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The hype here are the cute little piggy buns (stuffed with custard) and the steamed buns with salted egg yolk custard). Both are unbalanced. The piggy buns are a bit bland and the custard was gelatinous today. The salted egg yolk steamed bun was worse. The bun was so overly sweet that the salted egg yolk custard -- which was runny - tastes bland!  The rest of the dim sum was nothing to write home about but I won't refuse an invite if my dining companion is dead set on going there.
One gem: the black pepper pork intestines. Those were yummy!
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Spicy anchovy crostini  Arancini  Carne cruda  Lasagnette Lobster ravioli Calf's liver 
Spicy anchovy crostini was the star of the appetizers. The parsley brightened up the anchovy and balanced out the salty/spicy. 

Arancini was surprisingly cheesy but nothing to rave about. 

Carne cruda which they are very famous for had a touch too much acid which overpowered the shaved truffle. 

The lasagnette was overly salty but the kitchen fixed it and it was perfect (with extra mushrooms!). 

The lobster ravioli was good. Perfectly cooked. 

Calf's liver was my fave. It was a little over, but still delicious. Would order this every time. But you have to like liver!

Jen at the bar is a delight and I trusted her to pour my wines. 
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Kachori Chicken tikka masala Saag paneer Aloo Gobi  Garlic naan 
Overall, it was just average. Biggest complaint is that the tikka masala was incredibly sweet instead if buttery. So it's a plus that he honored my request for extra sauce (without a charge), but sadly the sauce wasn't worth it. The kachori was good except that the fried dough pieces were a bit stale. The aloo gobi was solid but nothing to rave about. Same for the garlic naan. The best dish of the night was the saag paneer. Rich and flavorful. I'd go back to take out the saag paneer and garlic naan. 
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Chef Koji San is a master at the tonsoku here -- which is Japanese for pigs feet. It is tender, fall-off-the-bone unctuousness. Im a fan of all 3 preparations of the pigs feet. For appetizers, the signature house gyoza is another must along with the seared veal liver sashimi and the whelk sashimi. For your main course, I always go with either the hakata tonton hotpot, the detox cilantro motsu or the hakata motsu hotpot. Not matter which hotpot you get, I always order an extra side of motsu (beef intestine) and the carb finish (they can add rice or noodles toward the latter part of your hotpot). For dessert, the green tea tofu is a must. Perfect finish to an always satisfying meal. Bravo to Koji San!  

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