Trending Treats: Juicy Spot Cafe Serves Up Ice Cream Rolls in Boston

Ever tried an ice cream roll? If not, don’t miss out; Juicy Spot Cafe in Boston is a newcomer that can introduce you to this food trend!
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  • Summer is coming up faster than you’d think, and in preparation, Juicy Spot Cafe is introducing Boston to the on-trend ice cream roll!
  • Chilled and scooped into a roll shape before being added to your bowl, an ice cream roll is a great way to serve up a sweet treat in a way that gets your toppings evenly distributed throughout every bite. As a plus, the process for preparing the ice cream rolls is quite unique and very fun to watch; a bit of entertainment with your dessert! Juicy Spot is a go-to for trending treats.
  • Using ingredients that range from the increasingly popular cookie butter to matcha, mochi and grass jelly, Juicy Spot Cafe has it all. Try the black sesame ice cream roll for a new taste sensation, topped with sweet condensed milk drizzle. Or, if you’re feeling more in the mood for fruit flavors, try the watermelon lychee roll or the “Unique Dragon,” topped with dragon fruit and dark chocolate shavings. A focus on providing exotic flavor combinations makes Juicy Spot a unique place to grab a sweet treat on a hot day. But, beyond these funky fruit options, there are also more typical and indulgent flavors like the chocolate chip espresso roll, that comes with an entire chocolate chip cookie on top, a pile of whipped cream, and a sprinkle of espresso powder. So, whether you’re looking for a familiar flavor or an entirely new experience all rolled up on your spoon, Juicy Spot has something for you.
  • If a pre-determined roll isn’t your style, you can also create your own roll. Starting with a base flavor like Original, Yogurt, Green Tea or Chocolate, you can add your mix-ins and watch your roll come to life with fresh fruit flavors. Then, once you’ve customized your ice cream roll with toppings like Pop Rocks, Speculoos cookies and Pocky sticks, you can drizzle Nutella or caramel on top and be on your way.
  • Besides ice cream rolls, Juicy Spot Cafe also offers salads, a nutritional counterpoint to the desserts on hand, and including healthy ingredients like kale, pine nuts and avocado. Juicy Spot is also popular for its bowls, including an acai bowl that comes with granola and chia seeds mixed in for a nutritional but sweet snack. A dragonfruit bowl is also available, colorful and quite picture-worthy when topped with banana. Juicy Spot is quite the trendy new place, bringing Boston its time-tested and popular treats, prepared on the spot for intrigued customers, looking to get on a roll with their desserts.
  • Juicy Spot Cafe
    16 Tyler Street (Chinatown), Boston, MA 02111
    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt,Juice Bars & Smoothies,Salad
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