Le Coq Rico

  • 3.89
  • Excellent!
  • Food:3.9
  • Decor:3.8
  • Service:3.9

30 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003New York / Manhattan / Flatiron  [ Map ]

(212) 267-7426  [ Website ]



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master of birds

    • 4.0
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.0

Have you ever seen a bird so beautiful? @ChefWestermann of @leCoqRicoNYC roasted this pasture raised heritage #turkey from Frank Reese and it was divine! This turkey was raised in the most humanely way possible @goodshepherdranch, and it shows through in its robust flavor. #LeCoqRico is offering takeaway options as well as a decadent dine-in tasting menu on #Thanksgiving day.

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Le Coq Rico

    • 4.2
  • Food: 4.2
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.2
  • Meal Price: $50 - $99

Love this modern French Bistro specializing in beautiful poultry! Must try their rotisserie chickens which come from respectful, sustainable farms. Love their lunch and brunch offerings too. Be sure to leave room for their floating island dessert with the most delicate meringue ever! Great space, wonderful service and superb food...a gem in Gramercy! 
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Le Coq Rico

    • 3.6
  • Food: 3.5
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 3.0
  • Meal Price: $30 - $49
A bistro of beautiful birds is their slogan, and beautiful birds they have. We started with the perfectly seared chicken liver salad. Another delicious starter was the foie gras with apples. Simple and delicious. The chicken we chose was the Plymouth Barred Rock which was cooked beautifully then presented in whole then taken away for carving. Juicy meat with crispy skin. So if you ever crave a well cooked tasty chicken, this is the place for you.
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Le Coq Rico

    • 4.8
  • Food: 4.7
  • Decor: 5.0
  • Service: 5.0
  • Meal Price: $30 - $49
Real good French food.  Their chicken is 100 days old.  They roam free and dining have hormones so they are more flavorful.  The roast chicken is very juicy and served with a delicious Au jus sauce.
I have been here. Edits for dinner.
Do not forget to order their squab stuffed with foie gras.  It is most delicious.
I also love their ille flotant or Fliating Island dessert.  How they ever get to have the perfect cylindrical meringue is intriguing.  They dust it with sugar and seem to caramelize it.  Best of all, it floats in top of the thick creme anglais- but this is the thickest and least sweet version I have had.  I cleaned it off the bowl!  Even their dish of butter is delicious.
This time I sat by the counter where I watch them orchestrate the preparation and plating.  Very friendly staff but very busy.
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Lux Lunch at Le Coq Rico!

    • 3.7
  • Food: 3.7
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 4.0

I was too excited to get a lunch invitation to the new, French spot, Le Coq Rico!  Lunch is really the way to go because you can either go for the $38 Pre Fixe or order from the full dinner menu, which I find quite rare these days.  

 Asparagus VelouteDeviled EggsSauteed Livers

Walking in, the restaurant was very sleek but a bit boring.  The service was great.. really professional, warm and timely.  All of the appetizers were very tasty.  I love deviled eggs though I suppose they were nothing above and beyond.  The sauteed chicken livers were beautifully done, and the asparagus veloute with crispy chicken ball was one of a kind.

 Le Coq Rico

Quarter ChickenChicken and Sundried Tomato Pasta

The stand out dish, as expected, was the quarter chicken.  The gravy was just excellent.  The chicken and sundried tomato pasta was nothing special, yet tasty.  

 L'le Flottante

Ice CreamFruit Salad

We could not get over the desserts, quite a banquet!  I was in love with the L'le Flottante, a beautiful meringue ball, toasted on the outside, with a creme anglaise.  The seasonal fruit salad with almonds and cilantro was unique.  The ice cream was fun, too, some great flavors.  Unfortunately we could not finish it all.


I would definitely recommend Le Coq Rico for a leisurely, indulgent lunch, or an occasion dinner.  

  • Asparagus Veloute 720450
  • Sauteed Livers 720452
  • Deviled Eggs 720453
  • Quarter Chicken 720454
  • Chicken and Sundried Tomato Pasta 720455
  •  720456
  • L'le Flottante 720457
  • Fruit Salad 720458
  • Ice Cream 720459

Le Coq Rico

    • 4.4
  • Food: 4.7
  • Decor: 4.5
  • Service: 4.6
I love this place.  Real good French food that's. It the usual.  But you can tell. Ecause of the sauces and the presentation and the way food is prepared.
My favorites in this place is the squab stuffed with foie gras encroute.  And I also love the dessert - Ille Flotant which is Floating Island.  But the way they make their cream sauce is just fabulous.  It is thick and smooth and so delicious.  The cream and yolk was just perfectly combined and cooked till it was very thick and light.  The egg white is a perfect sphere with what seems to have dusting of sugar then  caramelized??  It is so good! To die for!
At my last dining I ordered the leek.  At first I was hesitant.  But when it came, I can see why they charged high for this dish.  It was compact and beautifully presented; not to mention delish!
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One of the best restaurants to open in NYC this year is Le Coq Rico. From French chef Antoine Westermann comes his ode to the bird. Fowl. It's the sister to his Parisian "Bistro of Beautiful Birds", and boy are those birds beautiful. Delicious, tender, juicy, and absolutely amazing. 

Before you get your bird, delve into the slow cooked egg with chanterelles, fava beans, and peas fricassee, with sherry vinegar chicken jus. It's wonderful.


Le Coq Rico


Seared Duck Foie Gras with honey crisp apple, cherry vinegar reduction, and almonds is spectacular.


Le Coq Rico


And then there are the birds. There are many whole birds on the menu to choose from, that have been aged for over 100 days. They aren't cheap, so it's best to go with a group. Any bird you choose I'm sure will be outstanding. We go the Brune Landaise, which is baked in Alsatian earthenware with artichokes, potatoes, tomatoes, and riesling jus. A dream come true. Also, order the fries, they are exceptional and amazing too.


Le Coq Rico


Oh, and while you are at it, order dessert. Soft meringue, red praline, and creme anglaise is pure magic and awesomeness.


Le Coq Rico



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Le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico – reinventing the Power Lunch is Le Coq Rico. Located in Flatiron, this spot is perfect for business meetings over fine French cuisine. After savoring every bite of seasonal veggies in broth, coq au vin, and a savory poultry burger with tomato chutney, I asked myself, “why don’t I eat French food more often??” Processed with Snapseed.

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A Piece Of Le Coq Rico

Just a little sidelong glance at this thoroughly interesting and worthwhile flatiron bistro from Antoine Westermann, Michelin-starred tocque of Strasbourg and Paris.  A sidelong glance, because looking Le Coq Rico full in the face means ordering a whole bird.


There were two choice chickens on the menu the night I dined there, as well as a duck and a guinea-fowl. Most parties were ordering up the golden chickens in big hot skillets.  My disadvantage?


Not just finding people who wanted to share a chicken dinner, but finding people comfortable with spending well over $100 on just that course: the whole birds are priced in the $95/96 range, to which you'll add a side of fries or mashed potatoes (salad is included). To say nothing of tax or tip.
But as I watched the procession of platters, and the crowds of people tearing happily at the carcasses, it all made more sense. These are big ol' birds (selected by Ariane Daguin of meat, game and poultry supplier D'Artagnan). They authentically serve three to four people (the quarter chicken, an à la carte option, looks conversely tiny: surely not from the same creature). One feature of Le Coq Rico's birds is that they are slaughtered much later than the average commercial hen. I had thought this would make them tougher (presumably not); it sure makes them a hefty size. Two people would need an appetite to put one away.


Le Coq Rico

Condemned I was, however, to the less gloried reaches of the menu: and immediately disappointed that the guinea hen with pigs' feet option didn't appear (the menu must change daily, so be prepared). The "offal platter" sounds good, but duck and chicken liver aren't really novelties in my house. I do, however, like some well-made rillettes.

Le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico

The duck rillettes come in a massive crock, comfortably enough for two. The bread, which is freshly sliced at the server station, was individually portioned, so the challenge was to balance big chunks of the firm, savory meat on slivers of crust. I managed. Pickles were sweet and crisp.


Le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico

In addition to birds, the menu proudly features their eggs. As I've noted before, we are going through quite the authentic French moment in New York. Yes, mock-Parisian brasseries serving burgers and spaghetti are with us always, but it's remarkable to be suddenly confronted with restaurants like MIMI and Le Coq Rico serving classic regional dishes (Burgundy, in fact) like jambon persillé and oeufs en meurette. This was an outstanding version of the latter (one big egg), richly sauced, and with the standard Burgundian garnish of mushrooms and pearl onions. Two crunchy croutons, whimsically heart-shaped, helped sop up the sauce.


Le Coq Rico

Squab was my fallback position when it came to entrées. A pedigreed squab, indeed: from Thomas Farm, whence hail the squabs served at Per Se and the French Laundry. And boy, it was another big bird. I assumed I'd see a whole squab in a $34 main dish, but half was plenty. A thick, juicy drumstick, and the body of the bird boned, cooked to an almost disturbing tenderness. It was advertised as wrapped in a cabbage leaf, but the menu doesn't mention the tasty foie gras forcemeat sneaked between leaf and bird. It was served over a mirepoix in a reduction which was almost too rich after the en meurette dish.


Le Coq Rico

It mystifies me that room remained for a rhubarb soufflé. The dessert menu boasts that it favors eggs rather than sugar, and this was a mightily eggy puff of batter, with a rich rhubarb sauce, and a slightly uninteresting serving of vanilla ice cream.

It's great to welcome a restaurant which isn't out of the 2016 NYC dining playbook. No pork belly, no steak for two; formally clad servers (and the service is good); a sparkling black and white dining room (remember Promenade des Anglais?), and--something I walked into by accident--a long side room with a brightly lit, white dining counter.

Westermann, despite his Paris restaurant interests, is currently a reassuring presence here: calm, solicitous, and vigilant. You can eat and drink very well for a little over $100, and judicious sharing (especially by a party of four) might push that cost down further. Here's the website.

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Le Coq Rico

    • 4.5

The food and ambience was excellent!

Thisnis a modern French restaurant located around the Gramercy area bordering Flatiron district.

When you enter, you will see a display of wine in the wall and the modern white and wood decor makes it look trendy and sleek.

thTheybhave a good wine collection.  There is an area to sit by the bar (quite long) or formal seating.  We decided to sit at a table.

i ordered the quail which I am glad I did.  The breast is perfectly cooked (not over cooked and still red as it should be - but not bloody).  It is layered with a generous piece of foie gras, wrapped in some mousse, layered thinly with cabbage or was that cooked lettuce?  This entire thing is covered with thin layered filo and baked perfectly.  It is served with a super tender whole leg of the squab and 2 collieries of puréed celeriac and some brown sauce.  I almost forgot I ordered a squab.  It almost tasted like duck breast.

The Ille' flotante or floating island dessert is light but as. If as a soft ball.  It is served in a bowl with about half a cup or a little more of creme anglais.

i personally ordered the Mille Feuille.  It is made with layers of fill with some creme a glass type custard in between with some raspberry.  It is big and good for two.  Next time I would rather order the baked Alaska I saw at another table.

i will come again for brunch and for dinner.  Food and service and ambience were all very good.

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Information of Le Coq Rico

30 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003
Phone Number
(212) 267-7426
Business Hours
Sun:12:00PM - 4:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
Mon:12:00PM - 3:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
Tue:12:00PM - 3:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
Wed:12:00PM - 3:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
Thu:12:00PM - 3:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
Fri:12:00PM - 3:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
Sat:12:00PM - 4:00PM 5:30PM - 11:00PM
alone / date / family / friends / business / party
Yes, Make Reservation
Wheelchair accessible
Credit cards
Outdoor dining
Dogs allowed

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