El Camino Real

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903 N 7th St, Kansas City, KS 66101Kansas City  [ Map ]

(913) 342-4333  [ Website ]



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El Camino Real: Real Tacos, Real Mexican Food, Real Good ... HOOAH!

    • 4.5

If you want authentic Mexican food, handmade tortillas, cheap prices and fast, friendly service, El Camino Real in Kansas City, Kansas is the place for you.


I grew up in California where El Camino Real, the royal road, runs the length of the state with Spanish missions founded by Father Junipero Serra strategically placed every 50 to 100 miles. This El Camino Real provides sanctuary, very much like those 21 California missions, but in the form of excellent food rather than shelter. Unfortunately, it just happens to be about 50 miles from my home.


A small place with 15-20 tables, the little kitchen sits in open view as you walk in the door where a lady was making fresh tortillas for each order. I grabbed the last table in the place and the server quickly brought chips, salsa and small cups of pico de gallo, cilantro, and diced white onions to add to the tacos. The chips were obviously made in-house and were thick, warm, and crispy just the way I like them. I asked if they had a small or side order of guacamole so I could try it, but the server told me they only sell one size and it was $3.99. I told her "thanks, but no thanks".


The tacos are in the traditional, authentic Mexican style, with only the meat of your choice (pastor, asada, carnitas, picadillo, pollo, pescado) piled on two hot, grilled, handmade tortillas, not the crispy American variety you get at Taco Bell and most Mexican restaurants. I had one taco al pastor ($1.50 - sliced pork with pineapple), one carne asada ($1.50 - sliced steak) taco, one picadillo ($1.50 - ground beef) taco and a chicken enchilada ala carte ($1.50). Adding diced white onion, pico de gallo, fresh cilantro and salsa to the tacos, the only thing missing was some guacamole, but they were delicious nonetheless. I would have preferred a cheese and onion enchilada, but I failed to specify, so what I got was a chicken enchilada. My least favorite variety, it was still pretty good , although not very hot, and the red (chili) enchilada sauce was dark, rich and superb.


My only gripes are that you cannot get a side order of guacamole and the fact that they used a microwave oven to heat my enchilada, resulting in inconsistent melting of the cheese (see photo above) and a lukewarm enchilada. But hey, compared to the sad excuses for what they call Mexican food in Lawrence, these flaws are minuscule.


My bill came to a little over $7 including tax, so with tip I paid $10 for a great lunch. A value meal at a fast food joint costs nearly that, so this filling lunch was a tremendous value. I tried to talk the owner into opening an El Camino Real in Lawrence. He seemed interested, but alas, it will not likely happen in my lifetime. Too bad.


CombatCritic Gives El Camino Real 9 Bombs Out Of 10 ... Bombs Are Good!

  • Condiments - Diced onion, pico de gallo, coilantro, lime, salsa and chips 269975
  • Tacos - Pastor, Asada, Picadillo with condiments 269981
  • Chicken Enchilada á la carte - $1.50 269983
  • Tacos - Pastor, Asada, Picadillo without condiments - $1.50 each 269984
  • Front 269976
  • Street 269977
  •  269979

Try before you die - El Camino Real

great tacos and margaritas

Information of El Camino Real

903 N 7th St, Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone Number
(913) 342-4333
Business Hours
Sun:9:00AM - 11:00PM
Mon:10:00AM - 10:00PM
Tue:10:00AM - 10:00PM
Wed:10:00AM - 10:00PM
Thu:10:00AM - 10:00PM
Fri:10:00AM - 10:00PM
Sat:10:00AM - 12:00PM
Dress code
Wheelchair accessible
Credit cards
Outdoor dining

Quick Summary

El Camino Real is Mexican restaurant located in Kansas City, KS. Reviews for the restaurant were very positive, and their menu can be found on their website.
Food received positive reviews, with reviewers enjoying the nice selection of authentic Mexican dishes to choose from. Food was of good quality and freshness, and was consistently well-prepared and appetizing as well. Reviewers enjoyed items like the Rajas Tacos and the Tacos al Pastor. Portions were good and prices were very reasonable as well.
The restaurant has a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Decor was colorful and nicely done and the interior was well-maintained and clean. Congestion and noise levels were moderate, as the restaurant is fairly popular.
Service was good, with staff members being warm and friendly. Reviewers were pleased with the consistently good service, and orders were fulfilled quickly and efficiently overall.

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