Popular Steak Place with No Chairs: Ikinari Steak Coming Soon to New York

Ikinari Steak has grown from its first stand-up steakhouse in Tokyo in 2013 to over 50 locations and many more on the way.
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  • So you’ve had a long day of hard work and it is date night at a steakhouse. Even though you have to pay most of what you’ve made during your hard working day for dinner, at least you get to sit down, right? Nope. Not at Ikinari Steak. Ikinari Steak is a quick service steakhouse chain that is very popular in Japan with over 50 locations and no chairs. It will be launching an inaugural New York location at 90 East 10th Street later this year (no certain date released as of yet). The chain is owned by restaurateur and chef Kunio Ichinose who came up with the concept to feed people as fast as possible. Not to the extent of launching food at open mouths, but to get rid of all the waiting time and formalities that some people just simply don’t have time for.
  • As a writer who spends a good majority of his day sitting down writing or doing leg work around the country, I can appreciate a place like this. Our bodies love to take the path of least resistance, and most of us would lay down to work if we could. However, have you noticed that the more stern your posture the more focused you become? I’ve even experiment with standup desks and I have noticed the results. The moment you sit down, you start to relax. I think this logic can be applied to a standing up steak place. For those with a very go go go sort of day, this is a perfect sort of restaurant to keep the momentum to carry over across lunch or dinner. No one welcomes that post meal sluggish onset especially when you still have work to do.
  • So how does this go down? Patrons stand at one-meter long tables while eating. The average meals lasts about 30 minutes and there is a very quick turnover. The pricing here will likely be less expensive than your typical New York City steakhouse. You can get a rib eye at Ikinari in Japan for about 5 yen (which is about 5 cents) a gram. That’s about $22.65 for a 1 pound rib eye, which is music to my ears. I love efficiency because it lowers cost and saves time and I don’t mind standing in the slightest. The application for a liquor license showed that the restaurant would have 50 seats and 15 tables, although it is questionable if they will have any seats at all. The restaurant caters to populations with high tastes and middle level incomes, perfect for the entrepreneur and busy body on the go.

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