Whataburger Secret Menu

The place to really get creative and customize everything to your taste.

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Nov 16, 2015

n 1950 a Whataburger cost 25 cents. Too bad we have had all that inflation, because at 25 cents, we could do some serious damage to our waistline. Times have changed but the good flavor is what keeps us coming back for more. When you go to Whataburger, you literally have thousands of possible combinations that you could walk away with. Yes, if you like your burger just so, this is the place to really get creative and customize everything to your taste. Currently, there are well over 30,000 ways to enjoy your Whataburger, depending on how creative you want to be. It's cool that they are so great at accommodating special orders. So when we say that Whataburger offers a secret menu, what we really mean is that you can customize their menu in a certain way.

So, we said it. There is no official secret menu that they keep hidden in the back under lock and key. Going to Whataburger is a culinary adventure that is bound only by the limits of your imagination. So, if they have it, and you think it up, they can make it for you. The secret menu really just consists of various combinations that people have come up with over the years. If you aren't comfortable making up your own crazy combination, check out our list below to give you some great secret menu ideas.

  • Whatafarm

    What it is: A burger stacked with a meat patty, fried egg, chicken patty, bacon and cheese. If that sounds like a mouthful, it is. A mouthful of deliciousness. Some people at inevitably going to scoff at the sheer size and indulgence of this, and that's understandable. It is, simply stated a huge amount of food. Why would we eat that? Because we can. Isn't that the point of secret menus? To try something new that borders on the wild side? Does it potentially constitute gluttony? Yes. Do we care? Not at all.

    How to get it: Just ask your server to add a fried egg, chicken patty, bacon and cheese to your burger.

  • The Hulk

    What it is: A mix of 1/4 Powerade and 3/4 Vault soda. This one was great, but it has been really hard to come by in recent times. Apparently Vault has been discontinued. But if they should happen to bring it back, we will be first in line to get one at Whataburger. This drink was a great refreshing way to get a little boost of energy during a busy day, not a huge boost of energy where you rage and smash things (sorry to disappoint). Just in case you are wondering, yes, it did turn your tongue green. And yes, it was delicious.

    How to get it: This one could be tricky to score. Despite being a popular order, Vault soda has been discontinued. Hopefully, they come up with a substitute soon. Surge soda is back, we suggest this as a substitute.

    The Hulk
  • Chicken & Pancakes

    What it is: Pancakes and Chicken strips drenched in syrup. This is a savory and sweet plate of goodness that we love. The crispness of the chicken tenders with the softness of the pancake really makes this craveable. If you have ever had chicken and waffles, you know why this is good. No explanation needed here. If you have never had chicken and waffles, where have you been? Seriously, just go try this one now!

    How to get it: Order a side of pancakes and chicken strips. Then top it all off generously with syrup.

    Chicken & Pancakes
  • Double Double

    What it is: The Double Meat Whataburger with two slices of cheese. There is a certain competitor that already has the market on this one and to actually call it a "double double" and put it on the menu would cause problems, so this one is a secret for that reason. This is a great burger if you love a little extra cheesy goodness on your burger. We really believe in having even numbers of things. If you have one meat patty, you need one piece of cheese. Two meat patties means two pieces of cheese. It's like feng shui for a burger. To those people who will complain about empty calories, we do not care. We are eating burgers for goodness sake. If we wanted salads we would order one of those. So we will take our extra piece of cheese and enjoy it thanks.

    How to get it: Just ask to add two slices of cheese to your Double Meat Whataburger.

    Double Double
  • Triple Triple

    What it is: The Triple Meat Whataburger with three slices of cheese. If you have got a hearty appetite, this is definitely a good choice to satisfy your hunger. If you love cheese, you will love this. Once again, it's all about the feng shui in your burger. You need to keep the ratio of meats to cheeses on point. It is extra empty calories? Yes. Do we care? No, because it is so good. This is by far our favorite burger order at Whataburger. It is just a packed and stacked burger that is everything a burger should be.

    How to get it: Just ask your server to add three slices of cheese to the Triple Meat Whataburger.

    Triple Triple
  • Whatahash Burger

    What it is: Hash Browns stacked on top of your burger patty. Meat and potatoes has always been a winner, so why not combine them into one delicious thing? If you can't get enough of the crispy golden hash browns at Whataburger, why not add them to your burger? Did you ever put potato chips on a plain sandwich and notice how much tastier it was? It's like that only a lot better. Yes, you could order fries or something, but this is so much more portable. The hash browns give this an extra texture to enjoy on your burger and the crispness really compliments the tenderness of the meat.

    How to get it: Simply ask your server to add hash browns into your Whataburger.

    Whatahash Burger
  • Whatahash Veggie Sandwich

    What it is: In this burger you replace the meat with hash browns. This is a great option for a meatless meal. The crisp lettuce and tomato flavor really compliments the hash brown flavors very well. While we love meat, and usually go for the triple triple, it's important to have a meatless option. And we will admit, this one is actually really tasty.

    How to get it: Just ask your server to replace the substitute hash brown for the meat on you burger of choice.

    Whatahash Veggie Sandwich
  • Apple Pie Milkshake

    What it is: Come on, one of the best combinations in the known world is warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. So it only makes sense that Whataburger offers the best of both worlds in one tidy cup. When you order this, you will be getting one of their yummy apple pies right in the middle of your vanilla milkshake. Better ask for a spoon because this one isn't straw friendly, but it is oh so delicious. The crispness of the crust on the pie and the warm apple filling inside is absolutely fantastic with that cup of nice cold ice cream.

    How to get it: Just ask for an apple pie milkshake or apple pie a la mode. If they don't know what you are asking for, ask them to fill your vanilla milkshake cup 3/4 full and stick an apple pie in it.

    Apple Pie Milkshake
  • Honey Butter Chicken Strip Sandwich

    What it is: Okay, the honey butter is seriously good. And the chicken strips are crispy and good, so let's just put them together on some toasty bread and call this amazing. The thing that makes this excellent is the balance of the sweet and savory flavors that you find in it. The chicken strips are perfectly crunchy with that honey butter filling up the little crevices.

    How to get it: Simply ask your server for a honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich, hold the cheese and BBQ sauce, and substitute the delicious honey butter sauce instead.

    Honey Butter Chicken Strip Sandwich
  • The Longhorn

    What it is: Who remembers waiting for the icecream truck to pull up just so you could order a creamsicle? This is just like that only you can get it at Whataburger (it's great because you don't have to be the creepy adult standing at the icecream truck). This wonderful shake offers the flavors of a creamsicle; orange and vanilla.

    How to get it: Just ask for a 3/4 full vanilla milkshake, top off with Crush, then blend it together.

    The Longhorn
  • separate
So, here you have it. A small sampling of the thousands of possibilities at Whataburger. Give them a try, you just might find yourself with something new to crave! Or if these don't quite suit your tastes, just remember that you can customize your very own Whataburger experience. Want a little kick in your burger, go with some jalapenos. Want a lot of kick to your burger? Add lots of jalapenos. Want a little sweet with your savory, add the honey butter (which is also good on fries by the way). You can have anything you crave here simply by asking. All it takes is a bit of creativity and your concoction just might be the next Whataburger "secret menu" sensation.