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You have probably seen Anthony Bourdain on television and might often wondered about the woman behind this guy. Ottavia Busia Bourdain, Anthony Bourdain's wife, is that woman and she leads quite an interesting life of her own. Her story started in Lombardy, Italy where she grew up cooking with her grandmother. She also worked in the restaurant industry. But her cooking is not what she is best known for. She is not only known as being a ju-jitsu firecracker, but also a loving mother to a beautiful little girl, Ariane Bourdain, born in 2007. During our exploration, we will discover unique and interesting facts about Ottavia Busia that many of us don’t know. If you’re like most and keep up with trending news on social media and reading headlines on TV, then chances are you’ve at least heard of Anthony Bourdain, a man of many talents and passions. He is a well-known food critic who searches high and low for some of the world’s most delicious cuisines. He is an American chef, published writer, and television personality. We know about Anthony as he has been in a growing spotlight for quite some time now, but what we don’t know enough about is Ottavia Busia and how steps she took during her life led her to the arms of Anthony Bourdain. Grab a seat as we travel deep into the life of Anthony Bourdain’s wife, Ottavia Busia to highlight interesting facts that just might surprise you!
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  • Need Energy?  Not Ottavia

  • Waking up in the morning is an effort for most of us as we struggle to get ready for whatever our day may bring. Ottavia Busia Bourdain, Anthony Bourdain’s wife, wakes up to what would seem like a caffeine overload. This little pint size martial artist starts her day off every morning with nearly a gallon of coffee with heavy cream.
    Ottavia will tell you that it’s one of the few pleasures that give her enough energy to follow her training and passion of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. She trains six days a week and fuels herself in between training with handfuls of peanuts after she has already indulged in her morning heap of coffee. It’s no wonder that Ottavia can train six days a week when she gulps down enough coffee to satisfy a small business office by herself.
  • Brazlian wife Ju-Jitsu
  • Don’t Mess With Ottavia

  • Passion fills the air in the Bourdain household in the form of grappling moves and takedowns. Ottavia thought Ju-Jitsu was only going to be an exercise to drop pregnancy pounds, but martial arts has become a lifestyle staple. Ottavia was looking to shed some unwanted weight after the birth of her daughter, Ariane Bourdain, in April of 2007. It turns out her classes were too easy, and Ottavia sought a bigger challenge. She procured a private instructor and enrolled as a student at Rizio Gracie Academy where she would train in the art of Brazilian Ju-jitsu.
    This passion grew, and Ottavia quickly found herself competing in tournaments. With the excitement of competition, it was only a matter of time before she became an MMA enthusiast. The two visit live MMA matches when they can, and Anthony himself has even taken up the act of learning martial arts as well. Now we know to expect a takedown when trying to take anything from the Bourdains’ plate.
  • Don’t Mess With Ottavia
  • A Trip of Beauty and Culture

  • Sardinia, a small country in itself located in Italy. It is the birthplace of Anthony Bourdain’s wife, Ottavia Busia. This Italian town is packed full of culture and home of some amazing food, just ask Anthony! Sardinia was noticeably a gorgeous place when Bourdain’s television show No Reservations landed there in search of exquisite meals. The two brought their next generation of Bourdain, Ariane to visit her mother’s homeland and to get a feel for the culture, the people, and the food.
  • Sardinia, a small country
  • From Groupie to Waitress to Wife

  • So we have discovered her passion for martial arts and crazy caffeine intake, but what don’t we know? There is some question about when the Sardinia native was born, but some chatter has spread about her shadowing Anthony Bourdain by roughly 12 years. In 2000, Ottavia took a road trip to follow an Irish rock band leading her to American soil. Lacking financial stability from a spur of a moment trip, Ottavia began waitressing. She made a name for herself, working in several top restaurants and climbing the ranks. In 2007, a mutual friend of Ottavia and Anthony Bourdain, arranged a meeting for the two.
    They hit it off big. It was love at first sight. The two got along extremely well and had only a handful of dates before knowing they wanted to spend their lives together. In April of 2007, the two enjoyed the birth of their daughter Ariane, followed by a commencement and joining of their souls in matrimony. The journey may not be long and it’s far from over, but one thing is for sure, their story is interesting.
  • Busia Matching Bourdain

  • When it comes to romantic gestures and relationships that are full of excitement, the Bourdains have the recipe. In just a few short outings the two go out on a limb and grab a pair of matching snake tattoos. This symbol of their connectedness is one of the first few steps that they took as a couple and one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. But how well do these two fit together?
    Let’s put it this way. He is a culinary expert with decades of experience, and she is a culinary devourer. Eating her fair share at the dinner table. While she does most of the cooking at home and Anthony is responsible for finding out-of-home dining experiences with her only stipulation being meat on the menu.
    Food isn’t the only passion these two lovebirds share. After getting involved with martial arts, Anthony decided to delve in and undergo his training. The two are a perfect match of sweet and spicy as they share the wonders of the world with their daughter Ariane.
  • snake tattoos
  • Wait a Minute... Isn’t Ottavia the Second Wife?

  • Some of us know that Ottavia is the second wife of Anthony Bourdain. Who came first? Her name is Nancy Putkoski, his high school sweet heart. They shared over two decades together and always got along. So the big question is, what happened to Anthony Bourdain first wife? It’s pretty simple. Anyone on the road that travels a lot will rightfully express the immense amount of strain it puts on a relationship. There was no bad blood between them. Life just took them in different directions.
    This chain of events is what led to Anthony Bourdain meeting his new wife, Ottavia Busia. This second marriage has inspired professionals and brings a sense of strength to the idea that these traveling relationships can work quite well!
  • Ottavia vs. Anthony

  • We’ve heard about Ottavia competing in martial arts competitions and her newfound love for the MMA genre. The curve ball comes when Anthony Bourdain himself has found a new passion for the full contact sport. They attend live shows together, to watch some of their favorite fighters take stance in the ring. Along with his new love for the game, Anthony has also taken up lessons of his own in what appears to be another bonding activity that the two share. Ottavia has shared that her inspiration for the sport grew the more she watched Jon Bone Jones perform. She believes him to be a great entertainer in addition to him being unpredictable in the ring. Now all we are waiting for is a match between the two of them. Who do you think would come out on top? We guess Ottavia.
  • Ottavia vs. Anthony
  • From the Kitchen to the Mat

  • Anthony Bourdain is a known as a critic to some of the leading chefs that we know and enjoys watching on television. He will be the first to share his strong disgust for these over commercialized cooking personas, as he makes it his business to travel in search of the best foods in the world. He has written about it, prepared it, and even hosts a television series dedicated to his love and passion for food with a focus on the unused portions of animals. This love takes him away from home, and once he returns, the only thing on his mind is making up lost time with his family.
    An interesting fact that some may not know about the Bourdain household is their shared effort to bond as a family by performing ju-jitsu training together. They all enjoy the togetherness of the practice sessions. Visiting the Bourdain household on a particular day can have you entertained by watching, Anthony, Ottavia, and their little one Ariane practice their ju-jitsu techniques.
  •  ju-jitsu techniques
  • Fluffy Pancakes for Ariane

  • When away from home, Anthony Bourdain is always out and about, trying new foods and visiting a variety of restaurants along the way. Ottavia Anthony Bourdain wife martial arts, fanatic, takes care of the fort while he is away. When he is home for how ever brief his stay may be—he goes out of his way to stay home. He will cook in the mornings for Ariane and pick her up from school. He is doing whatever he can to spend time with his family. At one point, his daughter, Ariane had a group of friends stays the night. Bourdain whipped up a full pancake bar her Ariane and her friends. There are benefits to having Anthony Bourdain as a parent. You would never go hungry; that’s for sure!
  • Ottavia Anthony Bourdain wife martial arts
  • Anthony, Ottavia and Ariane… The Bourdain Family

  • This journey has led us into the life of Ottavia Busia, which brought us to Anthony Bourdain. Then we followed them as they brought baby Ariane into the world. We end on the great family values and wholesome discipline that the Bourdain family hold. As a whole, they seem like the perfect family. They have a healthy mix of separation and togetherness that develops and promotes a less stressful environment. When together they share the same love for ju-jitsu. The family practices the martial arts together, and it seems to be a strong bonding activity that has helped them stay strong and together.
    When delving into the world of Ottavia Busia, known UFC fanatic and wife of the world renowned Anthony Bourdain, it’s hard not to mention food. While Ottavia will admit it, she would rather cook over having Anthony’s cooking. Could it be a matter of taste or preference? We’ve discovered the secret treat Anthony prepared for little Ariane during her sleepover and even took the time to explore Sardinia. They are not shy about their relationship or family, and if you search the internet, you can find some pretty sweet takedowns by Ottavia Busia Bourdain. While she doesn’t see a future for her in MMA style fighting, she will continue to compete in martial arts tournaments, in addition to keeping up the family regiment of ju-jitsu training.
    We have taken you into the world of Ottavia Busia Bourdain as we told a story about the known aspects of her life. While her time before the United States is still a secret, the time she has spent with us in America has been full of adventure and romance. We come to closing time, and the restaurants are shutting the doors and flipping over their signs. Thanks for taking the time to tag along on this journey.
  • Bourdain Family
  • Separation in 2016

  • Anthony Michael Bourdain is an American chef, author and TV personality. With a professional experience of many years behind his back and the famous aura he has managed to build worldwide, not only in America, one often starts wondering about his personal life.

    While Ottavia gathered a lot of media attention being his wife, they sadly separated after nine years of marriage in Autumn 2016. Insider reports have confirmed the reports in media, however there has not been any mention of a third person. 

    She mentioned that it wasn't a bitter breakup and both are still amicable after the split. The couple has apparently decided to go different ways due to professional choices and thus bringing about an end to the 9 years relationship.

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