10 Restaurants at Donald Trump Properties

Dec 20, 2015
Jean Georges (New York)
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Before Donald Trump ever set his sights on television and politics, this ambitious real estate mogul funded some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and golf courses in the world. These establishments play host to equally impressive restaurants with world-class chefs who offer unique and arguably unmatched fine-dining experiences to the public. Love him or hate him, it is hard to deny that he has a knack for acquiring some of the best talent in the culinary world. Join us on a journey from Hawaii to Ireland, as we step inside Donald Trump's world and explore the top restaurants associated with his name.

#1 Jean Georges (New York)

World-class chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten helms this restaurant at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Central Park. With its boundary pushing cuisine, Jean Georges is not only one of the best restaurants in the country, it’s one of the best restaurants in the world, winning the coveted Michelin 3-Star Award. The interior design’s clean, white, minimalistic approach takes away anything that could distract from the food, leaving guests focused on the elegance on the plate. The carefully crafted and seasonally based menu presents classic French cuisine with a modern twist, thanks to the wide range of influences Jean-Georges Vongerichten draws from. Prix fixe, seasonal and signature dish menus range from three to six courses per meal. To many giants in the culinary scene, this is a restaurant that absolutely cannot be missed.

Jean Georges (New York)
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#2 Sixteen (Chicago)

Named after the floor this restaurant is located on in the impressive Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, Sixteen has achieved international renown and received a prestigious Michelin 2-star rating. Led by capable executive chef Thomas Lents, Sixteen presents innovative dishes that can satisfy both your stomach and your eyes. Each plate presented is a work of art with complementary colors and expertly arranged ingredients. The interior of Sixteen makes it one of the most impressive restaurants on our list. The main dining room has dramatic 30-foot ceilings with floo-to-ceiling windows, providing guests with a stunning, almost panoramic view of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Sixteen (Chicago)
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#3 DJT (Las Vegas)

When you arrive on the strip in Las Vegas, it’s hard to ignore the gold, glistening monolith that is Trump International Hotel. Much like the hotel it’s located in, DTJ demands to be seen with Executive Chef Sydney L. Jones's bold take on modern American cuisine and its strong, luxurious aesthetic. Designed to meet the expectations of patrons with high tastes, the interior incorporates gold columns to provide a warm glow, while marble floors and accents of purple add to a royal feel. Like many of the other five-star restaurants on our list, the menu features seasonal ingredients, with a rustic, yet modern twist. The chef takes familiar comfort food classics and elevates them to a place of elegance, such as with the succulent lobster added to a traditional mac and cheese. It makes an irresistible meal.

DJT (Las Vegas)
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#4 Koi Soho (New York)

Koi may be located in New York, but it's got California written all over it. Chic, playful, non-conformist, modern; these are all words that describe this recognizable restaurant with Japanese influenced cuisine. The design of Koi implements the principles of the Buddhist teachings of Zen. With the goal of bringing internal balance and harmony, large floor-to-ceiling windows covered with curtains surround the restaurant to give it an open feel. Since the cuisine is mostly Japanese inspired, expect to see a lot of fresh fish incorporated into the menu, such as in sushi and tartare. One standout of the menu is the lobster tacos in rice taco shells. Though the weather might not match California, the vibe definitely does. And who knows, you might even see a celebrity or two.

Koi Soho (New York)
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#5 BLT Steak (Honolulu)

Who knew you could get classic French cuisine in Honolulu? We did! At Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach, you can excite your taste buds with both delicate and hearty dishes from BLT Steak's menu. The menu often incorporates local produce from the island, such as Kahuku corn and Hamakua mushrooms, but the naturally aged beef is definitely the star of the show. A crowd favorite is the Gruyere-topped popovers—similar to a croissant, with a light and fluffy interior and a flaky crust. The interior is elegant, yet casual. For an even more casual experience with a sunset included, enjoy your dinner from the patio to experience that world-renowned, warm Honolulu weather.

BLT Steak (Honolulu)
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#6 America (Toronto)

While the name may raise eyebrows, did we really expect anything less from a restaurant owned by this presidential hopeful? Attracting a younger crowd, America provides a chic space to enjoy a meal composed from modern, seasonal ingredients intricately displayed on each plate. From the 31st floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower, this restaurant gives a stunning view of the surrounding skyscrapers. At late night, the restaurant turns into a lounge where patrons can mingle with the social elite of Toronto.

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#7 BLT Prime (Miami)

Catering to golf enthusiasts, BLT Prime in Miami is the second of its kind in the states. The main event of this five-star restaurant is its 28-day dry-aged, savory steaks, which get their own 30-foot room to dry in! If steak isn't your thing, try the equally delicious seafood, such as the ahi tuna. Located on the edge of an extravagant golf course, the exterior patio offers crystal clear views of its rolling hills and ponds. Patrons also have views of carefully manicured gardens. Large, white columns line the edge of the patio, making you feel like you are a king watching over your estate.

BLT Prime (Miami)

#8 Mar-a-Lago Club (Palm Beach FL)

When you step into the Mar-a-Lago Club, you'll be wondering if you were magically transported to the Versailles in France, rather than Trump's club in Palm Beach, Florida. Open to members only, the main dining room features ornate, golden, French style furnishings that make the word “extravagant” an understatement. The cuisine is a mix of Caribbean and European classics. On Wednesday nights, fresh local seafood is given the stage. If you’re up for the challenge, you are free to indulge in as many two-pound lobsters as you can handle. The club also hosts a wide variety of functions, ranging from themed dinners to fashion show luncheons. From the dining hall, members have an extravagant view of the surrounding estate, including the ocean views.

#9 Trump's (Ireland)

We now take you to the Emerald Isle for an international experience you won't soon forget. When you first walk through the doors of Trump's, it will be hard to believe that an American owns this restaurant. The atmosphere is undoubtedly Irish. Featuring warm lighting, a large fireplace, and traditional Irish decor, Trump's sets the stage for an intimate, cozy culinary experience for patrons who are ready to wind down after a game of golf. Trump's serves several staples of traditional Irish cuisine, such as lamb shanks with rosemary potatoes. If traditional European dishes are not what you are craving, you can always go for the 100% Irish beef patty hamburger.

Trumps (Ireland)
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#10 Tejas (Panama)

Located inside the 5-star Trump Ocean Club, Tejas captures the heart and soul of Panama while maintaining a sleek, modern ambiance. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace with panoramic views of the ocean. If you love only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients, Tejas is the restaurant for you. The chef utilizes the nearby ocean's supply of mahi mahi, scallops, clams, and more to build an elaborate seafood menu that is sure to take you on a roller coaster of flavor. You can expect to see a mix of classic European dishes and Panamanian specialties grace your table. If you feel like mixing things up a bit, try the six-course chef's choice selection.

Tejas (Panama)