Mr. Anthony Bourdain’s pick on the Eateries and Bars in Atlanta

The food destinations in Atlanta were never to be more covered than by Anthony Bourdain. There were few of the exotic restaurants that were picked in Atlanta, that were indeed distinct and illustrious for the interests of foodies in Atlanta. The excitement wit Anthony Bourdain was laid on the cast of themes and customs in many of the popular food destinations in Atlanta. During the 36 hours spent in Atlanta by Mr. Bourdain and his team, there were few of the prime locations in Atlanta that were put up for a showdown. The brief highlights of these destinations were quite interesting and informative to many of the residents themselves in Atlanta. There were the highlights of Anthony Bourdain in Atlanta for the food and eateries in the region.
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  • Star Provisions

  • The facility is the prime destination for seasonal gifts, cookware and wines in Atlanta. The store has been also famed for the variety of cheeses which form one of the highly revered commodities in Atlanta. In addition, the store and eatery are home to Gourmet Deli and a Butcher shop. The store and eatery are located on Howell Mill Road to the Northwest of Atlanta.
  • Miller Union

  • The Millers Union is a total restaurant with the complete menu all around the day. The American eatery is known for the farm-fresh southern cuisines with a very modern cast of restaurant and facilities. The Miller Union is visited by the residents and people from all around the United States and fame of the eatery has crossed boundaries to be the one of the prime international standards in Atlanta. Miller union is in the Brady Avenue in the Northwest of Atlanta just 15 minutes on the drive from the city.
  • Home Grown

  • Unlike many of the restaurants, Home Grown is a laid-back eatery that serves locally sourced breakfasts and many of the southern cuisines in a pan-American and retro style of Dining facility. The menu is served for Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch within the various sets that includes an extensive garden and Barbeque facilities out in the open. Home Grown in Atlanta has been known for the renowned ‘Comfy Chicken Biscuit’ that has an international appeal. Home Grown is located to the Southeast of Atlanta through the drive via Memorial Drive.
  • Arepa Mia

  • The one of the few in the Sweet Auburn Market that features Venezuelan delights was visited by Mr. Anthony Bourdain. The Arepa Mia has been on the chart of the finest eateries in Atlanta known for the simple food that is bound with the Venezuelan tastes in all American style of wraps and sandwiches. Though Arepa Mia has a complete restaurant facility, there are various food sources such as Home delivery and other options laid in at Arepa Mia. You will find Arepa Mia in the Edgewood Avenue on South East Atlanta.
  • Empire State South

  • Empire State South is the modern outlet that has combined the authentic southern cuisine to deliver a casting class through the modern styles and ways in food. The facilities in Empire State South visited by Mr. Bourdain include a total pack of services including the Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch. The facility almost full packed every day and also has some of the hosts of events that make the area one of the most active destinations in the entire region of Atlanta. Empire State South lies in the Peachtree Street that takes about half an hour from the city of Atlanta.
  • Colonade

  • One of the oldest and popular restaurants in Atlanta, Colonade has a history of 80 long years of the mastery on Southern Cuisine. The long history of Colonade has brought in people from all around the world and Colonade is full-packed for lunches all through the weeks and months. The colonnade restaurant has been known for the many who visit the restaurants for the fried chicken and coleslaw all through the day. Colonade is indeed one of the finest of southern cuisine restaurants in Atlanta.
  • Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

  • One of the few of first come first serve restaurants in the area open for the nights with Music Blues and extensive cuisine in Barbeques. Mr. Bourdain visited the Fat matt’s Rib Shack for the fine lunch. The restaurant has one of the finest of the cuisines in Ham with many of the Barbecue recipes that are only available at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack.
  • El Taco Veloz

  • The finest facility of an authentic Mexican restaurant in Atlanta that has specialized in the Mexican cuisines and street food .The restaurant is known for the many Taco, Nachos, and tortillas that come with the best of spiciness and taste of Mexican origin. The El Taco Veloz is one of the busiest facilities in Atlanta that lies in the Broadway Street in the Northeast Atlanta.
  • Holeman and Finch

  • Holeman and Finch is a combo of pub and restaurant that takes in the vintage pick of cuisines that are intercontinental and traditional such as deviled eggs and custom cocktails. The restaurant derives a convivial ambiance and has a very dynamic and changing menu, also featured with a kitchen nook-style seating area. The menu changes with the seasonal preferences in accord to the yield of farmers in the near areas of the facility at Holeman and Finch. The restaurant lies in the Peachtree Road in the Northeast of Atlanta.
  • Victory Sandwich Bar

  • The Sandwich Bar is an innovative and cast of the eatery with many inventive sandwiches and cocktails. The area around the Victory sandwich bar is always fuzzy and busy with an open area of the restaurant with the seating. The Victory Sandwich Bar is located in the Church Street open from morning to the afternoon every day.
  • Octopus Bar

  • Octopus Bar is a late night theme with a graffiti stud walls with many of the Asian and European cuisines out at the facility. The Bar has premium lists of the finest cocktails and reserves in the Bottled drinks. Octopus Bar is located on the Gresham Avenue to the South East of Atlanta.
  • Flip Burger

  • The Flip Burger was earlier known as HD-1 and has been one of the prime destination for Hot dogs and spicy snacks for many years. The Flip Burger is led by Chef Richard Blaid who has mastered the ways of Hot Dogs in the very best of taste and awesomeness.
  • Crawfish Shack Seafood

  • The eatery is the only destination in Atlanta for the Cajun-style seafood. The eatery has the many of the raw cuisines of shellfish and related foods with many of the trendy cuisines. The eatery lies in the Buford Highway and almost packed every evening.
  • Northern China Eatery

  • The Northern China Eatery is a tradition style of Chinese cooking that has many of the original sourced ingredients from China .The facility has the finest resource to get in many of the original cast of Chinese cuisine. The eatery lies on Buford Highway and opens throughout the day.
  • Octane Coffee and Little Tart Bakeshop

  • The bakery is only one of the chain bakeries, visited by Mr. Bourdain and the team. The Octane Coffee and Bakeshops is a common network in the city of Atlanta that reserves as the finest outing facility many of the residents in the regions of Atlanta.
  • Big Apple Inn

  • Big Apple Inn is a snacking destination of the many who visit Atlanta, and the eatery has been known for the tamales, ice creams, and amazing sandwiches. Big Apple Inn is known for the Pig Ear Sandwich and many of the unique recipes and cuisines. Big Apple Inn is located on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.
  • Curly’s Fried Chicken

  • Mr. Bourdain surprise visit to Curly’ Fried Chicken was a revelation of the finest of the fried chicken in Atlanta. Though there are many of best choices in cuisines, the fried chicken has been one of the finest choices that have been popular and preferred in Atlanta.
  • Though Mr. Bourdain was quite enthralled by the presence of international and vivacity in the food industry in Atlanta, the lifestyle of the people and residents of Atlanta showed a great deal of interest and support food ridden habits around the city. The seafood cuisines were one of the surprises for Mr. Bourdain as there was enough effort to keep the things original and authentic.
    Though these were the few of the finest restaurants and eateries visited by Mr. Bourdain, there are indeed much more of the lesser types that are doing the wonderful business to keep the food industry in Atlanta elaborate and inclusive of the international appeal such as Continental, Oriental and modern American mixture of Cuisines.
    The bars visited were equally absorbed in the innovative cycle as if there were lesser interests in the hard cast on menus and drinks. The improvisation is evident in the varied specialties and changing menus in the many bars and restaurants visited by Mr. Bourdain. The very fascination that has been captured in the visits of the eateries and bars in Atlanta is the multitude of people who are in the city for some or the other reason, and they do find time and reason to visit these restaurants and Bars on a regular basis. However, it remains to be seen how the Food industry would expand in the regions of Atlanta as many of the enterprises in the food based industry have been quite successful as compared with the other regions in the US.

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