Five Guys Secret Menu

Getting creative with something really tasty at Five Guys Burgers and Fries!

Photo by  Eli Christman

Nov 24, 2015

ive Guys offers a fantastic menu with tons of tasty options and toppings, so it only makes sense that getting creative and coming up with something really tasty is pretty easy here. Did you know that Five Guys has a secret menu? Those tasty creations that other people have concocted have become well known and are considered to be a super duper top secret hidden menu. To be completely honest, Five Guys does not have a "secret menu" locked in a safe somewhere. In fact, most restaurants don't. The concept of the secret menu is really just a lot of creative items that people have come up with by varying the menu at various restaurants. But we are okay with that, because it gives us a chance to try something new, and regardless of the origin, it's pretty cool to order something off menu.

When you consider the number of toppings that you can choose from at Five Guys, it's easy to see that some creative combinations are highly possible. What are the toppings? Mayo, relish, onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, A-1 sauce, Bar-B-Q sauce and hot sauce. So there are lots of possible combinations and ways to get something different at Five Guys. We have compiled some of the more popular combinations that people have come up with, also known as the Five Guys Secret Menu, check it out below.

Five Guys
And remember, that most of the time, secret menus are really just a custom order. When you go to a restaurant and want to order something you have seen as a secret menu item, please know what goes in your order, rather than the name. It makes it much easier for your server to know what you want. Also note that all secret menu items may not be available at every restaurant, menus and menu components can vary from region to region, so what you may be able to get in one place may not be possible in another. Five Guys is really great about letting you customize your order to suit your taste, so it's fairly easy to invent your own perfect burger creation. You are only limited by the boundaries of your own imagination and what components they offer that you can customize. So get out there and get creative and perhaps you will be the pioneer of the next big secret menu item that is internet famous. For those of you that have tackled some of these menu items, which ones did you try? What did you think?
  • Double Grilled-Cheese Burger

    What it is: Burger Patties sandwiched between two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This one could be really big depending upon how many patties you add. If you love cheese and you love meat, this is definitely a winner. The crispness of the bread on the grilled cheese gives you the perfect bite to compliment the creaminess of the cheese and the flavor of the beef patty. We love this one with some of the mushrooms and onions, it really gives the sandwich a great taste.

    How to order: Ask for two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and then ask them to put the Hamburger Patties and all of your favorite toppings between the Grilled cheese sandwiches. Again, you can add as many patties as you like, so this one could get pretty massive depending on your appetite.

    Double Grilled-Cheese Burger
  • Cheese Fries

    What it is: Cheese melted on top of Five Guys Fries. This one can really depend on which restaurant you visit. We have heard that some restaurants will not make these, while others will. So depending on where you are, and which Five Guys you visit, you may or may not get to try this one. It is incredibly good if you can get it, because everyone knows that cheese added to french fries is instantly delicious. However for an extra little kick, we like to spice ours up a bit and add some jalapenos (we like it hot).

    How to order it: Remember, this request may not be honored at your Five Guys, but it never hurts to ask. Ask for "Cheese Fries" from the secret menu. Or ask if they can give you some cheese on your fries. If not, just go with the cajun fries because they are amazing all by themselves.

    Cheese Fries
  • Patty Melt

    What it is: A Burger with buns grilled up like a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, ask them to flip the buns so that the flat side is up. This is a great choice for a really custom patty melt. If you are a fan of patty melts, this one is awesome. Why? Because you can still top it any way you want to. When we order this one, we go with the mushroom, onions and some mayo. It is great plain as well, but the additional toppings option really lets you customize your own flavor and we really like that.

    How to order: Ask for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and then ask them to add Hamburger Patties and all of your favorite toppings inside the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Be sure to tell them to flip the buns upside down.

    Patty Melt
  • Well Done Fries

    What it is: Five Guys Fries fried longer for an extra crispy taste. We think the fries at Five Guys are about as close to perfect as they are but some people prefer their fries with a little more crisp. If you are one of those people, this is a great way to get the extra snap you desire. If you are ordering fries here, bring a friend because you will definitely have more than enough to share.

    How to order: Simply ask your server for Well Done Fries. Or ask them to fry your fries a little longer.

    Well Done Fries
  • Grilled Cheese

    What it is: This is not really a secret, it is on the menu. But since most of us look at Five Guys as strictly a burger spot, you may have not noticed it. And it a perfect option for those of you who are looking for a meatless alternative when visiting Five Guys. The trick to making this one better is to top it with some of their fresh toppings. So for this one, we add some of the grilled onion and mushrooms to give it a nice savory punch of flavor. This one is also fantastic with tomato.

    How to order it: Simply ask for a grilled cheese then add any of the toppings that you enjoy.

    Grilled Cheese
  • Veggie Burger

    What it is: A bun with with the normal veggies that you would find on a burger. Basically the veggie burger at Five Guys in is a burger without the meat. This one is another that is not exactly a secret, but many people haven't noticed that they serve this. And on the off chance that you have arrived at a burger joint looking for a non burger, this is a good option. We usually add some cheese and grilled onions for a bit of extra flavor.

    How to order it: Just ask for a veggie burger and add your choice of toppings to it.

    Veggie Burger