Robert Irvine Wife- What do you know about Gail Kim?

Gail Kim, known to be a professional wrestler and a model, is the wife of celebrity chef Robert Irvine. She has been associated with wrestling since the start of her professional career in the year 2000 and also been associated with the popular wrestling federations like WWE and TNA. She is currently wrestling for TNA since the year 2011 and has gained popularity there wrestling both as singles and in Tag Teams.
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  • Gail Kim- Birth and Growing up

  • Gail Kim was born on February 20th, 1977 and is currently 39 years of age. She is known to be a Canadian by Nationality and was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She, however, has a Korean descent and is often referred to as a Korean in her Wrestling career. She did her education from York Memorial Collegiate Institute with Kinesiology as specialization and later on shifter to Ryerson University to specialize in Nutrition. Gail is known to have a perfect body with extremely beautiful looks. She attributes her perfect figure to the balanced diet she takes and to a stringent gym routine she follows. She is 5 feet 4 inches in height and is known to be very quick and full of energy in the moves she does in wrestling. She has quite a few trademark moves like Diving Leg Drop, Half Boston Crab with Armlock, Hurracanrana into a pin, Toronto Slam and Octopus Stretch. She has been coached by the popular coach Ron Hutchinson and used to train with him in his gym.
  • Marriage with Robert Irvine

  • Gail and Robert met first on the sets of the TV show hosted by Robert with the name ‘Dinner: Impossible’. Both of them developed an attraction towards each other and started dating soon after that. They remained in a relationship of a boyfriend and girlfriend for a very long time before getting engaged in 2011 in May. The couple is known to be sharing their interests towards fitness and used to do exercise together. Robert, however, surprised Gail with a surprise wedding ceremony in 2012 when both of them hitched to each other permanently. Gail was on seventh heaven post her wedding and even tweeted that she considers herself the luckiest girl on earth because of her wedding with Robert. The couple is known to share a very strong relation till date and is staying together in their common house. They have also appeared together on many TV shows in various interviews and chat shows and have also attended various social events together. Gail is also known to have supported Robert in the charitable works he does and has attended various fundraising dinners organized and attended by Robert. Robert also feels delighted to have Gail as his partner and ensures that out of his busy schedule; he takes out some time for his wife and their family life.
  • Rise of Professional Career of Gail Kim

  • Gail Kim decided to pursue her professional career in wrestling immediately after her graduation from College. She attended various trainings with her coach Ron Hutchinson in his institute and made her professional wrestling career debut with the Canadian Independent Circuit league in the year 2000. She appeared in her first match wearing a mask and with the name La Felina and became much popular in the league because of the stunts and the moves she did. She wrestled in the league for close to 2 years and left from there in 2002 to join the much popular WWE.
    After joining WWE in 2002, she trained in OVW for close to 8 months and played many local matches and championships during that time. She impressed her coaches and fellow wrestlers with her stunts and swiftness in her actions. She made the debut in the first WWE professional match in the year 2003 and never looked back after that. She appeared in a multi-wrestler match and defeated everybody to become the WWE world champion in her first match itself. This was the first time in the history of WWE as well that a wrestling debutant became a champion in her first match. She rose to fame because of that episode of WWE and fought many matches after that. She continued on WWE till the year 2004 when she was removed from WWE because of some cost-cutting activities, and this left Kim in much of a shock.
    She, later on, appeared in many other local federations in 2005 and played for various teams in South Korea and Australia and gained some popularity there.
    She was later on signed by another popular wrestling league TNA in the year 2005. She made her debut in TNA in October 2005 as a manager of the Tag team America’s Most Wanted. She gained much fame as the manager of the tag team there, and herself ended up in some fights as well. She, later on, started appearing in the tag teams as a wrestler post 2006 and played many matches. Because of her conflict with her tag team partner, she started appearing in singles matches in 2007 till 2008 and won many matches and championship belts there.
    In 2008, Kim was recalled by WWE, and she signed a long-term contract with the league. Her reappearance on the entertainment show was much applauded by the audiences, and she went on to win many singles and tag team matched in Smackdown and Raw. She also appeared on the popular shows of WWE like Wrestle Mania and Superstars and won many matches there as well. She became on screen girlfriend of wrestling star Daniel Bryan and remained with him for a long time. She was also spotted kissing Daniel backstage during a WWE event. Her matches with her longtime friend Melina became much popular on the show and aroused much curiosity of the audiences. Kim however later disclosed that she was not happy with WWE because of less importance given to female wrestlers and ended her contract with WWE in the year 2011.
    Kim once gain joined TNA in 2011 and started playing in the league. She appeared in the TNA show ‘Impact Wresting’ and entertained the audiences with her wrestling performances and moves. She is currently associated with TNA and continues to perform till date.
  • Media Appearances

  • Gail Kim has always managed to remain in the news because of her controversies and appreciations she has got in the past. She has appeared in the list of Forbes 40 top eligible bachelorettes in the past. She has also appeared on the covers of various magazines because of her popularity and beautiful looks. She has won many awards in wrestling and other fields like Diva of the Year in the year 2001, Top 50 single wrestlers by PWI female 50 in the year 2012, and has won many championships including the Women champion awards while wrestling at WWE and TNA.
    She has also remained in some controversial news like she underwent a breast enhancement surgery before joining WWE as a professional wrestler. She has also appeared topless in an ad campaign done in South Korea. She has also been associated with many controversies in WWE because of her carefree and independent-minded attitude.
  • Gail Kim- Net worth and Earnings

  • Gail Kim has been a popular TV star and a wrestler and has earned much wealth because of her professional career in the past. She has got much lesser wealth and earnings as compared to her husband but still has been recognized as one of the rich personalities on TV. She had signed multi-million dollar contracts with the leagues like WWE and TNA in the past, and her salary is expected to be in millions of dollars. She is estimated to have a net worth of $400 thousand which she has earned performing on TV, and other shows with the popular wrestling leagues like WWE and TNA and her net worth is projected to boost in the future as well considering her young age and her present and future associations and appearances on TV. Apart from having her own wealth, she is also associated with her husband, Robert Irvine, who is a popular TV celebrity Chef and has an estimated net worth of close to $15 million which is on an upward trend as well.
  • Social Media Connectivity of Gail Kim

  • Gail Kim is known to be socially very active and can be easily found on the social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She keeps on uploading her recent pictures and videos from her performances on these social media sites and is retweeted or commented multiple times. She has got a huge fan following on the social media. Her Twitter account is by the name Gail Kim-Irvine, and she has got over 3.6 lacs followers on her Twitter account. Many of her followers await her new posts and pictures on Twitter. She also has an Instagram account with the name gailkimitsme and has got close to 45k followers on the account.

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