Wendy's Secret Menu

Wendy’s Secret Menu and how to order!

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Oct 29, 2015

he Wendy’s Secret Menu is actually pretty simple and small and is best suited for a hearty appetite, really hearty. Some secret menus are crazy concoctions, some are everyday delicious stuff and some are defined by the sheer volume of food. And when you are talking about the Wendy's secret menu, you cannot help but talk about the sheer size of the burgers. The diet busting behemoths aren't for the faint of heart, but just in case you are feeling really hungry or adventurous, we have you covered with the Wendy's Secret Menu.

Now, don't expect to go to Wendy's and just say "T-Rex" like a boss and expect to get your burger done that way. In fact Wendy's employees are not allowed to make the "T-Rex", but if you know what to order, you can build it yourself. We have the components of the secret menu items listed below, so that you will know what you need to ask for. Be sure to have that information handy. It is really frustrating to restaurant employees when someone comes in for a secret menu item and they don't know what's in it. Remember, there is no actual secret menu posted for the employees, so make it easy for everyone involved and know what to ask for and what components go into your order.

  • Nutritional Statistics

    Windys Nutritional Statistics

    Just in case you were wondering about the nutritional statistics of these menu items, we have also included them for your reference. The entire point of some secret menus is to be as extreme as possible, which means that you could be unknowingly consuming way more than the daily recommended values of several dietary components. Whether you are watching your dietary intake or not, some of these items are pretty hefty in terms of daily value and unless you are a competitive eater by trade, this could be a real shock to the system. If you are going to undertake a secret menu item, it's best to know exactly what you are looking at before proceeding. That being said, and with all the disclaimers out of the way, let's get on to the business at hand. We present you with the Wendy's Secret Menu.

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  • Meat Cube

    The Grand Slam (Meat Cube)

    What it is: Four patties and four pieces of cheese in one burger, yes, a full pound of beef. If you are a meat lover, this one is for you. The square patties form the perfect cube of meat (hence the name). This is a big old mouthful of meat that will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. Now if you have tackled this and you found that you still want more, you can create that with the T-Rex below.

    How to order it: Ask for a triple, then add a patty and piece of cheese. We also suggest that you ask for some extra napkins with this one, because you are definitely going to need them.

    Nutritional Stats: Calories 1430, Calories From Fat: 870, Fat (g): 96, Saturated Fat (g): 41, Protein (g): 96, Cholesterol (mg): 355, Sodium (mg): 1890, Sugar (g): 8

    Meat Cube
  • The Barnyard

    What it is: The Barnyard consists of lettuce, tomato, a burger patty, a spicy chicken fillet, and bacon, with a slice of cheese in between each. This one is actually pretty good. The meat patty adds an extra flavor profile that goes very well with the chicken. We love the asiago chicken sandwich alone, but the burger just adds something extra special. Why the name? In case you didn't guess, it's the pig (bacon), chicken (chicken patty) and cow (beef patty) that you would expect to find in a barnyard. Yes, we know, how clever.

    How to get it: You could just ask for a barnyard and you might get a server that knows what you are asking for. If not, just order a Asiago Ranch Chicken Club with a hamburger patty added.

    Nutritional Stats: Calories 920, Calories From Fat: 450, Fat (g): 50, Saturated Fat (g): 16, Protein (g): 60, Cholesterol (mg): 185, Sodium (mg): 1890, Sugar (g): 8

    The Barnyard
  • T-Rex

    What it is: The T-Rex WAS a burger stacked with NINE, yes nine, quarter-pound Wendy's beef patties, nine slices of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickles, and held together by one bun. A carnivores delight, and currently extinct. Yes, this burger stayed true to it's name and was discontinued amidst a flurry of media frenzy after a Reddit user posted a picture of the massive burger. Have no fear though. You can create this one yourself. If you want to give this one a try, be prepared to shell out over twenty bucks. But in our estimation, 20 bucks is a small price to pay for being entitled to say that you slayed the beast of burgers. Now we do not necessarily endorse this burger in any way. Let's be honest, it is not healthy in any way to consume that many calories and fat grams in a single setting. Not to mention the sodium. The recommended intake of sodium per day is 1500 mg, and definitely not more than 2300 mg. So proceed with this one at your own risk. Now if you decide to proceed we suggest that you tackle this behemoth by eating the patties first, get it down to a double burger size and finish off the rest between the buns. There is really no other way to go, considering that this thing is just too huge to tackle any other way.

    How to get it: They will not make it for you, so don't try to order a "T-Rex". Actually Wendy's employees are prohibited from building this burger, so please don't ask. No one should have to get in trouble when all you have to do is get a little creative. This requires a little DIY, so just ask for three triple burgers. Two burgers with no lettuce, tomato, pickles or onion (just the bun, meat and cheese).

    The third burger with everything on it. You will definitely need extra napkins with this one as well, and you might want to bring a bib. This one can get pretty messy. We also suggest a diet coke with this, it compliments the burgers wonderfully and the employees will look at you oddly when you order that.

    Nutritional Stats: Calories 2780, Calories From Fat: 1780, Fat (g): 198, Saturated Fat (g): 85, Protein (g): 202, Cholesterol (mg): 765, Sodium (mg): 4840, Sugar (g): 14

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  • Conclusion

    Windys Conclusion

    So that pretty much sums up the Wendy's Secret Menu. As we said before, it's not a huge list, but it is solid nonetheless. It definitely meets the terms of extreme, especially when you consider some the massive size of these burgers. Wendy's is really great about letting you customize your order to suit your taste, so it's fairly easy to invent your own perfect burger creation. You are only limited by the boundaries of your own imagination and what components they offer that you can customize. So get out there and get creative and perhaps you will be the pioneer of the next big secret menu item that is internet famous. For those of you that have tackled some of these menu items, which ones did you try? What did you think?