Shake Shack Secret Menu Items

In a time when everything is about speed and convenience, sometimes it takes happy accidents – or careful culinary experimentation – to make us really stop in our tracks and think, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’ When you have a long, long list of places to eat from, and when the likes of McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Jack in the Box are go-to safe bets when looking for something of a certain standard to eat, ShakeShack is really in a league of its own. Known for trying far-out recipes and mixing different things together in the pursuit of something special, the successful chain has had a string of big hits on its menu and is a favorite eatery of burger fans all over the world. However, the word around the campfire has always been that there are certain items that are not even on the menu but that can be ordered from certain outlets, at certain periods of time. Various customization that have gained popularity have found their way to the list, while others were in fact official menu items at one point or another. In any case, always be ready with the secret menu item that you want most before ordering and maybe you’ll be able to actually get it!
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  • ShakeShack Secret Menu Items

  • What exactly was (or is) on this ‘secret menu’ has for a long time been a question of speculation, but we’ve put together a list of ‘secret’ items that you can order at various ShakeShacks across the globe to get a feel for what the chain is trying to do in the field of exotic, bold, savory fast-food.
    Because this list is in one way or another supposed to be somewhat secret, even if only as a marketing gimmick, it is not easy getting details on every item available at every outlet. However, some of the confirmed secret menu items range from a ‘protein Style’ burger and a special grilled cheese sandwich to a quad-burger, the Shack-cago burger, and the ice cream sandwich. ‘Sport Pepper Cheese Fries’ are a crowd favorite, and you never know what the ShakeShack will hit you with next!

    Here is what two customers had to say about the Shake Shack secret menu:
    “I'm new to the area, and one of the first places that I found was the Shake Shack. I was pumped to learn about their secret menu and I absolutely LOVE the Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger”.
    “The Shake Shack is my favorite burger joint, I can't resist their burgers. Who knew they had a secret menu? I know where I'm going after work.”
    Here is our compilation of secret menu items as found at various ShakeShack locations the world over.
  • Shack-Cago Burger

  • This requires a little more than the normal customization that goes into the average order, but it is really worth the effort. Order the Chicago style hotdog, then take the onion, cucumber, special relish, pickle, mustard, tomato, and everything else and put it on your burger and voila! You have an amazing Chicago-style Shack-burger and a hot dog to boot.
  • Shackburger Cheese Dog Hotdog

  • This brilliant piece of culinary art is made by splitting a hotdog and spreading hot, tasty cheese all over it. Known as the Cheese Dog, you can order this secret menu item by name. It’s not really a burger but hey, as a secret menu item, it automatically makes the list.
  • Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

  • Surprised? Don’t be. It’s just one of ShakeShack’s crazy hits. Once an official menu items, it was only taken off due to allergy concerns with peanuts. Otherwise, this was one for the ages and is available on the secret menu. Ask for peanut butter on the side of your order and spread it all over your burger.
  • Shackburger with Onions

  • Ask for onions when placing your order and the Shackmaster will happily comply. ShakeShack’s crunchy onions that are always perfectly crisp give your Shack-burger a wonderful zip to it.
  • The Smoke Shack Quad Burger

  • With heaps of cheese and flavor, this burger is an instant classic. You can ask for this burger by name and most outlets will be able to serve it. At over 2,000 calories, it might be the kind of thing you go for only once in a while, especially if you’re on a diet, but every ounce is one to savor.
  • Shackburger with Pickles

  • Ask for pickles with your next burger. Crunchy pickles take any ShakeShack special to a whole new level. You can even ask for extra pickles if you’re feeling up to having that extra chomptastic taste in your meal.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • This one is pretty straightforward, and the name is pretty self-explanatory. It comes with a number of optional sides (yes, including peanut butter) so feel free to experiment yourself as well.
  • Chili Pepper Cheese Fries

  • This comes with chili peppers chopped up and tossed with cheese over fries and is a huge crowd favorite. It’s actually a side and not an actual main order but worth trying out with whatever you’re having on the day.
  • Shake Shack Style Ice Cream Sandwich

  • To round off the list, here is another one that is a little bit, well, unconventional. Ask for toasted buns with your choice of ice cream and slab the ice cream in the middle of the buns. Instant ice cream sandwich, in virtually every sense of the word!
  • Final words

  • A few experimental items have failed over the years, such as the raspberry jalapeno, or like the chocolate custard and stout that people simply didn’t want to eat. A jalapeno cheddar sausage item was really good in terms of taste but the molten cheese that would spill out after each bite would end up burning your lips and face! However, at the end of the day, the leadership and menu team say they think of burgers as blank canvasses. And what’s the point of having a canvas if you can’t experiment and have some fun? That’s what these secret menu items are all about.

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