Top Tips from the Anthony Bourdain Layover Show

Ever been in a traveling situation where the food became your worst enemy? Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way in choosing the best meals possible. Anthony Bourdain shakes things up by traveling to several cities that are known for their excellent cuisine, and choosing only the very best available. All types of food are tried from the moment he touches down in the city and until the time he leaves. By following his great tips and strategies, any tourist can find great food in 48 hours or less, regardless of the city. The only thing that’s required is for a tourist to be brave and try new things, keeping their mind open to the greatness that is traveling cuisine.
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  • Don’t Miss Out On Singapore’s National Dish

  • Chin Chin Eating House has been in business since 1984. A staple in the community, there is no other restaurant better at creating the signature Chicken Rice dish than Chin Chin Eating house. Anothony Bourdain recommends it as a must try dish if in the area, even if chicken isn’t your thing. A lot of soul goes into the preparation, leading to a very simple yet edible food choice. The key is not the beauty of the dish and has more to do with the way the rice is cooked in chicken broth. This is something that is usually done in other cultures where rice pilaf is a favorite. But the rice combined with the chicken is a combo that just can’t be beat.
  • New York New York

  • The infamous Frank Sinatra tune was not just talking about the lifestyle and the riches of New York, and harkened in some areas to the delicious cuisine. While the type of food available in New York can turn out to be a shock to the system of the normal tourist, there are some places that dial it down enough without ruining the core flavor. Seeing as how this is his hometown, who better to know the best spots to eat? Takashi is another one of his must try places, and is a little unique compared to other restaurants. Takashi is a Japanese restaurant that has electric grills built into the tables. Diners can cook their own food right at the table, or enjoyed their ordered dish in its natural state. It’s a wholly unusual but unique place that all tourists should try once.
  • The Secrets of Rome

  • Fancy a cappuccino? In Rome it is basically the breakfast of champions, which is why Anthony Bourdain ended up at Café Faggiani when he wanted to taste the difference between an American cappuccino and an authentic Rome one. The country really nails the real taste of the cappuccino, and for tourist in the area it will come as a surprise that it is considered strange to have it after noon. There are pastries to choose from, but nowhere near the breakfast/lunch/brunch variety found in American coffee shops. This is as authentic as you can get, and comes highly recommended to anyone in the area.
  • It’s Always Hot In Miami

  • So you’ve seen one dog, and now you’ve seen them all right? Anthony Bordain is a South Beach lover by heart, and loves to visit Miami multiple times a year. When he needs a reminder of what a good grilled dog tastes like, there is no better place than La Perrada De Edgar. Tourists should start out with the Columbian, a simple dog topped with mozzarellas, onions and a zesty sauce. Even if the house sauce is the tastiest thing ever, what will catch most people off guard is the potatoes sticks. The crunch really finishes the meal, and makes for a tourist favorite.
  • Welcome to Hong Kong!

  • Joy Hing is a delightful treasure for tourists that want authentic cuisine and not food put together for tourists. Anthony Bordain calls it the place to go for the best roasted meats in the area, a comment that should not be taken lightly. The small and packed restaurant doesn’t shy away from loading up your plate. The sampler is recommended, but there is also strong love for roasted goose. Don’t shy away from the goose, as it may change your love of meat forever after tasting their dishes. The prices are reasonable, and as a plus you will see more locals eating there than tourists.
  • Even The Airport Has Good Food?

  • Telling tourists that there is good food in Montreal will elicit looks, as anyone that has been there knows that there is no good food- but there is great breakfast! Beauty’s Luncheonette was on Anthony Bourdain’s target list, and is a nice little place that has been in business since 1942. There is a small rivalry between New York and Montreal about who has the better bagels. Beauty’s Luncheonette makes sweet crispy bagels that will stay in your mouth until lunch, and may just win on presentation alone. Tourists should judge for themselves to figure out who is winning the war, and be prepared for some of the tastiest bagels in existence.
  • Enjoy Fresh Seafood In Amsterdam

  • When Anthony Bordain arrived on the scene at Wheeler’s of St. James’s, it presented itself as nothing but the best seafood place in the area. Seafood lovers should definitely go here, as the place practices a lot of old school cooking techniques. It has a very English culture that is in your face from the presentation of the food to the boldness of the taste. Tourists that travel to Amsterdam and want the best of the best should stop here first and indulge in the delicacies. Don’t be surprised if you end up ordering more than you can eat just so you can take the leftovers home. And if you eat those leftovers on the way home, consider yourself one of many satisfied customers!
  • The San Francisco Treat

  • The amazing amount of misinformation about the area and its foodies has led Anthony Bourdain to go on record about the city. Even though it is known worldwide as a vegan and vegetarian spot, Bourdain touts that the city is a great meat eating spot both for the quality and the price. There are plenty of spots for tourists to consider in the city, so they shouldn’t go in with the rationale that they have to hunt down good meat eating establishments. Go out and get your juicy steak in San Francisco and smile while you’re eating it! Remember, anything less than well done is an insult to any beef lover. Make Bourdain proud and order beef the right way!
  • London And its Not So Lousy Food

  • If you think San Francisco had bad stereotypes, listening to the things that people say about London will make you angry. London has been long known as having subpar food, which is just flat out untrue. Anthony Bourdain comes to the rescue again, tapping into a restaurant that has become the favorite of bankers in the area. Sweetings specializes in great customer service and a varied amount of dishes. There is no one dish that stands out, as everything will taste delicious to tourists. This is far beyond fish and chips and goes into upper class territory. Expect to go home and tell your friends about Sweetings and the great experience you had while in the country. It isn’t mentioned enough, but out of all the listings in the area, this has the best personal touch. A personal touch goes a long way in providing a great customer experience in London!
  • He Didn’t Forget The Organic Lovers

  • The Hollywood Farmers Market is a collection of fresh food and culture that will please both meat eaters and the organic crowd. The large collection of fresh organic vegetables is an unlikely site in the meat dominated Los Angeles area. Anthony Bourdain was interested enough to interview several people in the area, and they all have their own story to tell. Finding fresh food in a city of friend food is not easy, yet this seems to be the hot spot. You can take it home with you, or if you’re an adventurous tourist there is the option to try ready-made meals from the market. Everyone has their own spin on a recipe, so there is always something new to try. Trying these meals and bringing home a bag of veggies will be a good experience for any tourist that wants to see the lighter side of Los Angeles.

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