Mediterranean on Boston's Back Bay: Verts Mediterranean Grill

Boston is getting a taste of the Mediterranean on the Back Bay. Verts Mediterranean Grill is making fast, healthy food easy and tasty, with a twist of tradition.
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  • Mediterranean cuisine is having a moment. Whether due to its reputation as a delicious and highly nutritious cuisine that promotes longevity and health, or due to its bold and distinctive flavors, Mediterranean food is quite the trend in the food world.
  • When you grab a bowl at Verts Mediterranean Grill, it’s all about customization. Start out with a pita for a hand-held meal, or set yourself up with a salad or grain bowl with rice or quinoa. You can then top that foundation with a variety of meats, meatballs, or crispy falafel balls. Then, comes the best part: choosing your veggie-forward toppings. Customers can spice it up with some jalapeno rings, or keep it cool with some cucumber and tomato salad. Sumac onions and red cabbage slaw lend authentic flavor to your on-the-spot creation, and who can resist the cool and creamy flavor of feta cheese on their plate? Keeping things vegetable-centric is a great way for customers to build up a healthy, vitamin-packed lunch on the run, and Verts is catching on. Next, you can further design your own plate with a choice of one of Verts’ many delicious sauces. The house sauce is likely the most unique, but classics like hummus and tzatziki also grace the menu, mingling with hot harissa and creamy-textured eggplant dip. Verts certainly knows how to pack on the flavor. Spicy cilantro is another unique sauce, giving some serious punch to a midday meal!
  • Verts Mediterranean Grill is also a great place to eat the seasons, taking in-season favorites and giving them a Mediterranean twist, on the plate. Winter ingredients like butternut squash and grilled fennel are currently being offered, adding a comforting, warming texture to your salad or pita. Customers can also get an order of sweet potato fries to round out their meal, or share a trio of classic Mediterranean dips like hummus with friends. The pita and hummus plate is another classic option, prime for the sharing. A side order of falafel is also a crowd-pleasing option. Pair these with fresh brewed coffee or a local craft beer for the full experience!
  • The fast-casual style of dining is catching on for things beyond classic salads and burritos. Mediterranean cuisine is perfectly positioned to be adapted to this highly individualized and custom eating experience. By allowing diners to try a little bit of everything, Verts Mediterranean Grill is bringing Mediterranean cuisine to a new crowd. As you load up your bowl with falafel and tzatziki, you can almost feel the Mediterranean sun shining on you.
  • VERTS Mediterranean Grill
    95 Summer St (Milton Pl & Devonshire St), Boston, MA 02110
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