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   Dec 24, 2015
chicken pot pie
When it's snowing outside, nothing soothes the soul more than chicken pot pie. With origins dating back to the Roman Empire, chicken pot pie has long reigned as the monarch of hearty, cold weather meals. Served to people of all social-economic standings in history, ranging from kings to peasants, chicken pot pie rose to popularity in the British Empire in the 16th century. Britain’s love of savory pies then made its way over to America, where it has become a national hero of comfort food. You could almost say it's as American as apple pie (or chicken pot pie in our case).
Often made from scratch, traditionally with left-over chicken and seasonal vegetables, this humble pie provides a hearty meal to dive into. While the love of chicken pot pie is universal, there are many variations of this classic dish. Some pies are made with white meat, some with only dark meat, or even a mix of the two. Peas and carrots are often used, but you might find yourself diving into a pie with potatoes and celery. What everyone agrees on is that the crust must be flaky at the top, but gooey at the bottom where it absorbs the creamy chicken mixture.
Because this dish is typically prepared at home by hand, you'll be hard pressed to find restaurants that can replicate the homey flavor. Fortunately, we've done the research for you, sampling pies across the country, to find the most scrumptious chicken pot pies out there, just in time for winter.

10. Pie Me Over - Las Vegas, Nevada

Pie Me Over is just your friendly, unassuming neighborhood pie shop, or is it really? This pie shop takes chicken pot pies to a whole new level. Tired of the same old pie crust flavor on your chicken pot pie? At this pie shop, you can order cheddar, habanero cheddar, or garlic crusts for your pie. These crusts provide an explosion of flavor not typically found in traditional pie crusts.

The inside of this pie contains freshly, roasted chicken, prepared on their own rotisseries. Have you ever seen a pie shop with a rotisserie? We definitely haven't. This starchy, chicken mixture includes vegetables like carrots, peas, celery, onions and parsley. They even add a splash of Sherry wine, elevating this pie even higher.

Hurry though; these pies are snatched up as fast as they are made. Call ahead of time to order your batch of chicken pot pies. If you choose to chance it and wait, you can watch the rows of chicken glisten in their own juices on their rotisseries.

Pie Me Over
Photo by: yelp.com

9. Friend of a Farmer – New York City, New York

It's hard to believe that a big city restaurant can produce such homey, rustic flavors. Friend of a Farmer, a cozy Brooklyn Heights eatery, is a concept restaurant that specializes in farm-to-table comfort food. What this means is that they produce dishes using only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients provided by local farmers. This results in some of the freshest tasting chicken pot pies in the country. You won't be eating left-over chicken at this establishment.

This chicken pot pie is perfect for any cold winter day in New York City. Described by patrons as juicy, thick, and finger-licking good, this pie doesn't deviate very far from the traditional chicken with peas and carrots recipe. The crust is different from traditional chicken pot pies, as it is attractively latticed instead of laid flat on chicken mixture.

If you aren't in the mood for chicken pot pie, try their other savory pie, Shepherd’s Pie, which is another big crowd pleaser.

8. Griggstown Farm - Princeton, New Jersey

Griggstown is another eatery that takes farm-to-table seriously. And literally, because, well, they’re located on a farm. For years, this farm has raised chicken, pheasant, quail, and turkey in a free-range environment.

The pie shop can be a little tricky to get to. But hey, nothing worth having comes easy, right? When you reach the farm, walk up a gravel road to reach its pie shop, where you can order savory pies and other dishes.

As the self-proclaimed best chicken pot pie on the East Coast, Griggstown Farm makes its pie with fresh produce and chicken raised on its farm. The free-range chicken and peas are the stars of this dish, though other vegetables from the farm are included: parsnips, celery, onions, mushrooms and fennel. All pies are sold frozen, but they’re easily popped in the oven to reach the perfect flaky, gooey consistency. You can order a personal pie size at 5 inches, or a family size at 9 inches.

Once you are done eating, you can take part in picking your own vegetables or go on a tour of the farm.

7. Pacific Pie Company – Portland, Oregon

Pacific Pie Company's Australian owners have a passion for meat pies. This passion was so great that they brought their love of savory pies to the American masses by opening a restaurant in Portland.

Dimly lit, this restaurant combines a rustic atmosphere with a modern feel. Of course, the Australian flag proudly waves near the pie counter.

Now for the main event, the chicken pot pie. Many patrons consider it to have the perfect consistency. The chicken swims in a creamy, white sauce. The vegetables are traditional, with carrots and peas. There is only one size, the personal pie size, but that is usually more than enough for one person. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can even order your chicken pot pie in a sea of pea soup. For vegetarians, the restaurant has a version of the pie with lentils.

Selling pies is not all Pacific Pie Company does; they also host pie making workshops. So if you've ever wanted to learn how to make chicken pot pie, sign up for Pie Baking 101 and get your hands dirty with some of the best pie makers in the country.

Pacific Pie Company
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6. SD Chicken Pie Shop - San Diego, California

You’ll step back in time to the golden years when entering this retro chicken pot pie shop. In the business for over 75 years, they’ve been serving pies to the community consistently. Many patrons have been going to this restaurant since they were children, and wouldn't have it any other way. The décor might be a bit dated, but let's face it: you aren't coming for the ambiance; you’re coming for the pot pie.

Described as a “comfort food heaven” by the locals, SD Chicken Pie Shop has a unique take on chicken pie. Instead of just chicken, their home-style pot pies include a mix of both chicken and turkey chunks inside. Each chicken pot pie dinner is reasonably priced, and chicken pot pie isn't all that you are getting. The dinner includes classics like mashed potatoes, corn, a dinner roll, a slice of pie, and a drink.

As a result, dinner hours can be a bit busy, so plan accordingly. Despite the crowd, they still deliver fast service to their patrons, making them one of the most loved restaurants in the community.

5. Petsi Pies - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Featuring a rotating menu, this pie shop offers a mix of pastries, dessert pies, and savory pies. Making use of seasonal ingredients, they like to change up the types of pies they make based on what ingredients are the freshest.

Their savory pies are something else, featuring creative names like Green Eggs and Ham Pie, but the chicken pot pie is the universal favorite of the shop. This pie is made with white meat only, but what makes it special is its inclusion of russet potato chunks rather than just the traditional carrots and peas.

The chicken pot pies are produced in limited quantities, so you’ll need to order 48 hours in advance to reserve your pie. You can choose between the 5-inch pie that can serve two people, or a 10-inch pie large enough to serve eight. During the holiday season, it can get even busier, so be quick to act, or be prepared to wait until next year. Don't forget dessert—look into their many sweet pies other treats like scones, cookies and brownies.

Petsi Pies
Photo by: localpickins.com

4. Moffett's Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe - Arcadia, California

As a family owned, mom-and-pop pie shop that has been around for 30 years, Moffett's is a hidden gem of the neighborhood located in a humble shopping plaza. The interior is quaint yet charming, and almost feels like you're walking into your grandma's dining room. Sure, they sell sandwiches and burgers, but the main event is definitely the chicken pot pie. That's what people are willing to drive miles for from all over Los Angeles County.

Moffett's pies are made typically made with white meat and cream sauce, but you have the option to choose between white, dark, or mixed. You can even order pies from them in bulk, cooked fresh or uncooked frozen. Side dishes include mashed potatoes and gravy, with peas and carrots. Many patrons also order their bread, which is baked to fluffy and buttery perfection.

By keeping it simple, classic, and traditional, Moffett's keeps its customers happy and coming from miles around.

3. The Duce - Phoenix, Arizona

This is not your grandma's chicken pot pie. This eatery wears many hats. It's a bar, it's a gym, it's a recreation center, it's a music venue, it's a store. Oh, and they have a food truck/trailer too. It was even featured by Guy Fieri on his Food Network series Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

The atmosphere at the Duce is very different from other restaurants on our list. It's vintage, yet contemporary. And to an extent it’s kitschy, yet slightly industrial. On any given night, you could be watching a boxing match or singing your heart out for karaoke.

Their chicken pot pies are what make the Duce so special. All pot pies are served in a mason jar, which may be considered heresy by some chicken pot pie enthusiasts. Don't worry, despite being contained to a jar, this pie still achieves a perfect, golden crust, with gooey crust so it can absorb the stew juices. The inside of the pie is creamy, and features fresh vegetables. The jar can get very hot, so be careful not to burn your hands. Otherwise, feel free to indulge in this stewy, creamy, gooey, crusty goodness.

2. Pot Pie Paradise

Pot Pie Paradise is no frills, and no holds barred. Their slogan should be, “all pies, all the time.” They have some of the most creative pies on our list. They specialize in serving savory pies, ranging from beef, to pork, to lamb.

Owner Theresia Gunawan, an immigrated from Indonesia, has become a master at creating this American classic by adding her own unique twists to it. She serves many varieties of chicken pot pies. You can get the classic American chicken pie, but why would you want to do that here? Theresia serves Tikka Masala Chicken Curry pot pie, Chicken Cacciatore pot pie, Jamaican Chicken “Peanut” pot pie; and that's just the poultry pies.

If you’re feeling up to it, order the family size pies, at a whopping 10 inches in diameter. Theresia also serves vegetarian, vegan, and free range pies to those who are socially conscious.

1. Centerville Pie Company - Centerville, Massachusetts

Oprah may have put them in the national spotlight by naming their chicken pot pie as her personal favorite, but Centerville Pie Company remains the best chicken pot pie shop in America for the consistent flavor and high quality ingredients. Started by two native Cape Cod friends, Centervile Pie Company makes chicken pot pie, all day, every day. What makes this pie different is that there aren't any vegetables served inside; the interior only contains juicy white meat and gravy. If you want vegetables, you can get them on the side with cranberry sauce. Keeping the recipe simple ensures that fans from all over continue to order it in droves.

Centerville Pie Company
Photo by: google.com