Content Guidelines

Tabelog aims to be reliable and leading restaurant guide for its users. By reflecting user’s voices, reviews, and photos, Tabelog allows viewers to access and consider accurate and authentic information regarding restaurants. Thus, for the sake of the viewing community, when posting reviews please ensure to make them genuinely reflective of your experiences and clearly written. Although we would like to hear every user’s honest opinion, we have also listed some guidelines below that describe what is not acceptable content to post. Please read and follow the guidelines to help us make Tabelog a terrific resource.
* Libel and Slanderous Content
Do not post any libelous or slanderous content (e.g., ad hominem attacks or disparaging personal comments) including language abusive and directed towards other users or restaurant staff.
* No Advertisements
Users may not use Tabelog services to advertise or provide a commercial benefit to third parties, except as to post comments reflective of actual experiences and impressions regarding a restaurant.
* Privacy
Please refrain from posting any personal information of third parties. Please do not upload photos of other people without their permission.
* Infringement of Copyright and Other Rights
Please refrain from infringing copyrights and other rights of third parties, such as copying reviews or photos from other users without permission. We want to know your true opinions!
* Promotional Content
Restaurant owners and staff may not use the Tabelog services to promote or otherwise conduct any business on the site, such as write a review about your own restaurant, or criticize a competitor’s restaurant.
* Inappropriate Content
Please refrain from using abusive, lewd, or discriminatory language, or any other displays of racism or bigotry.
Please note that any post that violates or is considered to violate the Tabelog guidelines, in Tabelog’s sole discretion, is subject to deletion without prior notice. Tabelog is not responsible for the retention of any data on the website.