Margarita's Jalisco

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1616 SW 17th, Topeka, KS 66604Topeka  [ Map ]

(785) 234-1500

Latin American / Mexican

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Drove 25 Miles, Arrived During Business Hours, But "Closed For Maintenance"? UNSAT!

    • 1.0

We made the 25 mile drive from Lawrence, on a night and time they advertise as being open (6pm on a Tuesday - my birthday by the way), but were turned away in the parking lot. As we drove up, a man I assume was the owner knocked on the window of our car and said, "we're closed for maintenance". I told him, "but we drove all the way from Lawrence to eat here", to which he replied, "sorry!". You can't close a business during business hours for routine maintenance just because Tuesday evening may be a bit slower than most. For an emergency (power outage, flood, bomb threat), yes, but maintenance, absolutely not. They had 12+ hours between closing on Monday night and opening on Tuesday morning to perform the maintenance, they could have scheduled (and advertised) closing between lunch and dinner instead, but they chose to close unannounced at prime dinner time instead.


I had heard that the food was good here and the service excellent, but I will never find out because I will not be back. You had your chance Margarita's Jalisco, and you wasted our time and our gas ... you blew it!


CombatCritic Gives Margarita's Jalisco 1 Bomb Out Of 10 For Obvious Reasons And A Spot On My WALL OF SHAME ... More Bombs Are Better!


PS - We drove over to El Centenario just a few blocks away, they were open, they were packed, and we had an excellent meal ... read my review elsewhere on Tabelog!

Information of Margarita's Jalisco

1616 SW 17th, Topeka, KS 66604
Phone Number
(785) 234-1500
Latin American / Mexican


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