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By :  PigTrip    Dec 16, 2015
Think it’s easy being a Hooters Girl? Think again. Although the atmosphere at Hooters is fun and casual, you might be surprised to know that Hooters Girls work under some fairly strict and well-enforced rules. That isn't to say that they don't enjoy the job and have fun at work; many current and past employees consider the job one of the best they've had. Still, the next time you stop in for some wings and beer, keep in mind these little-known things about the job.

#1 They aren't servers, they're entertainers.

Ever wonder how Hooters gets a pass for only hiring women to be servers, and requiring those women to have a certain look? To avoid accusations of job discrimination, Hooters hires their Girls as “entertainers” rather than servers. That simple stipulation allows Hooters to hire girls who fit “The Look”: described in their employee handbook as the “All American Cheerleader, Surfer, Girl Next Door.” The goal is always wholesome first, sexy second. And that may require occasional singing.

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#2 Serving skills and experience? Not required.

Not exactly a shocker. But while that may sound like a bad thing, more and more in the world of customer service it is becoming the norm. Southwest Airlines famously introduced the concept of “hiring the personality” years ago, and hotels, restaurants, and customer service desks have been incorporating it for years. This is an idea that embraces the notion that job skills can be taught and trained, but charisma and service instincts are more ingrained. A typical Hooters Girl may get an interview based on her looks fitting the proper profile, but it's her personality and outgoing nature that got her the job.

#3 But selling skills help.

Hooters Girls are also expected to move Hooters merchandise. If your Hooters Girl didn’t hawk as many tee shirts, bumper stickers and calendars as the other Girls this quarter, she might not be getting the prime shift assignments that bring bigger tips. And if your Hooters Girl is actually in the calendar, she’s expected to take the time to sign it.

Photo by: PigTrip

#4 A threesome is mandatory.

Hooter has multiple steps of service they require their servers to follow to ensure guest satisfaction. One of them is a rule requiring a minimum of three Hooters Girls, including your server, to visit the table during your visit. Hooters Girls are required to greet each guest as they arrive and additionally interact with any guest within five feet.

#5 That casual, All American girl dress code is strictly enforced at all times.

If the signature white tank top and orange shorts seem like a casual, come-as-you-are uniform, rest assured that it's a careful part of the brand image. Uniforms and how they're worn are vitally important to Hooters management. The regulations include mandates on tucking in shirts, the length of shorts (“not so tight that the buttocks show”) and the color and style of shoes (always all white, always leather, no canvas). No more than one necklace. No more than two earrings per ear or two rings per hand. No more than two bracelets. No chokers, tongue piercings, leggings or “extreme” nail colors Failure to follow the dress codes—or even wearing the uniform outside the workplace other than for Hooters-sponsored events—can be grounds for termination.

#6 Hair is never worn up or in ponytails at Hooters. Ever.

George Costanza liked flowing, cascading hair and so does Hooters, who defies traditional restaurant requirements that servers wear long hair back, up, or in a ponytail. Hooters requires all Hooters Girls to wear their hair down and styled at all times. They even offer guidance, such as hairstyles that flatter different face shapes, and a recommendation to “use the best, not the cheapest” hair care products. And more rules: Hooters Girls must avoid unusual colors and unnatural streaking, keep their hair trimmed regulary and never arrive for a shift with wet hair. As Hooters puts it, the Girls must be “camera ready” at all times.

#7 Makeup is also a requirement.

Hooters officially mandates that every Hooters Girl wear mascara and lipstick at all times when on the job. The makeup is expected to look natural and favor earthtones and skin hues in tans, browns, and pinks. The official manual also warns against the dangers of clumping eyelash mascara.

#8 And tattoos are forbidden. Sort of.

Tattoos aren’t technically forbidden, but they’re not allowed to show. They must be hidden under the uniform or covered with a concealer such as Dermablend QuickFix or Nyx Invincible. The good news is that these products are sold at the same stores the required makeup is sold at, so it’s one-stop shopping.

#9 Hooters Girls eat free. But there’s a catch.

One of the best perks about being a Hooters Girl is free food on every shift. That comes with a condition, though. As long as she orders off a somewhat hidden “healthy menu,” the shift meals are gratis. Less-healthy food choices can be purchased at discounts from 50% off or even up to full price, based on the calorie count.

#10 Female customers get special attention.

Guys, feel free to come into Hooters with a date. For starters, your server will feel a little more comfortable and at ease and you'll all have a great time. In addition, one of Hooters steps of service recommends that when couples come in, a Hooters Girl sits down next to the girl in order to be less threatening and keep everything fun and enjoyable.

#11 No hugging.

Don't expect your Hooters Girl to do anything but shy away from even the friendliest of hugs. Hooters strongly discourages (and in some restaurants, specifically forbids) contact between customers and employees. While they may not be officially called servers, they still make below-minimum wage, so if you want to let your Hooters Girl know you appreciate the good job she did, give her a nice gratuity instead.