Silom 12

  • 4.34
  • Outstanding!
  • Food:4.3
  • Decor:4.3
  • Service:4.3

1846 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647Chicago / Logan Square  [ Map ]

(773) 489-1212  [ Website ]



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    • 5.0

Silom 12 has earned a customer for life, and they've done this in two ways.  Firstly, they've provided amazing customer service on several different occasions when I've been there with friends.  Both in terms of getting food to us quickly and bending over backwards when things have been a little off, they've gone above and beyond.  Second, they've taken something like pad thai, which I've had a million times over, and they've managed to make me feel as though I'm eating it for the first time every time I order it.  It's great traditional fare that had something a little extra in it.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it stands out like no other pad thai I've ever had.

Self-Assessment, Thai Style

    • 5.0
  • Food: 5.0
  • Decor: 5.0
  • Service: 5.0

Silom 12

At various times I take self-assessments that give me clarity and reality checks to keep my head out of the clouds. I have accepted the fact that I live in a trendy section of Chicago that is becoming more hip by the minute. I also accept the fact that I will not have a six-pack abdomen ever again – unless I do something drastic like resort to liposuction. At the risk of making a sexist statement, it is actually okay to be physically attracted to someone before dating them rather than trying ridiculously hard to convince yourself that you really want to wake up next to someone who makes your withdraw. And I acknowledge fully that Chicago is North America’s answer to outstanding food. Meanwhile, someone is saying, “No, New York City is” – where appetizers at brand name restaurants start at around $45.

Seafood Sauce and Chips

Seafood Sauce and Chips

With my condominium in the midst of going through some renovation, things are a bit all over the place. Bad enough I am all sixes and nines because of having things scattered, that does not interfere with my constant appetite. Rather than fidgeting around in the kitchen trying to concoct something to gobble before going to a Fourth of July barbecue to look at people devour chicken and ribs drowned in sauce, I figured I would get something righteous – and healthy, per my self-affirmation. Remembering a certain Thai restaurant that I have ordered take-away from several time, I left my condo in its disarray and zoomed to Silom 12 at 1846 N. Milwaukee Avenue.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

The weather had been waffling between fair skies and overcast with a suspect look for a sudden downpour. So, instead of sitting outside and chancing having my food get doused by rainfall, I sat inside by a ceiling-to-floor window that opened up to the outside. It was the middle of the day and everyone was probably going towards the lake to watch fireworks – if there were any to be on display once the sun set. I had placed my order, got my camera ready, heaved a slight sigh, and three women came in and chose to sit next to me. Of all the spots in the empty restaurant, they sat next to me and gossiped loudly. I think I have been cursed.

Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki

I started with ginger tea to get my stomach ready for all the tasty food I was going to indulge. Let me just say that this ginger tea was not from a tea bag. There were crispy rice chips and a seafood sauce that had a faint hint of barbecue to it. How about that for the Fourth of July. This was a unique complimentary serving, light, yet blooming with flavour. My first hearty dish was an appetizer of tuna tataki. This was a very appetizing plate of seared tuna that was sesame-crusted with crispy egg noodles in a spicy Thai style seafood reduction. Served over julienne cucumber that came out of a garden, completely untouched by pesticides and “make it grow faster” enhancers, those three pretty-pretties had to watch my facial expressions of appreciation. I have had tuna tataki at several Japanese robata grills, but now I can say absolutely that Silom 12 has a version on its menu that is serious taste-worthy competition.

Larb Tod

Larb Tod

My next dish was larb tod. This was a plate of fried, ground chicken in rice powder and fresh herbs served with lemon over a bed of lettuce and red onions. I have a friend whose aunt had sent him hot curry from Thailand a few years ago and he prepared some larb for me that was immediately addictive. I was expecting the same from Silom 12, and it may have been the absence of the curry that detracted from what I was expecting. It was good, but I was thinking the first bite would have left me with a facial expression of wow. Nevertheless, my appetite refused to allow me complaining time, so the larb tod disappeared after I had worked my chopsticks on the dish for several minutes. And then came the dish that I was really at Silom 12 to have anyway – panang gari goong. That had been my dish of choice every time I called for delivery or take-away. The panang curry was sweet and spicy the way I requested, without leaving me with the feeling that my hair was on fire, though. Filled with red and green peppers, green beans, and plump shrimp, I was okay knowing that I could sit through any barbecue and watch people smear barbecue sauce across their lips, chins, cheeks, and every across their receding hair lines.

Panang Gari Goong

Panang Gari Goong

I washed the remaining lunch down with the ginger tea from the first cup and was then ready for a wrap-up of dessert. Per my server’s suggestion, there was banana wonton for my delight. Ripe bananas, accented with cinnamon and sugar, and fried inside of a wonton to a crisp went over so very well. There were slices of bananas on the side and a fantastic scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel and lime sauce. Now, I could have had Thai custard, sticky rice and mango, and perhaps some other Thai favourite. But the banana wonton was ideal for my ridiculous craving. Truth be told, I was in a complete meditative state after I had finished the dessert and downed the last cup of ginger tea. Everything was quite okay in my world.

Banana Wonton

Banana Wonton

It is a good thing that I had ordered from Silom 12 several times before my in-house visit. It is a must that I dine at the restaurant before I feature it on Chicago Alphabet Soup, so this trip was necessary. The price is comparable to what you find at all Thai restaurants in the Chicago metropolitan area. The service was several notches past outstanding. And if you like the lounge scene – i.e., seating, interior design, and ambient music – Silom 12 is the place for you. When all was said and done, I left with another self-assessment.

I will be going back.

  • Tuna Tataki 43189
  • Ginger Tea 43190
  • Larb Tod 43191
  • Panang Gari Goong 43192
  • Seafood Sauce and Chips 43193
  • Banana Wonton 43195
  • Silom 12 43194
  • Hot Tea 41579
  • Tuna Tataki 41580
  • Shrimp Chips and Sauce 41581
  • Tuna Tataki 41582
  • Larb 41583
  • Panang Gari Gai 41584
  • Banana Won Ton 41585


Massuman curry at Silom 12. Ketchuppy and tinny, but not as bad as the fleshless chicken wings. This

Massuman curry at Silom 12. Ketchuppy and tinny, but not as bad as the fleshless chicken wings. This is some of the more subpar Thai food I've had in this city.

  • Massuman curry at Silom 12. Ketchuppy and tinny, but not as bad as the fleshless chicken wings. This 457450


happy two-sixteen!              2016  rising

happy two-sixteen! 2016 rising

  • happy two-sixteen!              2016  rising 435298

Information of Silom 12

1846 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone Number
(773) 489-1212
Business Hours
Sun:12:00PM - 10:00PM
Mon:12:00PM - 11:00PM
Tue:12:00PM - 11:00PM
Wed:12:00PM - 11:00PM
Thu:12:00PM - 11:00PM
Fri:12:00PM - 12:00PM
Sat:12:00PM - 12:00PM
Dress code
Wheelchair accessible
Credit cards
Outdoor dining

Quick Summary

Overall: Silom 12 is located in Chicago, IL. This restaurant received four out of five stars rated by 237 reviewers. Silom 12 does offer delivery and does offer take out. They do not have outdoor seating and do accept reservations. They do accept credit cards. They are recommended for dinner.

Food: Silom 12 is a restaurant that offers Thai cuisine. Many reviewers enjoyed the phat siew, crab rangoon and fish cake that are offered here, these were highly recommended by many diners. Some diners found the food to be mediocre in comparison to similar dishes they had consumed elsewhere. Most diners found the prices to be reasonable. This restaurant does not serve alcohol.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Silom 12 was noted to be casual and comfortable. It is good for groups and is not good for children. It has an average noise level and casual attire. They offer street parking and are wheelchair accessible.

Service: The service at Silom 12 was rated by many patrons as friendly and efficient. With a few exceptions, most diners found that the servers were very attentive and helpful. They do offer waiter service.|

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