Wonder What Happened To
The Wonder Ball?

If you were a child of the 90's, you must know the wonder ball!

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Oct 26, 2015

o you remember the jingle? "What's inside Nestle Magic Ball? What'is inside the sparkling foil? What's inside the sparkling foil? What'is inside the chocolate ball? What's inside the Nestle Chocolate? What's inside the ball and pop? What's inside the ball and pop lid? Wow it's Hercules! Wow it's Simba! Dalmatians, or Aladdin. All from Disney. They're hidden inside! A surprise in a ball, in chocolate, in foil in a box! What's inside? What's inside? What will you find in yours?"

If you were a child of the 90's, that jingle would fly through your dreams. It was the stuff dreams were made of. Candy and a toy? Yes, please! Every child knows that the very best combination on earth is candy and a toy. If you could get both in one neat little package, you were instantly awesome. And yes, we bought them, bought them in droves. Begged mom and dad to pick one up at the store. No other candy gave you a Simba or Hercules figurine to proudly display next to your Dave Matthews Band poster. Not that we ever had that poster, because that would have been lame. Maybe we did, but will also never admit it. And perhaps we still sing with a certain song on the radio, but it's only for nostalgia's sake. Hey! Don't judge. Now back to the topic at hand, Nestle Magic Ball.


Why The Nestle Magic Ball Was So Cool

Why The Nestle Magic Ball Was So Cool
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Originally the Wonder Ball was named the Nestle Magic Ball, it was later changed and we will get into that later. We are going to refer to it as the Wonder Ball, because, well that just sounds cooler and more mysterious. Oh my! The excitement at getting a Wonder Ball and finding a surprise inside. It was the 90's kid equivalent to Cracker Jacks. Yeah, we had Cracker Jacks too but by the time we got them in the 90's they had replaced the cool stuff with stickers other lame-o stuff. So as 90's children we were bestowed with the gift of the Nestle Magic Ball subsequently known as the Wonder Ball. A thin shelled spherical chocolate candy that held a surprise trinket in it's hollow center. We didn't really buy them for the chocolate, although that was a good bonus. We bought them by the case, just for the trinkets inside. The subsequent eating of the candy probably contributed greatly to childhood obesity and early onset diabetes, but hey, it was worth it. Why? Because of the cool prize you got!

Demise Of The Nestle Magic Ball

So whatever happened to them? Well, apparently some people thought that kids would get carried away with the eating, or maybe didn't understand the concept of the fact that the prize inside wasn't edible. Yes, apparently the Wonder Ball posed a choking hazard. The Nestle Magic Ball was withdrawn in 1997 after competitors and consumer groups campaigned that the toy posed a choking hazard. Lies! We call this a lie, because anytime something is super good, someone just has to come along and spoil it for everyone. Some no fun parent that didn't want their kid to be taken in with commercialism and diabetes, blah blah blah. And because of that, Nestle stopped making them altogether.

You may have heard an urban legend about a child choking and dying from a Wonder Ball, this is totally false. No one died from a Wonder Ball, it was simply some overly cautious parents and other competitive companies that wanted to wipe Wonder Balls off the face of the earth. One bad apple spoiled everyone's favorite childhood candy. A sad day indeed.

The All New (but not as cool) Wonder Ball

The All New (but not as cool) Wonder Ball
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"Oh I wonder, wonder what's in a Wonder Ball. Who knows what surprises a Wonder Ball may hide. Yummy Nestle Chocolate with candy shapes inside. Oh I wonder, wonder what's in a Wonder Ball!"

A new jingle began to ring out across the land to hearken in a brand new day for our beloved candy!

Magically in 2000, Nestle re-released the Nestle Magic Ball with a new name and a new concept. They were now going to be called Wonder Balls, and instead of trinkets, they were going to be filled with candy. Only it was a grave disappointment in our opinion. They replaced the cool trinket with crappy hard sugar candy. Not going to lie, we still bought them, ate the chocolate shell and the crappy hard sugar candy, because well, it's candy. The new version of Wonder Ball was to last for only four years. They eventually sold the brand to the Frankford Company in 2004.

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Wonder Ball

We aren't exactly sure when or why, but at some point the Wonder Ball disappeared altogether. It was here one day and gone the next. Like all great things this one had run it's course. We still blame the removal of the cool trinket for the ultimate downfall of the Wonder Ball, but who knows? What we do know, is that suddenly all that coolness just vanished. What would happen to future generations of children who would never get the joy of cracking open a thin shelled spherical ball of chocolate and finding a great surprise inside. Would they be forever remiss of that joy?

Where To Find Them Now And Our Questionable EbayExperience

Where To Find Them Now And Our Questionable EbayExperience
Photo by: ebay.com
So, now it's 2015 and so many of us that indulged in the excellence of the Wonder Ball lament the awesome things that our own children will never know. We had Surge soda, better television, music, cooler clothes, and yes, better candy! What will our youth do? Have no fear! You can still score Wonder Balls or cheap knockoffs online if you are willing to pay the price. If you don't mind some really old chocolate candy, check out Ebay. You can still find the occasional Wonder Ball on there. And yes, we have bought them on Ebay. And yes, we have actually eaten the old candy, because well, it's still candy. Not something that we really recommend. The Wonder Ball that we scored on Ebay was about 14 years old, it was rather grim looking straight out of the package, covered in a white film, and totally unappetizing. It left a chalky aftertaste and no longer tasted much like chocolate, more like brown wax, but it was glorious simply because of the nostalgia factor. You will do and eat funny things in the pursuit of getting a piece of your childhood back.

If you are looking for something not so old and don't mind a knockoff, look for a product called Choco Treasure. If you have young children still in diapers, Choco Treasure might have a bad connotation to you. We won't judge them for their unfortunate name. Because they are keeping the magic alive! Choco Treasure is keeping it awesome by still putting a cool trinket inside. You can find Spiderman, Dinosaurs, Hello Kitty and more! You can also find Kinder Surprise Eggs which are made by European company and can be ordered online, although they are currently on backorder as we write this article. So you have the option of feeding yourself or your children grossly outdated brown wax, or Choco Treasure. If you are feeling nostalgic and lucky, go for the original on Ebay. It will set you back about ten bucks with shipping and many sellers put a disclaimer that the balls inside the package have turned to dust and are better for a display piece. But hey, it's still candy and we did not choke or get sick from eating our 14 year old Wonder Ball but your results may vary.

Our Plea

Nestle Magic Ball, Wonder Ball, a candy by any other name would still be as sweet. We miss you! Our children need to know the greatness that was you! Come back to us, for parting was such sweet sorrow. In the meantime, we will continue to eat those candies that have followed your concept, because, well, it's candy. Nestle Magic Ball, Wonder Ball, Surge Soda, Butterfinger BB's, Fudgsicle Chocolate Fudge Soda, we will miss you. But as they say it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. If you still have some of the figurines from the original Nestle Magic Ball, you can fetch about three bucks with shipping on Ebay. We are proud to say that our collection was massive and might actually pay for a lap band surgery that we will inevitably need after indiscriminately eating all candy (even grossly outdated candy). Or we could just use all that money to buy more old Wonder Balls.