Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle Secret Menu

To invent your own perfect meal creation, Chipotle is really great about letting you customize your order.

Photo by  Bobbi Bowers

Nov 18, 2015

hipotle is a fantastic spot for Mexican cuisine and they are available almost everywhere. They offer a wonderful menu with tons of tasty options, so it only makes sense that getting creative and coming up with something really tasty is pretty easy here. Did you know that Chipotle has a secret menu? Those tasty creations that other people have concocted have become well known and are considered to be a super duper top secret hidden menu. To be completely honest, Chipotle does not have a "secret menu" locked in a safe somewhere. In fact, most restaurants don't. The concept of the secret menu is really just a lot of creative items that people have come up with by varying the menu at various restaurants. But we are okay with that, because it gives us a chance to try something new, and regardless of the origin, it's pretty cool to order something off menu. When you consider the number of items that you can choose from at Chipotle, it's easy to see that some creative combinations are highly possible. We have compiled some of the more popular combinations that people have come up with, also known as the Chipotle Secret Menu, check it out below.

A Little note about secret menus

Please remember, that most of the time, secret menus are really just a custom order. When you go to a restaurant and want to order something you have seen as a secret menu item, please know what goes in your order, rather than the name. It makes it much easier for your server to know what you want. Also note that all secret menu items may not be available at every restaurant, menus and menu components can vary from region to region, so what you may be able to get in one place may not be possible in another. Chipotle is really great about letting you customize your order to suit your taste, so it's fairly easy to invent your own perfect meal creation. Please remember that while you are doing all that customizing, some locations may have an upcharge for some items, so you may want to ask, so that you don't wind up with an epically expensive creation. You are only limited by the boundaries of your own imagination and what components they offer that you can customize. So get out there and get creative and perhaps you will be the pioneer of the next big secret menu item that is internet famous. For those of you that have tackled some of these menu items, which ones did you try? What did you think?
  • Quesarito

    What it is: Two burrito shells are covered in cheese and put in the warmer to make a Cheese Quesadilla. The Cheese Quesadilla is then used as the tortilla shell for a Burrito that is loaded with whichever toppings and fillings you decide to add. This is by far one of the most popular secret menu items at Chipotle and for good reason, it is really delicious. As a side note, Chipotle now charges $3.50 extra when you order the Quesarito (but if you ask us, it's totally worth it). This big burrito is enough to satisfy any appetite.

    How to order it: You can ask for a quesarito and most servers will know what you are asking for. If not, simply ask for a Cheese Quesadilla to be used as the shell for your Burrito.

  • Burritodilla

    What it is: A Chipotle Burrito with a crispy Quesadilla-like shell filled with melted cheese. If you are looking for something a little smaller than the Quesarito, this is a great option. This is like the lovechild of a burrito and a quesadilla and it is simply outstanding. Just enough crunch, the gooey cheese and the warm filling all combine into a true thing of beauty. This one can get pretty messy if you overfill it, so ask for about half of the filling.

    How to order it: You can ask for a Burritodilla and most servers will know what you are asking for. If not, simply ask for a burrito to be grilled like a quesadilla.

  • Double Wrapped Burrito

    What it is: A burrito wrapped with two tortilla shells instead of one. This is great because we love the burrito shells. Seriously, we could just dip them in salsa and eat them all day long. So getting an extra one on our burrito is definitely a tasty bonus. We also love this one because it keeps all the filling doubly reinforced, which means that those unfortunate tears that happen in the shells won't be messing up our clothes anymore. Not that we mind the mess, because well, it's Chipotle and that tasty goodness is never so messy that we actually mind.

    How to order it: Ask for your burrito to be wrapped in two tortilla shells.

    Double Wrapped Burrito
  • Nachos

    What it is: Nacho Chips covered in cheese, veggies, beans, meat, and salsa. Everyone knows that nachos are a superfood, as in super delicious. The fact that you can get them at Chipotle just means that there is another way to enjoy their fresh flavorful cuisine. And these take nachos and elevate them, far above just chips and cheese or chips and salsa. These are covered in your choice of toppings which makes a fantastic choice when you want to amp up your nacho skills.

    How to order it: Simply order a Burrito Bowl and ask to substitute chips for the rice.

  • Quesadilla

    What it is: Soft taco or burrito shells grilled and stuffed with your choice of toppings. When you order this one, you have two size options. The small size is made from two soft taco shells and the full size uses the normal burrito tortilla folded in half. So whether you appetite is small or large, they have you covered.

    How to order it: This one is very well known, so you can simply ask for a quesadilla. Please note that depending upon how many toppings you add, there may be an upcharge depending on your location.

  • Single Taco

    What it is: Hash Browns stacked on top of your burger patty. Meat and potatoes has always been a winner, so why not combine them into one delicious thing? If you can't get enough of the crispy golden hash browns at Whataburger, why not add them to your burger? Did you ever put potato chips on a plain sandwich and notice how much tastier it was? It's like that only a lot better. Yes, you could order fries or something, but this is so much more portable. The hash browns give this an extra texture to enjoy on your burger and the crispness really compliments the tenderness of the meat.

    How to get it: Simply ask your server to add hash browns into your Whataburger.

    Single Taco
  • Extra Fillings

    What it is: Extra fajita veggies with your order. You may not know it, but the fajita veggies that Chipotle serves are free with your order, all you have to do is ask for them. You can also expand your salsa horizons by asking for different kinds. A lot of people think that you can only pick one kind of salsa, but that's not the case. You can try as many salsa as you want and the veggies are great for dipping in the salasa. Of course, we think the salsa is great on everything, we could eat that stuff on everything.

    How to order it: Simply ask for some extra fajita veggies. If you want to try more than one type of salsa, just ask.

    Extra Fillings
  • Extra Shells With Your Burrito Bowl

    What it is: You can get two taco shells on the side or one burrito shell on the side when you order a burrito bowl. So if you are a DIY sort of person, this is a great way to get your fillings and place them any way you want in your taco shells or burrito. And while this isn't exactly a top secret menu item, it is something that a lot of people aren't aware of.

    How to order it: Just ask your server for some shells on the side when you order the burrito bowl.

    Extra Shells With Your Burrito Bowl
  • Small Chips

    What it is: A small order of chips instead of a large one. We always order the regular chips, but if you are watching your diet, this is a good way to cut out some intake. If your Chipotles offers a kids menu, you can ask to substitute a small chips for the regular size.

    How to order it: Simply ask to substitute a small chips for the regular when you place your order.

    Small Chips
  • Ambrosia

    What it is: Sour cream and the hot salsa mixed together. This is the perfect dip for your chips. The heat of the salsa and the coolness of the sour cream, sounds pretty perfect. Add the crispiness of the chips and you may just have the perfect food.

    How to order it: Simply ask your server to mix hot salsa with some sour cream. Then get an order of chips for dipping.

  • Taco Salad With Fried Tortilla Bowl (Fail)

    You may have seen this one listed elsewhere as a secret menu item. These sites suggest that there is a secret taco salad that comes with a fried tortilla bowl. There are several reasons that this one is probably a myth. Chipotle does not have a mold for the taco salad shape. Adding wheat products to the fryer would contaminate the tortilla chips and taco shells with gluten which some people have a sensitivity to. And Chipotle does not keep their fryers on all day. So for these reasons, it seems improbable that you could score this item. When we consider asking for a secret menu item, we try to keep in mind the ingredients on hand and the preparation methods that the restaurant normally uses. It saves a lot of frustration for both the server and yourself when you keep in mind what they are working with when you place your order. If you have actually gotten a taco salad with a fried tortilla bowl, let us know! We would love to hear from you how this one tasted!

    Taco Salad With Fried Tortilla Bowl
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