Middendorf’s Seafood Restaurant

30160 Hwy 51, Akers, LA 70421Akers  [ Map ]

(985) 386-6666  [ Website ]

Seafood / Sandwiches / Salad

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Middendorfs Review, New Orleans

Middendorf's Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I love this place.  Been in regular attendance for the past two decades.  They’ve had their share of troubles, flooded twice cause of storms, but they keep coming back, stronger and better than ever.

Caveat one:  this is a New Orleans AREA restaurant, not in the city, it’s about a 30 minute drive north on I-55. It sits perched on the edge of Lake Maurepas, which in turn empties into Lake Ponchartrain. There’s a nice outdoor deck when the weather is nice, which it usually is.

Middendorfs, like a lot of area restaurants, serves tons of local seafood, prepared in all manners and styles, but deep fried is the New Orleans way; you can get giant combo platters of shrimp, oysters, fish, and crab. But most people go for a dish unique to the restaurant, deep fried catfish filets, but they’re cut lengthwise into paper thin slivers. Unique. Crispy. Tasty.  Dinners come with fries, slaw and hush puppies.  Never had any use for the latter, personally.

You can get a piece of beef or chicken if you insist, and there is an adequate ankle biter menu. You can get raw or BBQ oysters or delicious gumbos as a side or starter.

I only get here once every few years, and I hope they keep on and on.  It’s my place for ‘cat’ in the New Orleans area. (Oh and they also serve them whole, bone-in, if you like it that way).  I like to bring out of town company here. If I haven’t taken you, it’s because I hate you.

Middendorf’s Menu.


  • Middendorf's Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 753676

Information of Middendorf’s Seafood Restaurant

30160 Hwy 51, Akers, LA 70421
Phone Number
(985) 386-6666
Seafood / Sandwiches / Salad


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