Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters

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365 West 46th , New York, NY 10036New York / Manhattan / Hell's Kitchen  [ Map ]

(212) 262-8880

Sushi / Oysters

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Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters

    • 3.9

Beautiful decor inside both 1st and 2nd floor.
Sushi is always good here!

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Everyone's favorite sushi joint, Sushi Seki, has opened an outpost on Restaurant Row, 46th Street between 9th and 8th. It's an extensive menu of your Japanese fare, and I stopped in recently and loved every bite. Start with some fresh oysters, then try Seki's Chawanmushi, it's superb.

Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters

Seared fatty tuna was incredible.

Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters

Of course the star at all Sushi Seki's is the amazing sushi. Their creative take is truly magical.

Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters


I'm so happy Seki has opened up in the Theater District, giving us a fabulous pre and post-theater option. A magical culinary adventure awaits.


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Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters, Hell’s Kitchen, NYC



Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own


Chef Seki Shi has established his brand as one of the premium sushi houses in New York City since the inception of Sushi Seki in 2002 on the Upper East Side.




The resounding success of Chef’s endeavors has since led to the opening of a Chelsea branch in 2014 and the newest, sprawling, flagship location in Hell’s Kitchen – “Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters” which debuted in the fall of 2015.




I was recently invited for an exclusive tasting event at the hands of Chef Seki, where I toured and sampled what this impressive brand new, bi-level space has to offer.


The main floor of Bar Seki is for those seeking a more casual experience. Its great for bar menus, pre and post theater bites as well as walk ins who can be seated at either several banquettes, the gorgeous communal table in the back or the chef’s table which offers “kappo-style” tasting menus.








The bar serves a delicious array of Japanese artisanal cocktails crafted by prominent mixologist Shingo Gokan as well as a full selection of premium wines and sakes overseen by the Beverage Director, Rick Zouad, and General Manager/Sake Sommelier, Yasuyuki Suzuki.


For those looking for a quieter, more intimate, sushi focused experience should head upstairs where there is a smaller sake and whiskey bar, three elegant, traditional tatami rooms and a 12- seater sushi bar along with a few tables for Omakase and more.




I highly recommend the “Omakase” which is what we were treated to where Chef Seki’s adept hands created a perfect symphony for our palates. We indulged in course after course of the freshest cuts of fish and seafood, fashioned with the utmost innovation and elegance.








The chef de cuisine at Sushi Seki is Edward Wijaya who works with Chef Seki to create the most interesting array of “Nuevo Japanese” dishes. Together they have combined elements of modern American fare with traditional Japanese techniques.


I think that the newest avatar of Sushi Seki might just be it’s finest and is definitely worth a visit. I, for one, cant wait to go back.


Here is some of what we ate:


Lychee YOZ_2321Char Sui of Tuna Toro YOZ_2320YOZ_2322YOZ_2324Marinated Squid w Quail Egg and Scallions YOZ_2325YOZ_2340Chu Toro (medium fatty tuna) YOZ_2338YOZ_2326Poached Lobster w/ Avocado and Nori  YOZ_2328YOZ_2331YOZ_2334Snow Crab w/ Cucumber and w/ Lobster Miso w/ Tamago topped Squid  YOZ_2335YOZ_2364Uni  YOZ_2365YOZ_2363YOZ_2341   Sea Eel  YOZ_2342YOZ_2346   Fluke w/ Truffle Oil and Micro Greens  YOZ_2344YOZ_2348YOZ_2357   Butterfish w/ Yam and Lotus  YOZ_2356YOZ_2366   Salmon Belly w/ Spicy Sauce  YOZ_2368YOZ_2369YOZ_2375   Salmon w/ Sautéed Tomato  YOZ_2370YOZ_2371YOZ_2372YOZ_2376YOZ_2384   Avocado Tempura w/ Spicy Tuna  YOZ_2385YOZ_2382YOZ_2397   Kimedai (Golden Eye Snapper) YOZ_2393YOZ_2394YOZ_2398YOZ_2401Saba w/ Goma YOZ_2400YOZ_2399YOZ_2403   Squid YOZ_2406   Swordtail Whitefish 

YOZ_2408Sushi Seki Bar & Oysters


  • YOZ_2420 519338
  • YOZ_2337 519339
  • YOZ_2291 519340
  • YOZ_2293 519341
  • YOZ_2310 519342
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  • YOZ_2314 519344
  • YOZ_2316 519345
  • YOZ_2317 519346
  • YOZ_2379 519347
  • YOZ_2392 519348
  • YOZ_2307 519349
  • YOZ_2321 519350
  • YOZ_2320 519351
  • YOZ_2322 519352
  • YOZ_2324 519353
  • YOZ_2325 519354
  • YOZ_2340 519355
  • YOZ_2338 519356
  • YOZ_2326 519357
  • YOZ_2328 519358
  • YOZ_2331 519359
  • YOZ_2334 519360
  • YOZ_2335 519361
  • YOZ_2364 519362
  • YOZ_2365 519363
  • YOZ_2363 519364
  • YOZ_2341 519365
  • YOZ_2342 519366
  • YOZ_2346 519367
  • YOZ_2344 519368
  • YOZ_2348 519369
  • YOZ_2357 519370
  • YOZ_2356 519371
  • YOZ_2366 519372
  • YOZ_2368 519373
  • YOZ_2369 519374
  • YOZ_2375 519375
  • YOZ_2370 519376
  • YOZ_2371 519377
  • YOZ_2372 519378
  • YOZ_2376 519379
  • YOZ_2384 519380
  • YOZ_2385 519381
  • YOZ_2382 519382
  • YOZ_2397 519383
  • YOZ_2393 519384
  • YOZ_2394 519385
  • YOZ_2398 519386
  • YOZ_2401 519387
  • YOZ_2400 519388
  • YOZ_2399 519389
  • YOZ_2403 519390
  • YOZ_2406 519391
  • YOZ_2408 519392
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365 West 46th , New York, NY 10036
Phone Number
(212) 262-8880
Sushi / Oysters

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