar Sauce. The sampler was so good. Everything was fried nicely. The broccoli bites and catfish were my favorite on the sampler.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


My only suggestion would be to serve ranch with the sampler as well to accommodate the broccoli bites and fried mushrooms.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


After enjoying the sampler we placed our entree orders. The hubby ordered the Seafood Combo. The combo included two fried catfish with fried oysters and a loaded baked potato. The fish is also available grilled and with shrimp or crawfish.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


The seafood combo was superb. The seafood and oysters were fried golden brown. The seasoning could have been a little more potent on the oysters but the catfish were perfect.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


Z-man had the mac-n-cheese in a bowl. A simple choice for the little guy.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


Baby girl chose the seafood gumbo with rice. The gumbo included shrimp and crab. Pretty good. I loved that there were many options to chose from on the kid’s menu. Other options included popcorn shrimp, creamy shrimp pasta and grilled cheese just to name a few.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


My stepdaughter ordered the Fezzo’s Famous Fried Fish Dinner.  The dinner included catfish that were seasoned and fried golden brown.  Her choice of side was the red beans, sausage and rice. I didn’t try any of her food, but she really enjoyed it.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


I ordered the Catfish Acadia. The dish was presented nicely. A mound of pasta in a creamy sauce with shrimp. The catfish is available either grilled or fried. I ordered my dish grilled. The catfish had a good balance of seasoning. The cream sauce had a good flavor. The portion size was large for this dish. I had plenty to share with baby girl and to take some home with me. A really good dish.


Fezzo’s of Broussard


Overall everything was wonderful. Fezzo’s has always been a favorite of ours. We have never ordered anything at any of the locations that we have not enjoyed. Our family is so happy to have Fezzo’s close by.  We can’t wait to go back and enjoy some good Boiled Crawfish.


Fezzo’s is a family friendly environment. Our family always feels right at home. There is something on the menu to accommodate everyone in the family.


Fezzo’s of Broussard



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The St John RestaurantThe St John Restaurant
Cajun/Creole / Steak




A few months ago, I was asked to cover a restaurant for a local magazine that I write for. The restaurant was St. John which is located in St. Martinville, Louisiana. The name St. John comes from a popular street in the St. Martinville area.




A family owned business that is located on Bayou Teche. St. John Restaurant is a casual dining atmosphere that is serving up Creole and Cajun food.  The menu offers a variety of options from Seafood to Steaks.  In addition, offering healthy options for the health-conscience; items like Grilled Seafood and Salads.


I loved the look of the exterior. A weathered look with a hometown feel. As we entered the restaurant we were seated immediately. The restaurant atmosphere was Cajun themed throughout. A very spacious restaurant with Cajun portraits on the wall. We were seated in the dining area with the windows throughout. My favorite part of the restaurant.


The St John Restaurant


We ordered our drinks and began looking over the menu. None of the appetizers really jumped out at us so we didn’t ordered anything. We went right into our entree choices. I ordered the lunch portion of the Catfish Plantation. This dish included fried fish topped with lump crab and shrimp served in a creole sauce with rice and a side salad.


The St John Restaurant


The side salad was served in a wooden bowl. I love that, reminded me of the bowls we use to eat our salads out of as children.




The entire dish was superb. Well-seasoned and cooked perfectly.




My mom ordered the Grilled shrimp lunch portion. The grilled shrimp were served in a buttery herb sauce. Served with a sweet potato and grilled vegetable medley and a bread.


The St John Restaurant


The shrimp were grilled nicely. The sweet potato was served plain, but we asked for butter, cinnamon and sugar. The veggies were a little too charred for our liking.


The St John Restaurant


After finishing our entrees I asked one of the waiters, Logan to answer a few questions for me. Logan was such a sweetheart. He also answered many of my questions that I had for my magazine article. He was very thorough and helpful.


Logan pictured above was not our waiter but he was super friendly and knew the menu inside and out.


The St John Restaurant


Logan told me, you can not leave without trying the Crab Cakes. He was so suggestive about the crab cake that I decided to order one.


I am glad that I did. That was one of the best crab cakes I have ever had. It was made with real lump crab, no filler. The crab cake was seared golden brown, instead of fried, and seasoned well. So good.


The St John Restaurant


Overall St. John restaurant was good.  The food was really good. For the most part everything we had was prepared nicely.


The enclosed porch area with windows all around was my favorite. The service was mediocre. We only saw our waitress when it was time to order and pay the ticket.


My complaint would be that the waitresses need to be well informed about the menu and the restaurant. The waitress we had couldn’t give suggestions off the top of her head from the menu which is not good. Though I often peruse the menu before dining out. I typically will ask the waiter or waitress for suggestions just in case there is something new that may not have been on the menu.




St. John Restaurant is located at 203 N New Market Street, LA 70582.  The Hours of Operation are Monday 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Tuesday – Friday 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Saturday 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. and closed on Sunday.


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Palace CafePalace Cafe
American (New) / Cajun/Creole / Seafood
    • 4.5




About a month ago, my husband and I traveled to New Orleans. I was a guest judge for a TV Show that came to New Orleans. It was an amazing experience. The summer of 2017 the show will air. I will speak more on the TV show and the experience at that time.




Following the event my husband and I headed to the hotel to rest up. We were trying to figure out where we wanted to eat. Normally when we go to New Orleans, we always strive to try new places.




My husband made Dinner reservations at The Palace Cafe. The restaurant was in walking distance of our hotel, so we decided to take the walk. The night was nice and cool. As we arrived, we saw tables and chairs outside of the restaurant with bright lights.


The patrons were sitting, eating, conversing and watching the people pass. My grandma would love a spot like this. She is a big people watcher.




When we walked into the restaurant it had a feel of an historic building. At the time, I didn’t know much about the hotel itself. When I returned home, I did a little research. Palace Cafe is housed in the historic Weirlein’s Music building.  A classic, New Orleans style restaurant with an upscale, casual feel to it. Serving up creole, contemporary food in a grand cafe with a lively atmosphere.




We were seated near the window in a corner. Which allowed us to visually see throughout the restaurant and outside.  A perfect seat in the dining room. The waiter greeted us and immediately took our drink order. I ordered the RHUBARB RUBY, pictured above. This mocktail was made with white cranberry, pomegranate, simple syrup, rhubarb bitters. So good.




After glancing over the menu, we both decided to order something warm. The hubby ordered the Seafood okra gumbo. Made with large shrimp, smoked sausage, crab meat and okra. The gumbo had a wonderful flavor.




I ordered the Turtle Soup. The Soup was superb. The flavors really popped. I’ve had my share of Turtle soup, that bowl of soup was up there on my list of favorite turtle soups. Yum.




For our appetizer, we went with Fried Oyster Bruschetta. The dish included fried oysters served on grilled baguettes with a creamy spread, basil and baby tomatoes. A beautifully presented dish. I wasn’t sure about the texture and whether the flavors would work. But the dish was really good. I love fried oysters. The spread was tasty but not overpowering.




The hubby ordered the Andouille Crusted fish which was a pan-roasted gulf fish, andouille breadcrumbs, seasonal vegetables, crystal beurre blanc, and chive aïoli. So good.


Interesting flavors and ingredients that all worked. I was impressed with the andouille breading. The fish was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. The aioli was light and tasty with the fish and veggies. Really good entree.




I ordered the Shrimp Tchefuncte, made with gulf shrimp, creole meunière, roasted mushrooms, warm grit cake and green onions. The shrimp in the dish were huge. Creole meuniere was a brown sauce that added a great flavor to the dish. My only complaint was that the grit cake wasn’t cooked well. The exterior was hard to eat. In the end, I decided to just eat the shrimp and mushrooms with the sauce. The shrimp were delicious.


The dish was beautifully presented. I loved the roasted mushrooms with the dish.




We had a little room left in our belly, so we ordered dessert. Our choice was the Bananas Foster. The Bananas Fosters is a Palace Café favorite! The dish was made with fresh bananas in brown sugar and cinnamon, then flambéed with banana liqueur and rum, served over vanilla bean ice cream. OMG, Phenomenal.




My favorite thing about this dessert was that it is sautéed tableside. Superb.




Overall Palace Cafe was a wonderful dining experience. The restaurant was beautifully decorated. The food was superb. Each dish was presented with intricate design. The service was impeccable. We were waited on with great expertise and professionalism.




Palace Cafe is located at the foot of the French Quarter. 605 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. The restaurant is opened for Breakfast Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., for lunch Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Dinner Nightly from 5:30 –  until and Saturday and Sunday Brunch 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.




Go and check out Palace Cafe and be sure to tell them that the Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!


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    • 3.5




January is upon us again. I know every January we all say this is the year that I will get in shape. We start off good and within a month we are back to the bad habits.


Healthy eating doesn’t have to taste bad. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite places to go and grab healthy choices, Nimbeaux’s.




Nimbeaux’s has been around for several years. Offering some of the best fried catfish in town. Nimbeaux’s is a Cajun staple in the Lafayette area.


Some of their popular dishes are their seafood choices, including seafood platters and poboys.


Nimbeaux’s is a restaurant that we have eaten at many times. My husband and I recently went to the restaurant for lunch.




I decided to go with the lighter side of the menu. We both ordered the cup of Corn & Crab Bisque. The Crab & Corn Bisque was some of the best bisque I have ever had. Lumps of crabmeat and corn married together in a flavorful bisque that left us wanting more. Superb!!




My husband ordered the Crab Cake Burger for lunch. I know that’s not healthy, but I wanted to include his choice as well. The crab cake can be ordered grilled which would be a healthier option. You can also have the crab cake on a salad.




The burger was made with lump crabmeat, battered and fried golden brown. Served on burger buns with lettuce, tomato and a sauce. Very good.




I ordered the Chef Salad, which is one of my favorite menu items. Lettuce blend, tomatoes, cheese, turkey, ham, croutons and eggs with ranch dressing. So good.


Healthier options, enough to divided into two portion sizes. So good.


In addition to this salad, Nimbeaux’s has many more options to choose from if you are looking for healthy options. Items like grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, grilled tilapia and much more.


The platters like catfish, chicken and popcorn shrimp can also be grilled.


Good luck to those who are on a healthy journey. Let Nimbeaux’s help you maintain your health plan.


The food is cooked with love, you can feel it.





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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
    • 3.0


biggiesPicture courtesy of Yogurtland

Sponsored Post:  Yogurtland, the ever-popular self-serve frozen yogurt pioneer, recently introduced 10 colorful flavors, inspired by the colorful characters of the new DreamWorks Animation film Trolls.




DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls, a smart, funny and irreverent comedy about the search for happiness, and just how far some will go to get it. This hilarious film transports audiences to a colorful, wondrous world populated by the overly optimistic Trolls, who have a constant dance in their step and a song on their lips and the comically pessimistic Bergens, who are only happy when they have trolls in their stomachs.


“This wonderful family film  inspired us with its creativity and optimistic message for young and old alike. Our colorful, Trolls flavors give our fans of all ages something to sing and dance about” said Phillip Chang, Yogurtland founder and CEO. “Just like the film joins family together on a wild ride, Yogurtland brings family and friends together to experience a deliciously inspired flavor spectrum”.



Picture Courtesy of Yogurtland

Yogurtland’s irresistible new Trolls inspired flavors will make tastebuds dance with exciting varieties such as Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry, Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel, and DJ Suki’s Cranberry Raspberry Tart. To amp up the fun even more, Yogurtland introduces its new Milk Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels and offers two limited edition, collectible spoons.




Last weekend the family & I went to the movies to see Trolls. The movie was super cute. The music kept us dancing and we really enjoyed our time at the movie. If you haven’t seen it, I definitely suggest you go see it.


After the movie we headed to Yogurtland. I was invited to go and try the new Troll Inspired Yogurt options. What a perfect day to go since we had just finished watching the movie Trolls.




The Trolls gift card that I was sent was super cute. I loved that the gift card was Trolls inspired as well.




Baby girl and I went in and checked out the flavors. Each week there are 2 flavors offered at each Yogurtland location. The week we went, the flavors offered were the Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry and Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel.




We sampled both flavors. Baby girl chose the White Chocolate Raspberry with the Double Chocolate as well. With her favorite toppings mint chocolate, chocolate chips and a few gummy bears.




The Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry, is name after Poppy who sings, dances, and she’s the most insanely happy Troll of all. Duh! That’s what happens when you dig into this decadent flavor that blends real white chocolate and raspberries all in one spoonful


Very good. A perfect balance between the white chocolate and raspberry. Yummy.




I sampled the Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel. If you thought peanut butter couldn’t get any better, think again. We swirled dark roasted peanuts with real caramel for a deliciously sticky situation that even Branch can’t help but get excited about.


The Peanut Butter Caramel was smooth and tasty. The caramel balanced out the peanut butter flavor very well. I am more of a fruity girl when it comes to Yogurt. But the Branch’s flavor was good.




I topped my Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry with cheesecake, sprinkles and cherries. Perfect toppings for the White Chocolate Raspberry.




We were also given the Trolls collectible spoons. Available in two colors. Cute idea.




The Trolls experience at Yogurtland was cute, fun and creative. The Trolls experience will be available now through December 21st. Definitely worth the visit with the kiddos. Build your Yogurt cup and be sure to tag Yogurtland with all your creative toppings. Be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!




Yogurtland is located at 104 E. Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508. The Hours of Operation are Sunday – Saturday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.





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Fricassee CafeFricassee Cafe
Cajun/Creole / Cafes
    • 4.0




A lady that I know mentioned to me about checking out the newly opened Cafe Fricassee.  So for lunch my husband and I went to the restaurant to check it out.




Cafe Fricassee is located in the city of Carencro. Offering home cooked comfort food and southern hospitality.  The restaurant was formally Fricassee Cafe but the restaurant was sold and is operating under a new name Cafe Fricassee. Offering a new menu, a brand new staff and a nice look.




My husband and I arrived at Cafe Fricassee and I immediately laid eyes on the Chef’s Garden. I grow herbs and vegetables at my home as well. I walked on over and checked out the green onions, the swiss chard, lettuce, cilantro and much more. I love a restaurant that cooks with fresh ingredients.




The interior was very welcoming, bright and airy. The look was similar to an Upscale Farm/Country House.




The new owner added on another room, which is the room we dined in. Beautifully done. The surrounding windows added a nice touch to the space.  I loved the fresh flowers on the table. Gave the table an elegant look.




After we were seated the waitress placed some Fried Black-eyed Peas on the table. The black-eyed peas were served in a small glass jar. Cute.




I have never had Fried Black-eyed peas, but this was good. A crunchy and well seasoned snack.




We looked through the menu and decided to order the Fried Green Tomatoes. The fried green tomatoes were beautifully presented. The green tomatoes were battered and fried, topped with fresh crab meat and a pancetta cream sauce. Superb!! A very good starter.




I ordered the Oyster Club with sweet potato fries for my entree.  The Oyster Club consisted of fried oysters and bacon on a sourdough bun dressed with a spicy mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.


The sweet potato fries were fried perfectly but could use a dipping sauce or some cinnamon and sugar. They were just plain. I asked for honey and the waitress was able to provide some for me. Perfect!




The sandwich was pretty good. I I would have liked to see a little more fried oysters on the sandwich. The sandwich was well built and dressed nicely. The oysters were fried in corn meal which gave the sandwich a nice crunch.




My husband ordered the Grilled Pork Chop plate. The bone-in cut chop was beautifully seared. The dish was served with smothered potatoes and fresh green beans. A beautiful plate.


The Pork Chop was good but a bit overcooked. Taste wise it was good but I would suggest cooking the pork chop a few minutes less. The smothered potatoes were superb. The potatoes reminded me of grandmas smothered potatoes. So good. Overall a delicious plate of food.




We really enjoyed our lunch at Cafe Fricassee. The service was impeccable. The food was superb. I can’t wait to go back for dinner. There were a few other items that were very intriguing. Overall everything was lovely.




Café Fricassee is located at 3823 N. University, Carencro, LA. The Hours of Operation are Tuesday – Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Friday 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. and Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.





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  • img_3949 752376
  • img_3919 752377
  • img_3924 752378
  • img_3926 752379
  • img_3931 752380
  • img_3930 752381
  • img_3935 752382
  • img_3940 752383
  • img_3945 752384
  • pork-chop-2-595x446 752385
  • img_3920 752386
  • img_3929 752387
  • img_3951 752388
    • 3.5




LA Pizza Mia is a casual styled restaurant serving fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant’s objective is to pay homage to the Louisiana Culture. LA Pizza Mia opened a few weeks ago and the family & I had lunch there recently.




We arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes before opening. When we walked in, I liked the look of the restaurant. Wide opened space with tables and chairs throughout. The interior of the restaurant had a Louisiana Flare.




We were seated quickly. Ordered our drinks and looked through the menu. Everyone wanted appetizers. So by the time our drinks arrived, we had decided on our appetizers.




We ordered the Voodoo Stix. The Voodoo Stix are chicken drumsticks that are shaved down into the shape of a lollipop with a Chipotle BBQ Glaze.


The chicken was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. The chipotle glaze was tangy with a hint of spice. Served with sliced cucumbers and blue cheese dressing.




The presentation of the chicken in the appetizer could use a little work. But it was a pretty good appetizer.




We also ordered the Spinach and Artichoke dip. The Spinach dip consisted spinach, artichoke hearts and apple smoked bacon. The spinach was creamy, cheesy and had a good flavor. The dip was lukewarm. A delicious dip like that needs to be served pipping hot. The dip was served with flatbread. The flatbread paired well with the dip.




For our entrees, baby girl ordered from the Mini Mia which is the kids menu. She ordered a Pepperoni pizza. A 7 inch pizza with fresh tomato sauce, sliced pepperoni with a house smoked cheese blend. A very good pizza. Beautifully prepared.




The hubby ordered the Creola pasta dish. The Creola comes with either chicken or shrimp. He chose the chicken with rotini pasta, South Louisiana Andouille, bell peppers, and caramelized onions tossed in a spicy plum sauce. The plum sauce was different but very good.




I ordered the Louisiana Purchase Speciality Pizza. The pizza included roasted pepper cream, shrimp, andouille, tasso, bell peppers, jalapeños, red onions, peppadew topped with house smoked cheese blend and green onions. The pizza was spicy. I loved the roasted pepper cream. The pizza was superb.


The pizzas come in 10″ or 16″, hand tossed or thin crust. La Pizza Mia also has a gluten free crust as well.




Overall we really enjoyed our visit at LA Pizza Mia. The service was good. The food was pretty good. I like that the menu offers a large variety of options. Appetizers, Salads, Traditional or Speciality Pizzas, Pasta dishes and Gelato for dessert.




The menu infuses Louisiana flare into each dish and the restaurant had a Louisiana feel. With pictures throughout from local neighborhoods and businesses along Highway 90 on the wall of the restaurant.


The restaurant is family friendly. A great spot to bring the entire family. Offering indoor and outdoor seating.




Be sure to go check out LA Pizza Mia and tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!


LA Pizza Mia is conveniently located and easy to find. Located at 190 Heritage Parkway, Broussard, LA. The hours of operation are Mondays 10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Tuesday – Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Sundays 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.



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  • img_4144 752392
  • img_4146 752393
  • img_4141 752394
  • img_4148 752395
  • rotini-pasta 752396
  • img_4151 752397
  • img_4135 752398
  • img_4136 752399
  • img_4132 752400
    • 3.5
  • Food: 3.5
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 3.5
  • Meal price: $30 - $49



As a food blogger, I have the opportunity to dine at really nice elegant restaurants, media days, taste testing, but some days we just want a good home cooked meal that is served at a laid back restaurant.




My husband and I went to Office Hours for lunch recently. He has been suggesting Office Hours for a long time. Office Hours is a restaurant that provides a delicious lunch time meal while offering the Louisiana service that you expect.




The hubby & I walked in and we were greeted by a sweet young women. The restaurant was small and intimate. When you enter it feels like you are visiting your grandma or a close friend.




We ordered our meal and had a seat. It was a beautiful day, so we sat by the window.




I ordered the Crabby Patty Combo. A fried crab patty with fried shrimp, spicy mayo, lettuce and tomatoes on a bun. The Crab Burger was superb! A spicy sandwich with the perfect balance of flavors. Served with sweet potato fries.




The hubby ordered the Ribeye Poboy with onion rings. The Ribeye Poboy consisted of sliced ribeye steak with onions and steak sauce served on a poboy bun.




The onion rings were fried and seasoned served with a spicy dipping sauce. Really good.




For dessert, We decided to try the fried cheesecake. I love dessert but I was a little hesitant. But it was very good. My only suggestion would be to serve the dessert with a dipping sauce.




Overall the food was very good. Nothing fancy but the quality of the food was delicious, well seasoned, simple food with a Louisiana flare. A perfect lunch spot to grab a quick, hearty bite to eat.


Office Hours has been in business for a long time. Consistency is what has continued to allow them to stand a head above the rest. So if you are in the area, be sure to check out Office Hours. Tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.




Office Hours is located at 2303 W. Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

  • img_3527 749199
  • img_3539 749200
  • img_3523 749201
  • img_3524 749202
  • img_3525 749203
  • steak-sandwich 749204
  • onion-rings 749205
  • img_3535 749206
  • img_3522 749207
  • img_3537 749208
Nash's RestaurantNash's Restaurant
Italian / Steak / Seafood
    • 4.5



Nash’s Restaurant is owned by Mr. Nash Barreca. He is a third generation restaurateur from New Orleans. Fusing the flavors of Italian Family recipes with creole cuisine. The complex flavors are combined with local fresh ingredients from Louisiana and the result is delicious offerings for everyone on the menu.




My husband and I dined at Nash’s for lunch one day. I had never dined at Nash’s before that, but my husband had dined before. We arrived right when the doors opened.




The decor of Nash’s was similar to a Victorian Home. Very nice. One of the things I loved was that the restaurant had several different seating areas.




Each area had wood burning fireplaces.




I also loved that there was a porch area with windows through out. Beautiful seating area for a beautiful sunny day or a nice fall afternoon.




We were seated by a super friendly lady who was also our waitress. She took our drink orders and we began perusing through the menu. There were a lot of good options to choose from.




The hubby and I decided on a few appetizers. The first one to arrive was the Fish Beignets. This appetizer consisted of bite size pieces of fresh Amberjack that were marinated in a special hot sauce. The fish were then battered and fried. Served with an garlic aioli dipping sauce.


This appetizer was superb. The fish beignets were fried perfectly. I love the dipping sauce. The sauce complimented the beignets nicely.




We also ordered the Blue Lake Crab Cakes. Omg!!! So good! Two crab cakes that were made with jumbo lump crabmeat and battered with Italian bread crumbs.  Pan fried and topped with a Creole horseradish sauce. Served on a sliced eggplant. Superb! I wanted to go home and recreate this dish so I could eat it every week. It was so good!!




My husband ordered the Catfish, seasoned and grilled and served with broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers and red potatoes in a butter sauce. A beautiful dish that was beautifully presented. The dish was cooked and seasoned to perfection.




I ordered the lunch portion of the Baked Lasagna. The Lasagna was made with Nash’s ground beef and ground Italian sausage that was layered with lasagna noodles, boiled egg, provolone, parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta and american cheese. Topped with Nash’s Marinara Sauce. Some of the best baked lasagna I have ever had. The right balance of cheeses and sauce. Delicious.




Overall we enjoyed our dining experience at Nash’s. The food was impeccable. I have no complaints about the food. The service was wonderful. We were waited on and cared for with the best of care. An awesome dining experience.


I highly recommend Nash’s for Date Nights, lunch dates, lunch meetings or if you just want a nice quiet lunch alone.


Nash’s has a variety menu that ranges from Italian, Steaks, Seafood and Salads. The menu has something for everyone.


Nash’s is located at 101 East Second Street, Broussard, LA. The hours of operation are Monday – Thursday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm and Saturday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm.




Be sure to go check out Nash’s and tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.



  • dsc_0135 749209
  • dsc_0114 749210
  • dsc_0116 749211
  • dsc_0119 749212
  • dsc_0128 749213
  • dsc_0123 749214
  • dsc_0132 749215
  • dsc_0133 749216
  • dsc_0139 749217
  • dsc_0137 749218
  • dsc_0118 749219
  • dsc_0110 749220
Louisiana Po BoysLouisiana Po Boys
Seafood / Sandwiches
    • 3.5



Last week the hubby and I met for our weekly lunch date. We decided to check out the newly opened Louisiana Poboy’s.




Louisiana Poboy’s has been around for years. They have another location on Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA.


Louisiana Poboy’s is locally owned and operated, serving up deliciously made to order poboy sandwiches on fresh baked bread since 2000.




Specializing in poboy sandwiches,  Louisiana Poboy’s restaurant offers daily lunch specials, fresh sandwiches, fresh salads, pasta salads, fresh baked french bread, homemade gumbo and burgers.




We started with an appetizer and tried the onion rings. The onion rings were fried nicely. The onion rings would have been even better with a dipping sauce.




The hubby ordered the half Catfish poboy with fries. The catfish poboy was delicious. The bread was toasted, one of the best poboy buns I have eaten in a long time. I am not a fan of poboys because most buns are hard. But not this one.


The catfish was fried golden brown served with lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and tartar sauce. So good.




The hubby also ordered a hot dog with chili and cheese. The hot dog was served on the same type of bun. The hot dog was really good. I would recommend a smaller bun or larger hot dog weiner. But the taste of the chili cheese hot dog was on point.




I ordered the burger with cheese. The burger was fully dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, ketchup and cheese.


A good burger, well seasoned and cooked perfectly.  The presentation of the burger could of been better, but the taste was there.




The burger was also served with fries. The fries were good. Nothing fancy, simple fries.


Louisiana Poboys also offers a few menu items for the kids.




Overall we really enjoyed the food at Louisiana Poboy’s. The service was superb. The restaurant was clean and spacious. A family friendly environment.




Louisiana Poboy’s is ready to serve you at 3431 W. Pinhook Rd. Lafayette, LA. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Go and visit Louisiana Poboy’s new location and be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.

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    • 3.5



The family and I recently visited Saltgrass Steak House. Saltgrass has been opened for a little over a month. The restaurant is known for their great food and legendary hospitality.




We arrived at the restaurant about 15 minutes prior to opening. To our surprise there were already others waiting as well.  The hostess let us know that they wouldn’t be opening for another few minutes but we could add our names to the list.




The restaurant’s decor was a Texas, Western themed Steakhouse.




We were seated very quickly. A few minutes later our waitress, Adrienne approached the table and began giving us the spill about the restaurant as well as the drink offerings. She was very informative. We ordered our drinks and began perusing through the menu.




Saltgrass provides complimentary bread and butter to each table.




I ordered a Pomegrante Mojito Mocktail. The Mocktail was very refreshing.




We ordered the Queso Fresco appetizer. The appetizer consisted of creamy queso blanco with pico de gallo, fresh cilantro and chive salad and slow braised brisket. Served with tostado chips.




The appetizer was presented nicely, served in a cast iron skillet. The ingredients provided a well balance of flavors. Great choice.




We ordered the chicken tenders and fries for Z-man. The chicken tenders were fresh served with french fries, ketchup and honey mustard sauce.




Baby girl ordered the macaroni and cheese with fries. Another good choice, there were many options to choose from for the kids. Pretty good.




The hubby ordered the Country Fried Steak with a side salad and garlic mashed potatoes.




The entree came with the side salad. The house salad was very good.




The country fried steak was fried perfectly and topped with a white sauce and homemade mashed potatoes. The hubby loves country fried steak and he thought it was very good.




I ordered the Chicken Laredo. This dish included a grilled chicken breast topped with pepper jack cheese, avocado, grilled onions, tomatoes and poblano peppers. Finished with feta cheese and cilantro.


The dish was also served with a side and a salad. I ordered a loaded baked potato and the chicken tortilla soup.


The chicken was grilled perfectly. The topping choices on the chicken was not like anything I have ever had. A bit of a weird combination to me with the feta cheese and poblano peppers, but the flavors balanced well together.


The chicken tortilla soup was not the normal chicken tortilla soup. The soup included many different ingredients like zucchini, rice and carrots. The soup The soup had a good flavor.




Our food was delivered to our table in a very timely manner. Our waitress was very informative and helpful. She did a really good job.


Overall our experience at Saltgrass Steakhouse was very positive. We enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was really good. The restaurant was kid-friendly.


Saltgrass offers many different options on their menu. Options including Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Soups and Salads. There is something for everyone.


Be sure to go and check out Saltgrass Steakhouse and tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!!




Saltgrass Steakhouse is located at 4321 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette, LA. The hours of operation are Sunday – Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm and Friday – Saturday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.

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Asian Fusion / Vietnamese / Seafood
    • 3.0



Fusion Seafood is a restaurant offering Cajun Style Goodness with an Asian Fusion.  Menu items like Shrimp or Catfish Platters, Chicken Tenders, Fusion Wings. As well as Fusion Lomein, Fried Rice, Udon Noodles and Salads. With a variety of side items and appetizers.




The look of the restaurant was simple, but had a very clean look.




We placed our orders and had a seat.




For our appetizer we ordered the Snow Crab salad. The Snow Crab salad was made with artificial crab, cucumbers and topped with a special sauce. The salad had different textures with flavors. So good and refreshing.




My husband ordered the Butterfly shrimp with fried rice and a salad. The butterfly shrimp was fried golden brown and seasoned nicely. Served with shrimp fried rice and salad. The fried rice had nice size shrimp with veggies.




I ordered one of the Lunch specials. The Korean Tacos with french fries. The Korean tacos were made with pork, lettuce, pico, jalapenos served on corn tortillas and topped with a Korean BBQ Sauce.




The tacos were tasty. A nice balance of heat with different textures. The corn tortillas were a good choice. My only complaint about the tacos were that the raw bell peppers taste very good with the tacos. The fries were just average. As delicious as the tacos were, I was expecting a better tasting side dish.




Overall our dining experience was good. The food was pretty good with great lunch option. There were a few items that I would like to go back and try in the future.




The location of the restaurant was perfect with the bowling alley nearby and located right on Johnston Street. The address is 2829 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA.




The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 10:30 am – 2:00 pm, 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm. Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.




Be sure to tell them that Da’ Stylish Foodie sent you.


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    • 3.5



During our road trip to Austin, we stopped at Hinze’s BBQ for lunch.




Hinze’s is a restaurant that offers authentic Texas BBQ, homemade sides and pies baked from scratch.


We arrived at the restaurant, walked in and seated ourselves. The people there were extremely friendly. I walked to the counter and reviewed the menu on their overhead board before choosing my selections.




The orders were places and we returned to our seats. Your number is then called and you pick up your food.


As the hubby placed everything on the table, the dishes looked delicious.


We ordered a kid’s plate for both of our kiddos.




Z-man had the kid’s sausage plate which came with two sides. Mac n cheese and green beans. The smoked sausage was superb. The mac n cheese was creamy and very tasty.




Baby girl ordered the fried chicken tenders with the same sides. The green beans were good but lacked salt. The chicken tenders were homemade. Fried nicely, moist chicken and prepared perfectly. Really good chicken.




The hubby wanted the chicken fried steak. The chicken fried steak was fried and served with two sides. His sides were fried okra and mashed potatoes with the choice of white or brown gravy. He chose the white gravy that was served with bread.


Chicken fried steak is one of his favorite dishes. He enjoyed the chicken fried steak plate. The gravy was served on the side.


The chicken fried steak was fried, golden brown. The  homemade mashed potatoes were well seasoned.




I ordered the 2 meat combination plate. I ordered the Chicken and Sausage plate with mac n cheese and red potatoes with black pepper.


The meat was well seasoned, tasty and had a beautiful glistening color. The BBQ sauce had a nice punch. Similar to Jack Miller BBQ but better in my opinion. The portion size was huge. I had plenty leftover to take home.


My sides were delicious. The potatoes were well seasoned and nicely cooked.


We ordered dessert as well, but we took the dessert to go.




I ordered the carrot cake. The carrot cake was homemade and moist. A really good cake.




The hubby ordered a slice of key lime pie. The key lime pie was good. The crust was a little different than what we are accustomed to. But the pie was delicious.




Overall, the food at Hinze’s was superb. The experience was good. The restaurant was clean and had plenty of seating. The staff was friendly and very accommodating.


I would say my only complaint was that I wished they had paper menus to look over before having to order at the counter. Especially for larger orders. But that’s a minor complaint.


The food hit the spot and carried us the rest of the way to Austin.




In addition to BBQ, Hinze’s also serves, Seafood plates, loaded Baked potatoes and Sandwiches.


Come back later this week to hear more about my trip to Austin!


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Italian / Mediterranean / Pizza
    • 3.5



Romacelli’s is a restaurant that we dine at quite frequently. My daughter absolutely loves to have dinner at Romacelli’s. Romacelli’s is known for their warm and comfortable atmosphere. Offering both indoor and outdoor dining.




More importantly providing the freshest ingredients and cuisine that is both affordable and delicious. The menu offers items such as Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, Salads, but are not limited to just those.


Other items included Fish and Chicken offering their wonderful Italian Spin on the dishes.




Recently a new location opened in Upper Lafayette in Couret Farms. Romacelli’s is known for their neighborhood locations that allow you to feel right at home.




My husband and I went to lunch recently, so we decided to give the new Romacelli’s location a try.


As we walked up to the restaurant, the new location offered the traditional outdoor spaces that all the other restaurants have. But with an even better look. I loved that the patio was large and spanned across the front and side of the building.




We were told that there are also fans coming soon to the outdoor patio area. In addition, there are two styles of seating, the elevated tables and the regular rod iron tables and seating.


The day we dined, the weather was perfect, so we sat outside.


We peeked our heads inside to see the layout of the restaurant. The restaurant was nicely decorated, a good size and the floor plan flowed very nicely.




As our appetizer, we ordered the Roasted Seafood Corn Cakes. The Corn cakes were absolutely delicious.  Topped with Shrimp, Crawfish and mushrooms in a wonderful, flavorful sauce. Superb.




I typically get the same entree every time I dine at Romacelli’s because this dish is so good. I ordered my regular, the Cajun Chicken Pasta. Normally it is served with penne pasta but I ordered my dish with the angel hair pasta.




The dish included Grilled Chicken sauteed with jalapenos and red onions tossed in a creamy garlic sauce. This dish was spicy, light and tasty. One of my favorite items on the menu. I ordered the lunch portion because the dinner portion was big enough for two.




My husband ordered the Oven Roasted Tilapia which was served with squash and zucchini and a salad. The fish was seasoned perfectly and roasted to perfection. The veggies were yummy. A really nice lunch option with the right amount of food without leaving feeling stuffed.


We eat at Romacelli’s so often that there are very few items on the menu that we have not had. But I am glad that we found a few new ones to try. Romacelli’s is always pretty consistent no matter what location you try.


Overall we loved everything about our visit. The food was superb. The service was top notch. Our waitress was very informative and friendly. We loved the look of the restaurant.




The outdoor space was awesome.


Thanks for another wonderful dining experience. The new Romacelli’s is located at Couret Farms, 505 West Pont Des Mouton, Suite 100, Lafayette, LA 70507, Ph: 337-706-7574. The hours of operation are from Sunday – Thursday 11am- 9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am – 10 pm.




Be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!!

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