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By linking your blog with Tabelog, we can help you improve your search engine ranking, and increase your blog traffic. Expand readership of your restaurant reviews by the thousands! On top of that, expand your network of friends by meeting and getting to know all the food bloggers that have already joined!
Why Tabelog?
Why Tabelog?
With over 60 million users, Tabelog is Japan’s largest gourmet listing and review site. And now Tabelog has come to America with the goal of becoming the premier gourmet review site; for foodies, by foodies. We aim to provide a site filled with top­quality reviews you can rely on to find the best restaurants around. Come and join us!
Connect with Friends!
Many of America’s top food bloggers have already joined. Exchange comments, meet face­ to­ face at live gatherings, and expand your network of foodie friends!

Make your newest articles seen by all. Your followers and local users will never miss a post through Tabelog’s interactive timeline.
Tabelog Interview
Skilled reviewers as well as renowned bloggers are regularly featured on the front page, which leads to some outstanding exposure!
Featured Review
Users who have achieved a high “FoodieRank” can also enjoy the spotlight by having their reviews featured on the front page.
Foodie Rank System
Users who have posted 200 or more reviews earn a “Gold” rank, 100 or more reviews earns a “Silver” rank, and 50 or more reviews earns “Bronze”. Users who have achieved these ranks are easily identifiable within the site. By increasing your “FoodieRank”, you can gain additional exposure and opportunities to participate in events.
Review Import System
Super­-Easy blog import system
Automatically import articles to Tabelog by simply adding a snippet of code to your site, or explicitly add an article by copying and pasting it’s link. Either way, it’s a breeze to import articles to Tabelog.
Improved SEO by link­back
Articles you import to tabelog are linked back to your site to boost your own traffic and search engine rankings.
Create your own gourmet database
Tabelog helps you keep track of where you’ve been, and where you’d like to go. By accessing your own personalized page, you can easily sort and filter all of your tracked restaurants. It’s your own personal gourmet database!