Dong Thuong Tofu

  • 3.20
  • Good!
  • Food:3.1
  • Decor:3.1
  • Service:3.1

1156 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122San Jose / East San Jose  [ Map ]

(408) 279-9947

Vietnamese / Vegetarian$10 - $19


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Reviews of Dong Thuong Tofu  (11)

Great Lemon grass chicken!

    • 4.5
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 4.5
  • Service: 4.5

I visited Dong Thuong Tofu when I was in San Jose on business. I am happy I did. At first I was a little confused because there was not a lot of tofu on the menu.I ended up ordering the Lemon Grass Chicken and I have to say it was sooooo good. It was served with a very generous portion of rice which was refreshing because many places cheat you in the rice. Not this place. The staff was really friendly and answered many questions I had about the lack of tofu on the menu.The decor was nice and I recommend anyone in the San Jose area give this place a try!

All around solid place

    • 4.0
  • Food: 4.0
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.0

Dong Thuong is a nice little quiet Vietnamese vegetarian friendly restaurant. I love coming here with friends and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The staff and owner are all friendly and offer very good service. As a big fan of tofu, I loved all of the things I tried here. They also have non-Vegetarian/tofu selections as well such as noodles or meat dishes. The dishes are very fresh and you can tell that they're made to order. The prices are pretty cheap and portion sizes are decent. I highly recommend this place if you're a fan of tofu or vegetarian dishes.

Great Place

    • 5.0
  • Food: 5.0
  • Decor: 5.0
  • Service: 5.0
  • Meal Price: $10 - $19

I was out with a friend who absolutely loves Vietnamese dishes for which I have zero experience with. Sense I consider myself the daring and adventurous type, I decided to try this place with limited fussing and complaining. So we went in and the fumes were just mind blowing. I was a little bothered by the place not being as clean as I would like, and then it struck me that lunch had just ended and the place was probably packed like sardines. I took it as a good sign though and I was not let down by my intuition. The dish I ordered was the Fried Mushroom Tofu and it was delicious!! I'm normally an meat eater, but this tofu could probably replace my need for meats in my diet. I recommend this plac to anyone who is going to be in the area. Oh yeah, the staff was very helpful in placing my order and suggested certain dishes based on my taste. I will most certainly be returning without a question.

Dong Thuong Tofu

Whoa that actually looks like caramelized !
I had to try adding it to my bi chay noodle bowl. Well,

Whoa that actually looks like caramelized ! I had to try adding it to my bi chay noodle bowl. Well, I give it an 8 for looks, and a 6 for taste and texture. I also prefer my own . They sell a vegetarian fermented sauce too. Overall, not impressed--I think my taste buds may just be different from the nuns who make some of the dishes here. foodshare

  • Whoa that actually looks like caramelized !
I had to try adding it to my bi chay noodle bowl. Well,  500594

Dong Thuong Tofu

    • 5.0
About a week ago my job had a lunch meeting with one of our clients. It was decided that we'd eat at Dong Thuong Tofu, a local Vietnamese restaurant. I've never eaten Vietnamese food in my life, I've also never eaten tofu. The service was pretty good and the menu had a lot of interesting options. I decided to play it safe and get one of the spicy tofu dishes and I wasn't very impressed. Maybe tofu just isn't my thing. However the staff was nice and the restaurant was clean. I would only recommend this place to someone who enjoys Vietnamese food and tofu.

Dong Thuong Tofu

    • 5.0
My fiancée and I couldn’t decide what to eat one night and we finally decided that we wanted to try something new. Neither of us had tried Vietnamese food before (or tofu for that matter), so we decided to go to Dong Thuong Tofu. To be honest, neither of us were expecting it to be that great, but we were pleasantly surprised. The food was great and the service was amazing. I’m a huge fan of spicy food and this place did not disappoint. I had always heard that tofu was bland, but that was certainly not the case at Dong Thuong Tofu. The next time you’re in East San Jose, be sure to check it out.

Dong Thuong Tofu

    • 4.0
Dong Phuong Tofu is a Vietnamese restaurant that is perfect for vegetarians, but meat lovers will enjoy the dishes as well. I was a skeptic at first, but after trying several of the dishes, the tofu is prepared perfectly. You can order a try 3 dish sampler that comes with a side of rice if it is your first time trying Vietnamese food. The bun rieu and bun bo hue are both really good, but my personal favorite is the onion and mushroom stuffed tofu. Everything tastes fresh. Family ran and fast friendly service. Currently cash only, but they keep the prices lower that way. Reasonable portions and prices.

    • 3.0

Wanted to try something different so I stopped by this spot and got what I wished for. Dong Thuong Tofu restaurant has garnered itself an average rating of over three out of five. Dong Thuong Tofu offers authentic Vietnamese that is spicy, flavorful and undeniably great.
The food served at Dong Thuong Tofu is not too pricey. Expect to leave with a full stomach as they are generous with their food. Their menu is diverse with all sorts of flavors across the board. 
The atmosphere is very casual. One does not have to dress up to step foot into the restaurant. The ambiance is casual. One can stop by and order a small plate with a beer. This is a good place to stop by with a group of friends and relax with them.

Dong Thuong Tofu

    • 3.5
Dong Thuong Tofu is honestly the only tofu restaurant that I have ever enjoyed in my lifetime of all tofu places. I was out with my vegetarian girlfriend when I was visiting relatives from California and decided to go to this place because we wanted to mix it up for a night. The food left me deeply satisfied, and feeling good about myself for eating such extremely healthy food. I, not being a vegetarian, was pretty skeptical about going to this place, as I normally love a good steak, but actually enjoyed the crispy and fresh tofu that this place serves. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who is a vegetarian, or is looking to mix it up.

    • 4.5
  • Food: 4.5
  • Decor: 4.0
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal Price: $0 - $9

Dong Phuong is a place you go for vegetarian Vietnamese food. I was pretty skeptical about this place at first because I love meat, but my friend insisted so I decided to give it a try. I was very surprised at their dishes and liked how flavorful they were. I ordered some Vietnamese noodle soup dish with a side of fried tofu. The tofu were really good, crisp and fresh. The noodle soup's broth was really flavorful and spiced well. The service was pretty good, no complaints. My only real gripe is that it is cash only, which caught me off guard but luckily the dishes are cheap so a single $20 should cover majority of the bill.

Restaurant review

    • 3.5
  • Decor: 3.5
  • Service: 4.0
  • Meal Price: $30 - $49


Dong Phoug Tofu doesn't look the typical tofu dispensary. not much tofu on display or it's hidden amongst the prepped entrees, pastries, pictured noodle dishes, and the referigated goods. fried items here too.


I always strive to eat less meat so there won't be much suffering for the animals on my part. I love all places that are Vegetarian in helping the world become a more compassionate and kind place. Dong Phuong Tofu has everything Vegetarian from noodles, rice places, desserts, fresh soymilk, snacks, and other misc. items. The food is fantastic and the prices are very heap.


We were greeted instantly by a tiny Vietnamese lady, whom after one minute at looking at the food menu asked if we were ready to order.


Fast service, great prices, food which is neither too oily or salty, and a fine selection of take away items, including store made tofu and soy milk.

Information of Dong Thuong Tofu

1156 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone Number
(408) 279-9947
Vietnamese / Vegetarian
Average Price
$10 - $19 | Dinner
Business Hours
Sun:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Mon:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Tue:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Wed:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Thu:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Fri:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sat:8:00AM - 8:00PM
Dress code
Credit cards
Outdoor dining

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