Emmy Squared

  • 4.29
  • Outstanding!
  • Food:4.2
  • Decor:3.7
  • Service:4.1

364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211New York / Brooklyn / Williamsburg  [ Map ]

Havemeyer St & Marcy Ave

(718) 360-4535  [ Website ]

Pizza / Sandwiches


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Featured Review

Detroit style pizza!

    • 4.5

Double trouble @emmysquaredpizza, especially when one #DetroitStyle 'za has a meat crust. Stop #2 out of 5 on the epic @resy #Williamsburg #brunch crawl. #Margarita with #burrata #cheese and PepperNoni with a #pepperoni #crust, #mozzarella, #peppers and @ziagreenchilico hatch chilies. Look at that olive oil glisten.

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Emmy Squared

    • 4.9
  • Food: 4.9
  • Decor: 3.4
  • Service: 4.5
  • Meal Price: $20 - $29

One of the best spots for All-American comfort food in NYC! Famous for their Detroit-style square pizzas, chicken sandwiches and burgers. Honestly, everything here is delicious because Chef Matthew Hyland and his wife Emily put so much love into their food and restaurants. This is the sister restaurant in Williamsburg to their original spot, Pizza Loves Emily in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. 
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Emmy Squared

    • 5.0
  • Food: 4.8
  • Decor: 3.9
  • Service: 3.8
  • Meal Price: $20 - $29

I've been only once so far but the experience was wonderful . I started with the square pizza ( the Emmy ) that drizzle of ranch on top makes everything just better . A great crust yet crunchy and soft at once . 
The big Matt burger . A double patty with melted cheese and ansecret sauce was totally delicious .
I'll be back soon to try more items on the menu 
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Emmy Squared

    • 3.5
  • Food: 3.5
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal Price: $30 - $49

After falling in love with Emily in Clinton Hill, I had to get over to Emmy Squared.  Its a cute little spot close to the Marcy stop.  We could easily get in for Saturday brunch (although it was Labor Day weekend!!).  The staff was great as well.  

 Margarita and MeatballVeggie Pizza

Overall we were definitely satisfied with our meal, but when you have Emily to compare it, too, it's just not quite there.  We ordered the Margarita and a veggie pizza with and egg.  This was deeper dish, square pizza, with a tasty crispy crust.  The flavors (especially the vegetarian options) were not too interesting for me, but the pizza was good.

 Le Big MattSpicy Chicken Sand

The burger was quite tasty.  While the Emily burger is more savory, this one capitalizes on refreshing pickles and a tangy thousand island.  


The spicy chicken sandwich was really beautiful and oh so crispy with a nice, messy ranch sauce.  


I would recommend Emmy Squared for a fun, messy lunch with friends or family.  

  • Le Big Matt 738583
  • Margarita and Meatball 738584
  • Spicy Chicken Sand 738585
  • Veggie Pizza 738586

Emmy Squared

    • 5.0

Why are you reading this? What's wrong with you? Why haven't you been to Emmy squared? This pizza is life changingly good pizza. The Detroit style is straight science they cook the bottoms hot to crisp a perfect crust and the top at a lower temp so the cheese doesn't burn...aka pizza perfection. Have you ever had a bacon crust? If not reason 1000 to come here already 
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Le Big Matt!

    • 4.5

Finally got to try #LeBigMatt #burger @EmmySquaredPizza today on the @Resy Williamsburg #brunch crawl! Double-stack @Fleishers pasture-raised #beef, American
cheese, #pickles, mizuna, Sammy Sauce on a @TomCatBakery #pretzel bun with waffle #fries.

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Emmy Squared

    • 4.2
  • Food: 4.1
  • Decor: 3.9
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal Price: $20 - $29
This spicy meatball sandwich is delicious and so is everything else! The pizzas are a MUST. So go indulge and enjoy everything! 
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 Emmy Squared

The great Brooklyn pizza joint Emily, known for their delicious pizzas, and amazing burger, opened up a Detroit-style pizza joint last year called Emmy Squared, and it's awesome! Try any of their square pizzas and you will be happy as a pie. Also, they have one of the best fried chicken sandwiches I've ever had too. Actually, everything about Emmy Squared is awesome, you can't go wrong. Enjoy, and thank me later.


Emmy Squared



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Emmy Squared

Hatchback: #mozzarella, Zia hatch #Chiles, #chorizo, crema. It’s today’s favorite #pizza among 3 gre

Hatchback: #mozzarella, Zia hatch #Chiles, #chorizo, crema. It’s today’s favorite #pizza among 3 greats (but, given the crew in the kitchen, we’ll inevitably be dazzled by something new next week). (at Emmy Squared)


<img style="position:absolute;z-index:-3334;top:0px;left:0px;visibility:hidden;" src="https://px.srvcs.tumblr.com/impixu?T=1473992942&amp;J=eyJ0eXBlIjoidXJsIiwidXJsIjoiaH​R0cDpcL1wvbWF0dGJydWNrLm5ldFwv​cG9zdFwvMTQzNDk3NzgyNTEyXC9oYX​RjaGJhY2stbW96emFyZWxsYS16aWEt​aGF0Y2gtY2hpbGVzIiwicmVxdHlwZS​I6MCwicm91dGUiOiJcL3Bvc3RcLzpp​ZFwvOnN1bW1hcnkiLCJub3NjcmlwdC​I6MX0=&amp;U=NABEPDJAJM&amp;K=74067decad5c8fde56e7a21dc3dc75​aff0dabda42386cc61eb36cffa94af​0781&amp;R=" data-filter-src="https://px.srvcs.tumblr.com/impixu?T=1473992942&amp;J=eyJ0eXBlIjoidXJsIiwidXJsIjoiaH​R0cDpcL1wvbWF0dGJydWNrLm5ldFwv​cG9zdFwvMTQzNDk3NzgyNTEyXC9oYX​RjaGJhY2stbW96emFyZWxsYS16aWEt​aGF0Y2gtY2hpbGVzIiwicmVxdHlwZS​I6MCwicm91dGUiOiJcL3Bvc3RcLzpp​ZFwvOnN1bW1hcnkiLCJub3NjcmlwdC​I6MX0=&amp;U=NABEPDJAJM&amp;K=74067decad5c8fde56e7a21dc3dc75​aff0dabda42386cc61eb36cffa94af​0781&amp;R=" data-filter-size="3" data-id="773153963008e8a338e0a59b192eba​93" data-size="3"><img style="position:absolute;z-index:-3334;top:0px;left:0px;visibility:hidden;" src="https://px.srvcs.tumblr.com/impixu?T=1473992942&amp;J=eyJ0eXBlIjoicG9zdCIsInVybCI6Im​h0dHA6XC9cL21hdHRicnVjay5uZXRc​L3Bvc3RcLzE0MzQ5Nzc4MjUxMlwvaG​F0Y2hiYWNrLW1venphcmVsbGEtemlh​LWhhdGNoLWNoaWxlcyIsInJlcXR5cG​UiOjAsInJvdXRlIjoiXC9wb3N0XC86​aWRcLzpzdW1tYXJ5IiwicG9zdHMiOl​t7InBvc3RpZCI6IjE0MzQ5Nzc4MjUx​MiIsImJsb2dpZCI6IjM5NjQyMDIxIi​wic291cmNlIjozM31dLCJub3Njcmlw​dCI6MX0=&amp;U=NPCHHOPGCH&amp;K=b6c84ce99e2709e99f5c34c6722e27​29e757240f640e07c0f3156e0d965c​60f4&amp;R=" data-filter-src="https://px.srvcs.tumblr.com/impixu?T=1473992942&amp;J=eyJ0eXBlIjoicG9zdCIsInVybCI6Im​h0dHA6XC9cL21hdHRicnVjay5uZXRc​L3Bvc3RcLzE0MzQ5Nzc4MjUxMlwvaG​F0Y2hiYWNrLW1venphcmVsbGEtemlh​LWhhdGNoLWNoaWxlcyIsInJlcXR5cG​UiOjAsInJvdXRlIjoiXC9wb3N0XC86​aWRcLzpzdW1tYXJ5IiwicG9zdHMiOl​t7InBvc3RpZCI6IjE0MzQ5Nzc4MjUx​MiIsImJsb2dpZCI6IjM5NjQyMDIxIi​wic291cmNlIjozM31dLCJub3Njcmlw​dCI6MX0=&amp;U=NPCHHOPGCH&amp;K=b6c84ce99e2709e99f5c34c6722e27​29e757240f640e07c0f3156e0d965c​60f4&amp;R=" data-filter-size="3" data-id="d7275eb06ce64fc658b2e95f973ce7​0a" data-size="3">
  • Hatchback: #mozzarella, Zia hatch #Chiles, #chorizo, crema. It’s today’s favorite #pizza among 3 gre 740639

Pants Primer: Emmy Squared and Detroit Style Pizza




Emmy Squared is one of the most talked about, photographed restaurants to open in New York City (Brooklyn) in a long time. The appeal is easy to understand: The husband and wife team of Matthew and Emily Hyland are affable hosts and talented chefs, and the food is perfection. Dining at Emmy Squared is laid back and professional at the same time, approachable but impressive all at once.  The menu is essentially elevated bar (dare I say stoner) food: fried cheese, chicken parm on pretzel bread, a KILLER off the menu burger, and of course the pizza. There are some salads as well, and I am sure they are fantastic, but, we are not here to talk about salads.

Please don't drool on your screen

@boozeandburgers knows its hip to be square


I love pizza about as much as any person can, or should admit to. The Emmy Squared pizza is a revelation- a cheesy, crunchy, chewy wonder that almost defies comparison.  This “Detroit-inspired” pizza was truly unique, and a genre of pizza that I was completely unfamiliar with. I have heard that Buddy’s is THE place for pizza in Detroit, and I am still down for a field trip, but….Detroit. Short of booking a ticket, to supplement my research I consulted my source for all things meat (and self-described “Detroit Pizza fanatic”) Rev Ciancio, Director of Marketing for Schweid and Sons, and generally knowledgeable guy.

I learned that Detroit style pizza can be defined by three characteristics: thick, square shape; sauce on top; and “brick cheese.”

The reason for the square shape of Detroit pizza’s is tied to Detroit’s (other) most famous product: the auto industry. Detroit pizza is baked in a tray that was originally intended to hold industrial auto parts, traditionally made of blue steel (insert Zoolander joke here). The pan and cooking method gives the pizza its signature deep-dish form and crunchy crust, which gets an extra bite from the cheese that melts on to the crust. The center of the pizza however remains chewy, offering a perfect contrast to the crust, but corner pieces are still the most coveted.


Please don’t drool on your screen

Most people in New York associate square pizza with “Sicilian,” pizza, and although the term might not be completely accurate, square Detroit- style pizza shares common characteristics with sfincione, the traditional Sicilian focaccia from which that common idea of Sicilian pizza is derived. “Sfincione” means “thick sponge” and the dough used for Sicilian pizza is most closely based on this recipe; this accounts for the more porous, less dense base.

Detroit pizza is often made with “brick cheese”, which has a higher fat content than the mozzarella  commonly used on pizza. Since the dough contains no oil, the thickness of this cheese helps to impart some buttery flavor, and it spreads as it melts to contribute to the crunchy, cheesy crust. The sauce is also different- more robust and acidic, and always placed last on the pizza, meaning it is on top of the cheese, and on top of the toppings. In a nod to the hearty reputation of the Midwest, toppings on Detroit pizza tend to be quite heavy.

So – how does Emmy Squared compare to traditional Detroit pizza?  According to our expert, Rev, “They do just about everything right.  It’s the closest thing you will find to Buddy’s or Pizza Papalis (my personal fave) outside of ‘the D,’ as I like to call my hometown. Matt Hyland puts a unique NYC spin on it with some of his toppings and builds, using influence from both local New York palates and more traditional Italian-style pies. I love this pizza.”

Emmy Squared

If you want to learn more, check out Rev speaking with Wes Pikula from Buddy’s Pizza http://info.schweidandsons.com/podcast/wes-pikula-how-to-create-loyal-workforce-customer-base-through-company-culture

If you are a more hands/mouth-on type learner, go to Emmy Squared and conduct some “research.” Personally, I am on a mission to try every option offered.  If you want to go to Detroit with me, let me know…


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Emmy Squared

Why Come Here? Fantastic Detroit Style Pizzas, One of NYCs best burgers


Emmy Squared Dining RoomCredit: Emmy Squared


For about two years, I (and much of instagram) have been singing the praises of a pizza and burger at a restaurant simply called Emily. But sadly it’s located in Clinton Hill, a region I’m just don’t find myself travelling to very often. So you can imagine my excitement when Emily & Matt Hyland announced the opening of their second restaurant – Emmy Squared – in my own neighborhood of Williamsburg. After two early visits, I’m glad to say this sequel does not disappoint.


Like Emily, the menu is heavy on pizza with an incredible burger to wash it down. But the similarities end there. Whereas the original featured Neapolitan pies, Emmy Squared goes with Detroit style, a variety apparently little known even to Motor City residents. As I assume you too are unfamiliar here’s a quick tutorial. Detroit pies are square shaped – ergo the restaurant’s name – but with a thinner crust than the traditional Sicilian quadrangle. But the real differentiator is how they are cooked. The oven has two different temperatures on top and bottom. This allows the crust to be thoroughly crisped without burning the cheese. Sounds good, right? Toppings range from well done standards like pepperonis and mushrooms to fancier fare like truffles and hatch chilis. Some work better than others, but none will leave you disappointed.


While the pizza is the main event, there are some other interesting options as well. A collection of sandwiches including fried chicken and meatball parm create some lunchtime intrigue. There’s also a small starter section composed mainly of salads but they do throw in some cheese curd covered tater tots to balance them out. The burger is currently a special certain days, although there are plans to open a separate burger bar downstairs. Expect to see me there far more often than is healthy.


emmy squared burger

Roadside Burger(3.5/4)

The classic burger from Emily is my favorite in NYC. But this guy is close. Two patties covered in pickles and their spicy special sauce on a pretzel bun. It’s currently only available as a special but if it’s offered, you officially have no choice.


(3/4 stars)

Spicy Meatball Sandwich(3.0/4)

A very good spicy marinara and tasty meatball patty on their incredible pretzel bun.


Emmy Squared

The Emmy(3.5/4)

 When you name a pizza after the restaurant, it better be amazing. But since it’s Emily, you knew it would be. This one is covered in banana peppers and onions with just a hint of ranch dressing. Oh and there’s some marinara sauce on the side because that always makes things better.


Emmy Squared

Hatchback (3.0/4)

Hatch chilis, chorizo and crema sounds like the kind of weird pie you might experiment with in New Mexico. But there’s something to the meaty-spicy combination that makes it an unexpected winner.



 Photo Credit: Jill Rittymanee

Angel Pie(3.0/4)

It’s a mushroom pie with truffle cream. Nuff’ said.


2.5/4 stars


I’m not normally a fan of Hawaiian style pizza, but by making the pineapple spicy it relieves some of the unpleasant sweetness. I probably won’t order it again, but it is the best Hawaiian I’ve ever had.


Right Amount for 2? Two Pizzas


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  • Lou-Wow 733592
  • 2.5/4 stars 733593

Detroit style pan pizza in Williamsburg

    • 4.5
  • Food: 4.5
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.5

@emmysquaredpizza bringing it #DetroitStyle for #NationalPizzaDay! The namesake Emmy, with banana peppers, onions, ranch and red sauce for dipping on the side.

  •  754754

Information of Emmy Squared

364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Cross Street
Havemeyer St & Marcy Ave
Phone Number
(718) 360-4535
Pizza / Sandwiches
Business Hours
Sun:12:00PM - 4:00PM 5:00PM - 11:00PM
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Thu:12:00PM - 4:00PM 6:00PM - 11:00PM
Fri:12:00PM - 4:00PM 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Sat:12:00PM - 4:00PM 6:00PM - 12:00AM
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