Burger King Secret Menu

A great spot to get a burger exactly the way you want it.
Nov 24, 2015

urger King is a great spot to get a burger exactly the way you want it. As a matter of fact, "Have it your way" is synonymous with the Burger King brand. They offer a wonderful menu with tons of tasty options, so it only makes sense that getting creative and coming up with something really tasty is pretty easy here. Did you know that Burger King has a secret menu? Those tasty creations that other people have concocted have become well known and are considered to be a super duper top secret hidden menu. To be completely honest, Burger King does not have a "secret menu" locked in a safe somewhere. In fact, most restaurants don't. The concept of the secret menu is really just a lot of creative items that people have come up with by varying the menu at various restaurants. But we are okay with that, because it gives us a chance to try something new, and regardless of the origin, it's pretty cool to order something off menu. When you consider the number of items that you can choose from at Burger King, it's easy to see that some creative combinations are highly possible. We have compiled some of the more popular combinations that people have come up with, also known as the Burger King Secret Menu, check it out below.

A Little note about secret menus

Burger King
Please remember, that most of the time, secret menus are really just a custom order. When you go to a restaurant and want to order something you have seen as a secret menu item, please know what goes in your order, rather than the name. It makes it much easier for your server to know what you want. Also note that all secret menu items may not be available at every restaurant, menus and menu components can vary from region to region, so what you may be able to get in one place may not be possible in another. Burger King is really great about letting you customize your order to suit your taste, so it's fairly easy to invent your own perfect meal creation. Please remember that while you are doing all that customizing, some locations may have an upcharge for some items, so you may want to ask, so that you don't wind up with an epically expensive creation. You are only limited by the boundaries of your own imagination and what components they offer that you can customize. So get out there and get creative and perhaps you will be the pioneer of the next big secret menu item that is internet famous. For those of you that have tackled some of these menu items, which ones did you try? What did you think?
  • Burger King Frings

    What it is: Half French Fries, Half Onion Rings. This one is simply brilliant and so delicious. We love both the onion rings and french fries at Burger King. Sometimes, it's hard to decide between french fries and onion rings and this is the perfect choice. No decision necessary, just enjoy both.

    How to get it: Simply ask for an order of half french fries, half onion rings.

    Burger King Frings
  • Burger King Suicide Burger

    What it is: Four Beef Patties, Four Slices of Cheese, and Bacon. Your server may already know this as a quad stacker. This is a big old mouthful of meat that will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. Now if you have tackled this and you found that you still want more, you can create that with the Quintuple Suicide Burger below. You might want to bring along a cardiologist friend when you decide to tackle this one, it packs a punch in the calorie, fat and sodium department. If you wind up not needing their services they can always buy your lunch (those guys are loaded).

    How to get it: Most Burger King locations sell the Triple Stacker, and your server may know this as a quad stacker. If they don't know what that is, then order a burger with four Patties, four slices of Cheese, and Bacon.

    Burger King Suicide Burger
  • Burger King Quintuple Suicide Burger

    What it is: Five Beef Patties, Five Slices of Cheese, Five orders of Bacon. Yes, this one is a whopper of a Whopper. As the name suggests, you are getting five times everything. Keep in mind, you will also be getting five times the calories and fat in this one, not to mention sodium; so proceed with caution. And once again, phone your cardiologist friend and invite them to come with you on this task. But otherwise, this is what secret menus are all about. The extreme, the interesting and the massive things that you can buy at your local restaurants. So, if you are feeling frisky, give it a go.

    How to get it: Most servers will not know what this is by name, so just ask for a triple whopper, 2 extra patties, 5 slices of cheese, 5 orders of bacon.

    Burger King Quintuple Suicide Burger
  • Burger King BLT

    What it is: Pretty simple, just bacon, lettuce and tomato on your Whopper or Whopper Jr. This one isn't very earth shattering but is is really good. The lettuce and tomato are already there so add some bacon and you have the BLT. The yumminess of this one is fairly easy to understand. BLT's are delicious, Whoppers are delicious. Two delicious things equals a party in your mouth. And as we all know, when you add bacon to anything, it becomes instantly better.

    How to get it: Simply ask your server to add bacon to your Whopper or Whopper Jr. This is an additional upcharge, but is really very tasty.

    Burger King BLT
  • Burger King BK Club

    What it is: A crispy chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato, and cheese. Yes, burger King already has their bacon and cheese Tendercrisp, but this one calls for the good old Original Chicken Sandwich which has been a favorite since 1979. And who doesn't love the oddly shaped patty on the Original Chicken Sandwich? It's pure nostalgia in every bite.

    How to get it: Simply ask for an Original Chicken Sandwich with added bacon, tomato, & cheese.

    Burger King BK Club
  • Veggie Whopper

    What it is: A Veggie Patty instead of Beef, or just the vegetables and bun; depending on what you order. On the off chance that you have come to Burger King looking for something besides a beef burger, Burger King actually offers a MorningStar Farms Garden Veggie Patty that you can build your burger with. Or you can opt to go without the patty and just keep the veggies that are on the buns. This one is up to you. We don't usually do the veggie thing, but when we do, we usually prefer to keep the veggie patty off the burger. The surprising thing about the veggie patty that they use at Burger King is actually really good.

    How to get it: Simply ask for a "Veggie Whopper" and specify whether you want the veggie patty or just the veggies and bun.

    Veggie Whopper
  • Burger King Ham and Cheese

    What it is: Ham & Cheese on a Sesame Seed Bun. You are thinking Yumbo here. But it's not. The company retired the Yumbo 40 years ago after a six-year run on the menu. Yes, we know. Burger King brought the Yumbo back. And it is ham and cheese. But people had to have their ham and cheese fix in the meantime, and this was the answer in the Yumbos absence. But this is a smaller version that is equally tasty and is a good thing to have as an alternative when they decide to pull things from the menu for 40 years. Also if you aren't feeling like beef, this is a great option to have. We actually prefer this one to the Yumbo.

    How to get it: Simply ask for Ham and Cheese on a Bun

    Burger King Ham and Cheese
  • Burger King Mustard Whopper

    What it is: Mustard on your Whopper instead of Mayo. Yes, not so much a secret, but it is a good choice when you don't want the added calories and fat from the mayo. Or just in case you don't like mayonnaise, you can order mustard instead, which actually gives the Whopper a great zip of flavor.

    How to get it: Simply ask your server to substitute mustard for the mayo on your Whopper.

    Burger King Mustard Whopper
  • Burger King Grilled Cheese

    What it is: This is simply toasted buns flipped upside down with cheese inside. But since most of us look at Burger King as strictly a burger spot, you may have not thought about doing a grilled cheese here. This is a perfect option for those of you who are looking for a meatless alternative when visiting Burger King. The trick to making this one better is to top it with some of their fresh toppings. So for this one, we add some tomato to give it a nice extra flavor.

    How to order it: Simply ask them to leave the meat off your burger, grill the buns and melt cheese inside. Then add your toppings.

    Burger King Grilled Cheese