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Oxheart is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. The husband and I got off of our flight to Houston, dropped off our bags at our hotel, and then headed to Oxheart to fill our bellies. FYI, Oxheart is the name of a carrot and does not refer to an ox’s heart.


To be honest, we weren’t crazy excited about their menu when we read it, but when we ate the food…GODDAMN. It’s a mainly vegetarian menu, which is why you can understand why my southern husband was kind of dreading our meal. But I cannot express to you, if words like ‘mung bean pancake’ and ‘porridge of grains’ are a turn off, just push those thoughts to the back of your head and ignore them. The food is fantastic, flavorful, and wonderfully unique. When you are done eating your meal, you are never going to ‘eh’ at words like ‘mung bean pancakes’ and ‘porridge of grains’ ever again.


We ended up going for their Winter 2016 menu and received the following dishes from their tasting menu:


Oxheart Restaurant


Golden Delicious apple broth with ‘French’ sorrel and ‘Oyster’ mushrooms


Oxheart Restaurant


Mung bean crepe stuffed with corn, picked roots, and burnt onion


Oxheart Restaurant


‘Golden’ Tilefish with basil-kombu broth, squash, and salted fruits


Oxheart Restaurant


‘Freedom Ranger’ chicken stuffed with rice and collard greens


Oxheart Restaurant


Muskmelon sorbet, cream cheese mousse, lemongrass, and freshly juice cucumber


*I was obsessed with this dessert, but my husband’s version, not the exact version above. I think that they substituted his cucumber juice with melon juice, and OMG. Incredible. The normal format is wonderful, but I thought his was just full of so much freaking flavor.


BTW, they have some really cool cutlery, bowls, and plating. You can check out the artisans that make them at

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Chinese / Taiwanese




Food-wise, in 2016, all I wanted to eat was delicious foods, no matter if I was going to gain weight. Which I did…like a good amount. Enough so that I think one of my favorite pairs of jeans only goes up to my knees at this point. If you check out my Daily Food Diary, which I have been trying to keep up-to-date, you can see there has been a lot of cake, chocolate, pasta, brisket, and just mouthwatering goodness.


I’m not crying over calories, there’s just too many goddamn good things to eat in the world. Plus, I know if I try hard, I can lose the weight in like a month or two. Probably not going to happen since I feel that there are still many wonderful things to eat and my weight has been on the back burner because of this, but it is a new year, so maybe I should start worrying about my health again.


BUT, going through pictures on my phone, some of the wonderful things I ate this winter were Taiwanese baos at Baohaus. Crap, mouth started watering thinking about it and I literally just ate my second dinner. In this picture there is a Chairman Bao and Birdhaus Bao. Former is made with Berkshire pork belly and the latter with fried chicken hat has been brined for 24 hours. Then for dessert there were Sweet Bao Fries, which are steamed Bao bred that has been fried and drizzled with Pandan. And before you go crazy about all of the carbs in this photo, I did share this with my husband! After all…we needed to save room for chicken nuggets that we were getting afterwards.


Hmm…I see a Military Diet in my future.

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El Chevere BakeryEl Chevere Bakery
Bagels / Bakeries / Coffee & Tea




On the corner of 110th street and 3rd avenue in East Harlem, AKA El Barrio, is a small bakery called El Chevere Bakery. Now what I am going to need you to do is go into that bakery and pick up a cake for me.


The cake that I want isn’t fancy or full of exotic ingredients. The cake that I want is the layered vanilla cake with vanilla pudding and white frosting. The cake that I want is the cake that you will want after tasting it. The cake that I want is the cake that will have you wishing you ate before giving to me.


Just bring two cakes.

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NYC restaurant golden child, Danny Meyer, can do no wrong. A while back a bunch of friends and I brunched at Marta, and it did not disappoint. Yes, I’m always very vague about dates. It’s because I can’t blog right away so I end up finding randmon pics on my computer and I like to keep mystery in the air. I mean, if the FBI wants to know when I went to Marta, I want them to at least make the effort to hack into my Opentable account to do so.


Anyway, Danny Meyer never disappoints. I’m a big fan of this man. The food at his restaurants is always consistent and the staff is always great. Consistent is very important to me. We ended up noshing on items from the brunch menu. Wouldn’t mind going back soon actually. Will have to call up one of my girls to set up a catch up brunch.


Is it my favorite pizza? No. But, it’s a great restaurant to have a relaxing meal in and see friends. Plus, the environment is beautiful. Don’t forget, it is a non-tipping restaurant. So no need to leave a separate tip.


We got the…




Pancetta (I actually remember loving this, like really loving it)




A pizza of some sort, I think the Salsiccia, which has pork sausage, mozzarella, crimini mushrooms, and pecorino




Another pizza of some sort. Don’t me which one because it was a while ago and I barely remember to shower now, forget about a pizza I ate like a year ago. My gut tells me that it was a seafood chili pizza, but I don’t see something similar on their menu right now.




Anatra, which is duck confit with pistachios, radicchio, cherries, and balsamic




Rice balls. Cheesy balls.




Cannoli cheesecake with pistachio crème



Some sort of ice cream sandwich

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I enjoy a good hot pot at times because there is something homey and comforting about them. The hot broth pouring down your throat, the sense of bonding as you cook and chat while being warmed over various, simmering pots of liquids. A while back, I had lunch with a family member to catch up and we had a really enjoyable meal at Hou Yi Hot Pot.


We got a spicy broth and curry broth and dipped in so many different ingredients from squids and noodles, to beef and vegetables. I did find a table in the restaurant to be annoying though. She was lamenting that she wanted a new pot of broth, and not for them to just take chilies out because she didn’t realize the very spicy broth she ordered would be so spicy. Idiot. People are just stupid sometimes. I mean, they actually give you levels of spicy to choose from.


A fun touch that will also confuse your tummy is that they have a serve yourself ice cream freezer. So after filling it up with super hot liquids, I then canceled it all out with a bunch of ice cream. I would definitely go back here.

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