Delaney Chicken - Vanderbilt

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Inside Urbanspace 230 Park Ave, New York, NY 10169New York / Manhattan / Midtown East  [ Map ]

(718) 701-8909



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best chicken sandwich in town

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Urbanspace Vanderbilt plays host to some of the absolute best food in town. Delaney Chicken is one of them.


Delaney Chicken - Vanderbilt


I first tasted their spicy chicken sandwich a few months ago and immediately hailed it as my favorite, and easily the best in town. Yesterday I grabbed one of their classic chicken sandwiches to test for consistency. It was right on the fucking money!


Delaney Chicken - VanderbiltDelaney Chicken - Vanderbilt


I seriously can't get enough of this thing. It comes on a nice potato bun with simply some pickles and house mayo. You wouldn't think much of that, but the chicken is so perfect, and the sandwich is huge. The outside has a light, crispy and slightly spicy breading, and the inside is some of the most tender thigh meat chicken I've ever tasted. I still prefer the spicy to the original, but just look at this damn thing... It's unbelievable.


Delaney Chicken - Vanderbilt


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Delaney’s Chicken, Midtown, NYC

Daniel Delaney – master of brisket in Brooklyn, has now devised a darned good fried chicken sandwich at his bird shop at Urban Space Vanderbilt food hall.




What’s different about this fried chicken, versus the many good ones that abound in New York City?


Well, Delaney believes in dipping his boneless chicken thighs in a seasoned wet batter before frying it up. This results in an airier crust that gives the chicken a whole different texture.


This piping hot, crispy chicken is then placed in a buttered potato roll and dressed up with pickles, Crystal hot sauce and Duke’s Mayonnaise.


All of this makes the fried chicken sandwich at Delaney’s rather desirable. Do go try it.



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A Tale of Two Fast-Food Fried Chicken Sandwiches by Joe DiStefano


Delaney Chicken owesa debt to New Orleans.

Wendy’s new chicken sandwich looks way better than it tastes.

I’m a sucker for ad campaigns touting the latest fast-food gimmick be it McGriddles or Dorito’s Loco Tacos. Upon seeing the commercial—usually while climbing a virtual mountain at the gym—I can’t wait to try the latest and greatest mass market meal. And that’s how I came to eat two fast-food fried chicken sandwiches yesterday. The first was Wendy’s Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Ever since seeing the commercial I’ve wanted to try it, so much so that I had it for breakfast.

Unfortunately the soggy lukewarm chicken breast, topped with diced jalapeños, and an evil yellow slurry that called to mind the cheez on movie theater nachos was disappointing as were the ghost pepper fries. Sure everything was spicy, but the execution was just terrible. I don’t blame Wendy’s though, I blame my unrealistic expectations of fast food. If anything I thank Wendy’s for the experience. It spurred me to try the second sandwich, the original chicken sandwich from Delaney Fried Chicken. 

Delaney Chicken - Vanderbilt

Delaney Chicken owes a culinary debt to New Orleans.

Unlike Wendy’s, Daniel Delaney, the man behind Delaney Fried Chicken, doesn’t run commercials. What compelled me to brave the crowds at Urbanspace Vanderbilt wasn’t a TV spot, it was a need to set my culinary universe aright by having a fast-food fried chicken sandwich that was actually good.

Delaney’s spicier chicken sandwich ($10) with Havarti, pickled jalapeno, and spicy mayo more closely resembles the Wendy’ sandwich, but I opted for the classic ($8) with house pickles, Duke’s mayo, and hot sauce.

I hesitate to call Delaney Chicken fast food, but my order did come out quickly, faster than Wendy’s in fact. There all similarity between the two operations ends. For one thing, Delaney brines his birds making them super juicy. And his frying technique, a dip in seasoned flour followed by a buttermilk bath is a pure Southern classic resulting in a crunchy crust that could compete against Willie Mae’s Scotch House any day. I’ll bet my lucky chopsticks Delaney’s a fan of the New Orleans fried chicken temple.

The combination of the piping hot crunchy juicy, chicken, mayo, hot sauce, and pickles on a floppy hamburger bun not only set everything aright in my culinary universe it gave me hope for the future of fast food. As for my twice a year fast food habit, I’m still hopeless. I heard Taco Bell just came out with a new Chalupupusa . . .


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Information of Delaney Chicken - Vanderbilt

Inside Urbanspace 230 Park Ave, New York, NY 10169
Phone Number
(718) 701-8909
Business Hours
Sun:11:00AM - 5:00PM
Mon:11:00AM - 9:00PM
Tue:11:00AM - 9:00PM
Wed:11:00AM - 9:00PM
Thu:11:00AM - 9:00PM
Fri:11:00AM - 9:00PM
Sat:11:00AM - 5:00PM
Wheelchair accessible
Credit cards
Outdoor dining
Dogs allowed

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